We are a specialist manufacturer of excavator rock saw attachments.  Our excavator rock saw products are used by Demolition, Construction, Quarry, and Mining companies throughout the world to cut aluminum, asphalt, concrete, caliche, ductile iron, granite, limestone, sandstone, steel, and many other types of material too numerous to list. Enabling the excavator to cut aluminum,copper and ductile iron the Rock Tools TCT saw provides a valuable alternative. This product is currently unavailable, but you may contact the supplier directly, for further interest. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

The range of applications: Cutting granite, quartzite, a small amount of reinforced concrete, forest trees, cutting the material vertical direction by excavator walking, walking side cutting edge, saw disk size can be selected according to construction requirements, 1000MM-2800MM diameter available for selection. AS Series excavator with a rock saw features: A) power, high efficiency, easy installation, excavator the Sheung Shui cooling can be installed directly on. C) flexible application, according to the operating environment, the replacement of different size saw disk, can also be replaced with trees saw used to cut trees.
D) simple installation, maintenance economy, to your construction problems with new construction methods and under construction in the new era of tremendous fun and strong sense of cutting power.

It was one of these attachments, the earth auger drill, which has now proved to be a recognised tool on many construction sites, Such as house foundation hole drilling, electric post holes drilling, Planting tree hole drilling, It was widely used and popular for drilling concrete, earth and frozen earth in China.

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