Screwdrivers come in several designs, but the standard model with a flat head is still among the most common. Every home should have at least one of the more popular screwdriver designs to tighten screws that come loose or need replacement. A screwdriver amplifies the hand's turning motion to the small, specially designed tip that is inserted into the screw's head. To safely use a screwdriver, first select the appropriate tip and size to fit the fastener's head.
Home Repair Tools: Whether you prefer to use the Yellow Pages for anything that needs fixing around the house or consider yourself a regular do-it-yourselfer, there are a handful of tools that everyone should have in their tool box. The other day someone challenged me to find precision screwdrivers that don’t suck and are made in the USA.
ESD-safe handles ensure that you won’t fry sensitive electronic components while working on computer parts or devices. Moody is not exactly a household name, but their tools are well-known among industrial users and some DIYers. It would not surprise me at all if Starrett was making these, when I was a teen I lived across the street from the regional salesman, and they had an amazing array of precision tools in their inventory. I have always had a special fondness for their tools , especially since he was the first to take us deer hunting as kids, (a bit off topic I know), but still tool related. I purchased a set of the traditional, all metal, Moodys precision screwdrivers and was thoroughly underwhelmed. While it’s great that Moody produces most of their tools in USA, they do tend to be pricy and as Stuart said Moody is hard to contact and some of their products are very hard to as well. One thing we don’t like about these drivers is how closely they resemble regular Klein screwdrivers.

I am wondering though this is product 100% USA made or is it only partially and the rest out sourced elsewhere? There is fine print with their tools bags, that I know, as the one I own isn’t 100% made here in USA. If your incentive is to buy American, which is certainly understandable, the Klein could be a good consideration.
My latest set (third) of standard Klein drivers is almost six years old, but I use them like a demo set at times. I’ve had 2 Wera demo drivers, and only had to buy a second because the first one got lost. Electricians and linemen know what a chisel is; don’t they carry one for the purposes you mentioned?
I have a set of the Dewalt screwdrivers that are very similar to this and I think they are actually very handy.
That being said, I don’t like using them for electrical, especially inside an electric panel. There are numerous tip designs for special applications (such as appliance assembly), but the two most common are standard (also called flat, flared, or straight) and Phillips (X-shaped) tips. The fastener may require that a starter hole be made with a drill or by pressing the tip into the material. Standard screwdriver tips can be filed down if necessary, but Phillips and other screwdriver tips cannot easily be reshaped.
We have had good experiences with Moody tools, except for a diamond scribe that broke after a couple of months of light use.
Both drivers are designed for rough and tough use, and as such they should hold up to occasional prying and chiseling.

Some color or styling differentiation might make it easier for the demo drivers to stand out better. We picked up a made-in-England set a couple of years ago, before production was sent to Asia, and absolutely love them.
It has a smooth domed end for fast spinning action, speed and comfort and the large diameter handle offers greater torque which is needed for driving wood screws. The screwdriver handle can be of plastic or wood, sometimes with a rubberized cover to improve grip.
Insert the screwdriver tip into the screw head and turn the handle clockwise, applying pressure on the handle to hold the tip firmly in the head. Regardless of that, I can all but guarantee that they’re no more durable than the drivers sold under the Stanley or DeWalt labels. Continue turning the screwdriver firmly, making sure the screw remains straight as it enters the material. If the Klein models are made in the USA, that’s an incentive to fork over the extra if the quality is at least comparable. They also appear super durable, and sell for about the same ten buck for the two driver set. Make sure your hand is away from the screw in case the screwdriver slips off the screw head.

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