Sierra que cuenta con una mesa de hierro fundido solido con extensiones de acero estampado le dará una gran superficie de trabajo de 27 a 40 pulgadas. Esta sierra de mesa Craftsman ofrece cortes de gran alcance, una generosa superficie de trabajo y una versión estable que ofrece cortes suaves. Tarjeta de Credito Sears, PayPal, Visa,Mastercard, American Express, Pago directo en Banco. Sears carries a wide selection of Craftsman table saws such as professional table saws, bench top table saws, as well as smaller portable table saws.

These table saws are made in heavy duty materials and feature powerful motors that will allow you to cut smoothly and efficiently. So no matter what type of building tools or home materials you're looking for, Sears is a great place to check out.
Sears carries a lot of different brands, they keep their prices relatively low and their products are made to last for years to come.
It includes a powerful 15 amp, 5000 rpm motor that provides the power you will need for smooth and efficient cutting.

Craftsman portable table saw with a collapsible stand that allows for storage in workshop and mobility from one jobsite to another.

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