Ia€™ll never forget Bob Haskins throwing the keys to N3451V and telling me how much I was going to like this airplane. We flew 51V more than three years and could always rely on her to climb with 4 or 5 jumpers, descend empty all weekend long and then fly us home every night. One week we had to go to Los Angeles for a day and then fly up to San Francisco to see about a business opportunity.
Once again I made the case to stay the night rather than try a minimum fuel night desert crossing.
If we werena€™t at the parachute center the next morning to fly the week-end business, we might not have much to eat that next week. I think it was a Wednesday morning when 3 guys showed up asking about filming in the desert. After a couple of hours the boss wanted to take a break, so we dropped into Scottsdale for a snack and to ask the locals about the ideal location in the desert.
The next hurdle was to get permission from the city manager to film on the airport, and I was asked to make those arrangements. In the summer of 1977 we were pretty disillusioned about the future of our skydiving center so we began selling off the airplanes. As I reflect back on the old days and remember how much fun we had, ita€™s hard to remember how hungry we were sometimes. Oakland Diamond Tools provides laser cutting technology to cut PDC cutters, PCD, PCBN, CVD diamond as well as single crystal diamond in large quantities.
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The performance index and stability of these cutters are better than that of normal production available in the market, our cutters have been strictly workshop and field tested.
The PDC cutter features longer life - The abrasion resistance remains consistent, with laser cut diamond layer and mirror polished surfacing assures the diamond compact cutter has a longer life. Higher impact resistance - The beveled interface of diamond layer and tungsten carbide along with polished surface, reduces residual stress of PDC diamond compact cutter, and increase impact resistance.
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This glue is a moisture cure urethane adhesive used for professional field installations of artificial synthetic grass turf & sod. When we decided to install artificial synthetic turf at our new house my husband did a tremendous amount of research before we made a final decision to move ahead. I had been involved with skydiving since my discharge from the Air Force (I was a medic for four long years.) in 1969. Taxiing was no surprise, actually it seemed easier than the Beech but only slightly trickier than the 180. Once in a while wea€™d give her some fresh oil but that was about all she required between annual inspections. I wona€™t say I was overruled; leta€™s just say there was a convincing reason for us to get back that night. The gas truck showed up and I told the line boy how much money we had but that we could really use an extra 5 gallons to get across the vast stretch of the Sonora Desert.
These guys smelled of Hollywood; they all wore expensive clothes and sunglasses and you could sure tell who was the boss and who was a lackey. I taxied up to the FBO and kept a weary eye out for a certain FAA inspector that was an acquaintance of mine and might be at work in the FSDO office next door.
I called Hollywood and told them the bad news, and reminded them we could put the seats back in the 195 if they needed, but boss graciously declined and said he would call the studio and make the arrangements. Rather than using wire EDM to cut PCD and PCBN blanks, we are one of the first in the world that provides adopted laser cutting in cutting large capacities.
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Proyect Dog running area with artificial grass installed in a backyard in San Francisco, California. These clients wanted to change the existing landscaping for a more resistant, long lasting, dog-friendly landscape with turf. Better Than Real Artificial Grass also installs fake grass in the cities of Carmel, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach and Santa Cruz. We were operating a Lockheed Lodestar and two Beech 18s for the experienced jumpers, but we needed a single engine Cessna for training students. I had been flying C-180a€™s and always prided myself in being able to start the Continental 0470 engine hot or cold.
Not being able to see over the right side of the nose was uncomfortable at first but a few S-turns quickly returned my confidence that the 195 and I could get along. The factories were manufacturing record numbers of new airplanes and having very little problems getting rid of them.
I dona€™t know what they did, but early Saturday morning here came the cameras, actors, horses and a helicopter and they filmed that commercial all day. Bob was going to start flying south and I had a job in a Pawnee as soon as the cotton was tall enough, so we split the proceeds and went our separate ways. ODT PDC cutters fit the qualification and satisfaction for the harsh drilling environments; they have achieved outstanding drilling performance and are highly estimated by customers. Hold resistant does not exist between our carbide and the bit pocket when brazing the cutters onto the bit.
They were looking for a cost-effective, eco-friendly and low maintenance solution that could resist extreme and continue use by their two dogsA in the backyard.A  Also, the dog's urine burns the natural sod and creates the unwanted yellow patches in the lawn. In this business, the income from the experienced jumpers barely paid for gas and maintenance.
The key was knowing how much fuel you wanted to give her by pumping the throttle just the right number of times. When I paid the bill it was right to the penny and I walked out of there with nothing in my pockets except a pilota€™s license and I wasna€™t too happy to have that at the moment. The used market was good for airplanes with Continental and Lycoming engines, but radial engines were out of favor with the general public, which made it possible for guys like us to afford our Beech 18a€™s, Lockheed Lodestar, and Cessna 195. Being a so-called entrepreneur and my own boss, I thanked my lucky stars that I didna€™t have to do that myself.
It wasna€™t really what they described to me what they were looking for, but I didna€™t want them to find the perfect place for at least an hour so I could get my 50 bucks.
Again it started to get late and I could see the stress building as the marks confided to me that a whole film crew and actors would be heading for their site Saturday morning and they still hadna€™t found the site yet.
About 4 months later I saw the commercial on TV and I was disappointed that there were no credits for the flight crew. Heck, if it werena€™t for the fact that I had to wear these darn glasses, maybe even an airline job.
Bob got his multi rating and was killed in a Lodestar accident a couple years later, I miss him dearly. As usual we had a wonderful time and after the fly-in we flew to Tullahoma, Tennessee to visit the Beech 18 museum, then to Alabama for some family time. Once I brought the power up on take-off and 51V started revealing her secrets to me, my love affair with the 195 began to blossom. I tried circling around until I could find a way across the bridge but we barely had a brief glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge and decided to turn around.
I had refigured the distance and harbored even less confidence about our range, we decided if it started looking too close we would drop into Buckeye, AZ and borrow a couple gallons from them when they opened in the morning.
Turns out these guys were indeed from Hollywood and they needed a desert landscape to film a commercial and they wanted to charter a plane to scout around in. No problem, our talented film maker informed me and his two hangers-on that he thought the best location would be north of Scottsdale and we should head up there. It was time to head back to Casa Grande while they discussed what they were going to do, all the time they looked desperately at the passing landscape. In fact, I wasna€™t even sure he would let me in his office, but I felt obligated to try because of those hundred dollar bills in my pocket.
The last couple of days beat the crap out of sitting on top of that old Lodestar with a hammer (I mean monkey wrench) trying to keep it flying for another couple days. I sprayed cotton for three years and made enough money to get that instrument rating and did eventually start flying passengers.
The next week end would be Jim and Val Slocuma€™s fly-in so we took all week in the 195 to get there. I climbed in between the two front seats, made myself comfortable, noted how bad the visibility was to the right of the nose and switched on the master switch. I crawled into old 51V with an ominous feeling about this flight and I hate to start out like that but we strapped in anyway. Sure it was expensive to run but gas was only 35 or 40 cants a gallon so it was pretty much a break-even airplane for us. The dollar signs flashed in my eyes as I told them I was their man if they could just give us an hour to reinstall the seats and door on that old reliable Cessna 195. My grin started to exceed the breaking point, Scottsdale and back would be at least an hour and a half, wow, 75 bucks. Corporate might be an option but then Ia€™d have to kiss up to some boss like I saw (did) this week. For 22 years I flew only big airplanes until Charmian and I decided we had enough money to buy another airplane for ourselves and there was never a question about which kind of airplane we would buy. On Thursday we stopped in at Tupelo, Mississippi to visit with Aubie and Leslie Pearman before we would all head up to Jim and Vala€™s on Friday in Aubiea€™s Lodestar then come back to pick up the 195s. We would canvas Arizona State University and U of A every couple of weeks and usually train 25 or 30 new jumpers a weekend.
The vibration, the torque, the acceleration, even the visual sensation as you bring the throttle slowly up to full power will grab all of your senses and tell you to hold on tight, this is going to be one heck of a ride.
We circled south of SJC and tried to go north across Oakland but the fog was not going to let us through.

They agreed to wait and actually agreed to the hourly charge of $50.00 for the plane and pilot.
I spent the day at Tupelo Aviation where Aubie has the FBO and wandered around the facilities looking at the various projects being worked on.
We were training them to jump from the Twin Beech, but that was expensive and less than ideal.
I knew enough to let the prop turn several blades before turning on the mags (I didna€™t even know it didna€™t have two of them) so I took the opportunity to pump the throttle a couple of times to prime the engine.
Darn, the line boy didna€™t give us that extra five gallons I had begged for; in fact, we found there was at least 10 gallons more fuel than we had paid for. I looked at my smiling partner, Bob Schaffer, and gave him the thumbs up and we both knew we were going to eat well tonight.
He had made a bundle on that advertising campaign and this was going to be his next big commercial. All three passengers became instantly excited and asked me to turn the plane around and take them back where we had just passed.
Perhaps it was due to our past dealing that he didna€™t believe my story about the famous Hollywood producer wanting to shoot a movie at the Casa Grande Airport, he sent me packing. And how could I keep flying these old round engine birds if I had to go to work flying for someone else. I knew of a Cessna 195 for sale in Eloy, Arizona, about 20 miles from our drop zone in Casa Grande. It wasna€™t going to cooperate so we called off our business and decided to head back to Arizona. We all broke into smiles of relief and looked around for the line boy, to at least say thanks, but he was nowhere in sight. Granted, we werena€™t buying insurance and we were doing all of our own maintenance, but 51V never failed to pay her own way. Bob kept smiling until he realized he would be doing all the wrenching on the Lodestar for the next couple of hours, as somebody had to be smoozing with the Hollywood types up in the 195. I did a grand 360 and watched in amazement as all three filmmakers congratulated each other because they had finally found the perfect location to film their Ray-O-Vac commercial. The wings were off and the paint had been stripped so I thought Ia€™d take a look at some of the systems inside the airframe that you dona€™t usually get to check out on a completed airplane. The airplane had been for sale for more than a year and I thought it could be had for less than $4000.00.
The first leg got us to Palm Springs just after sunset and I wasna€™t looking forward to the night flight through the desert to Phoenix but my passengers insisted that we press on since we didna€™t have the money for a motel. It was a beautiful night desert crossing after all and my faith in mankind was given another boost that magical evening. When you have partners in the airplane business, ita€™s good to be the pilot, it gives you more flexibility. No kidding, all three of them would look out the window and actually frame the area with their thumbs and fore fingers to form a square simulating the camera frame. They were going to do a commercial for Ray-O-Vac batteries and the desolate location would emphasize the reliability of their batteries. Right there below us, not 1000 feet north of the runway of the Casa Grande Airport was their spot.
I was wondering about where this old girl came from and what stories she might be able to tell.
That was a lot of money in the 70a€™s but we managed to save most of it in a few weeks and I caught a ride over to Eloy to make the offer. In fact, as we counted out how much money we had between the three of us, there was only $20.00 for gas and that would barely buy enough to reach Glendale just west of Phoenix. In the meantime, Ia€™m watching the tach time steadily rolling over and using my thumb and forefingers practicing my multiplication tables. After only a few minutes, we settled on a price of $3400, and I pulled the cash out of my pocket and handed it to the broker. After another hour and a half in the 195, we headed back to Casa Grande, bitterly disappointed (not) that we had failed to find our perfect location for the commercial. Bob and I started pulling the seats out and the door off the 195, since a few hard core jumpers always showed up on Friday.
It wasna€™t the stock wheel but a rams horn type with the aircraft registration number written in the center. On the ground, I could hardly believe my eyes as the boss started peeling off those beautiful one hundred dollar bills. Our heroes returned from the desert still excited about their success and again Bob and I grinned while two more big beautiful one hundred dollar bills found their way into our pockets. When I saw the number a chill ran down my spine and I had to hold back the strong emotions rising inside of me. I had caught radial engines on fire before and I knew all I needed to do was keep turning the engine until it started and that would blow out the fire, but this engine wasna€™t showing any signs of starting.
Worse yet, the battery was beginning to give up and I had no idea if there was a fire extinguisher to be found in all of Eloy, Arizona. I looked at Bob grinning from ear-to-ear through his grease covered face and we both headed for the best steak in Casa Grande. Just as I was thinking I needed to bail out of this thing and watch it burn to the ground, Bob rushed in and sprayed CO2 into the cowling and the fire was out.
I couldna€™t be more pleased to know that 51V is in such good hands and that someday Aubie will return her to service in the best shape shea€™s ever been in.

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