As the latest social media buzz centres round Instagram, savvy second hand shoppers take to the platform to sell their wares?
Facebook, Twitter, You Tube – social media as a business tool is well known and well used. Users of Instagram, the photo sharing network, are now using the site to buy and sell second hand clothing.
Join the 1% CampaignDespite promises by the fashion industry, abuses are still being uncovered in their supply chains. The internal structure of old cast alloy tool blanks was said to be non-uniform due to the casting process.
AGI-VR-Wesson they said grinding orientation is not important with new Tantung G tool blanks.
I made hardness measurements on all the faces of several different blanks in my collection. Let's look at some photos of various second hand tools and blanks I've acquired in used tool shops and at flea markets.
This is my entire collection of cast alloy tools, acquired over a couple years at flea markets and used tool shops. The preferred angles are a bit different than HSS as more support is needed to prevent chipping of the edge.

Wear a dust mask when grinding any of these alloys as they have a high percentage of cobalt, which is toxic.
When it comes to shopping there is something for everyone, whether it be a new pairs of shoes for women, the latest version of LEGO for the kids, or a new tool kit for all the self-proclaimed handyman.
Budapest offers an enormous assortment of second hand stores that carry a variety of things that suit any need. Often started as a way to profile clothing, they’ve soon turned in to money making ventures when combined with e-commerce apps, such as Poshmark. Every woman enjoys a good deal so what better way to shop for new clothes than a second hand store?The second hand stores, also known as thrift shops in Budapest are overrun with clothing. No doubt shopping in these stores takes patience, as well as a skilled eye if you are looking for something in particular. When first entering one of these thrift stores there are racks of clothing as far as the eye can see. However, once you have devoted yourself to a starting position it is exciting to start carving your way through the piles and racks.
Upon leaving one is sure to have the sound of sliding clothes hangers ringing in their ears. There are plenty of chain thrift stores to be looked through including “Humana” and “Hada”.

Make sure you’re not lugging around extra items as these stores tend to be crowded and mobility is sometimes limited when in between customers and racks. Also, be willing to devote a few hours of your day to find what you desire in these stores. Some are slightly organized by style but most are not organized by size, therefore you have to do a little extra digging if you’re the wearer of a not so common pant or shirt size. Since these stores are holding clothes of an assortment of brands the cuts are sure to be different.
The upside is you are more than capable of leaving the store with multiple bags of multiple outfits for a fraction of the cost you would be certain to spend in a store in the mall. A pair of jeans that would normally run around 9000 HUF can easily be found for about 2500 HUF, a much more pleasing alternative for your wallet.Amidst the chain stores there are also separate second hand stores that offer a more specific type of shop.

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