Get Creative with this 10' Compound Miter Saw with Stand A Craftsman 10' Miter Saw with Stand is your best friend if you need to do any type of trim work and for jobs that entail framing, roughing and fencing. We need a little more information to check the availability and delivery options in your area. A heavy-duty, 15-amp motor lets this saw rip through studs, joists, framework and planks at a mind-boggling 4,800 revolutions per minute. Slide compound miter saw uses an extra powerful 15 amp motor with 5000 RPM (No Load) – handles tough timbers and severe cutting tasks.
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Compound Miter Saw with Stand, or perhaps a miter saw stand or miter saw table, then Sears is worth checking out.
A built-in fence side scale, Laser Trac accuracy system and super fast maneuvering support wings, lets this super saw help you work quickly and accurately so jobs get done sooner and to exact specifications.
Don't be put off by this compact version, a 10-inch blade sharpens fast, is light to carry, and eliminates the wobble seen in some larger style miter saws. These miter saws are truly heavy duty saws and can cut through steel, aluminum and other hard materials.
These miter saws will stand up to small as well as tougher jobs, as all of them are very durable and powerful.

So no matter what type of building tools or home materials you're looking for, Sears is a great place to check out. The carbide-tipped blade, along with the bevel design, cuts posts and boards at 90 degrees leaving a razor-sharp edge.
Sears carries a lot of different brands, they keep their prices relatively low and their products are made to last for years to come.

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