This is a bench made for a customer who needed an entryway bench with a place to store shoes.
We currently stock over 200,000 parts including an extensive range of accessories such as blade guides, belts, bearings, switches, lights, band wheels, etc. Maybe you are looking for the compatible carbide blade guides for your Behringer, WF Wells, Doall , Hem, Marvel or Hydmech?
We are continuously expanding our bandsaw replacement parts in order to help you "KEEP YOUR SAW IN MOTION!".

Band saw parts are vital to "KEEP YOUR SAW IN MOTION!" So don't skimp when it comes to maintaining your saw. The helped customize their work to fit my needs and crafted a really unique, functional and attractive piece. The top is a piece of reclaimed pine which was a joist in a mill in Durham NC for a long time.
We are not affiliated with any Original Equipment Manufacturers and in no way represent or sell our aftermarket parts as original OEM parts.

We have amada parts, Marvel parts, bandsaw guides and band saw bandwheels We inventory thousands of different parts including hard to find parts for old and discontinued models of DoAll brand bandsaws. We stock switches, bearings, belts, electrical & hydraulic components and Band wheels to fit saw models from the 1960's on up.

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