You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Let's face it, no woodworker particularly enjoys cleaning saw blades or router bits, so the easier we can make it, the better.
I would venture to guess that the CMT blade cleaner is basically citrus oil from orange peels. Three of those blades are over 8 years old as I have them sharpened locally often being in the shop daily. The guy who sharpens my blades and hundreds of others uses whitewall tire cleaner he gets from Autozone, I believe. Professional saw shops know that clean cutting edges run cooler, cut better and last longer.
Most blade and bit cleaning products work with a dissolving action, using some powerful and nasty chemicals to dissolve wood residues and adhesives. I just dissolve some baking soda in hot water and soak the blade for about 10 minutes, all the pitch and gunk floats right off and a bit of scrubbing with a stiff bristle brush and it is good as new.
Simple Green should be fine if sprayed on and brushed off within a few minutes, but since it's not better than 409, Fantastic, Totally Awesome, etc, I no longer purchase it for saw blade cleaning. Others have suggested TSP, wash soda, and even electrolysis, but I have yet to try those either. Well, if you're gonna make an exception, an extra "Amen" is always a good choice! Saw blades, mills and chisel blocks effectively ultrasonic cleaned before proceeding the grinding process.
Now this can be done manually with the traditional brush machine but this is a tedious and time consuming work and will not always delivers the desired result. Depending on the number of blades, milling or chisel blocks that there per day or per charge should be treated  various ultrasonic cleaning baths are available with different bath dimensions. If cleaning your saw blades and router bits sits near the bottom of your "to-do" list, you may be shortening the life of your carbide cutters.
The crud that inevitably builds up behind the carbide teeth and cutters on your saw blade and router bits is more than just an unwelcome nuisance.

Bear these tips in mind for piloted bits: Blade and bit cleaners can rob router-bit bearings of their lubrication, which leads to premature bearing failure. After cleaning your blades and bits, inspect the cutting edges for cracks or chipping, and discard any cutter showing such damage.
Products tested include: Boeshield Blade and Bit, CMT Formula 2050, Empire Blade Saver, Lenox Wood Pitch Cleaner, OxiSolv, Pitch RX, Sprayway Saw Cleaner, Woodcraft Resin Remover, carburetor cleaner, citrus-based cleaner, Formula 409, oven cleaner, and Simple Green.
This kit does just that, combining an extremely effective saw blade cleaning solution with two conveniently-sized containers that allow you to soak your blades and bits and let the blade cleaner do the brunt of the work for you. I've used easy off oven cleaner before and it works well but is kind of caustic I was thinking maybe there is a better way. Manufacturers do have liability issue's that have to be addressed and that is definitely a concern of business in our sue-happy world. I have not seen one state that they have en-counted flying missiles of carbide from it's use.
I have personally not seen any evidence of de-composure of carbide or the weld from my long use of Simple Green and I don't dilute it.. Our safe and non-toxic Formula 2050 penetrates the microscopic cracks in the resin and attacks the bond between it and the carbide or stele surfaces.
The extent and nature of contamination differs quite per industry where the blades are applied. Multiple saws could be cleaned simultaneously and protected with a temporary corrosion protection during the further process. It affects the quality of your work by requiring more feed pressure to make the cut and burning the edges. I must admit that I have a couple of blades that I've neglected and these I think I will give  a good soak overnight in kerosene. I have also tried Simple Green to clean blades and bits, and don't know how the two could be confused.
Which ever you use, clean your blades and bit frequently rather than letting the gunk build up.
It is therefore essential that the blades are properly cleaned before starting the grinding.

Even if a product label doesn't specifically instruct you to do so, protect your hands and eyes. If it spins easily, remove it and set it aside; otherwise discard it and get a replacement. Finally, protect them with a coating of a rust-preventative product, such as those reviewed in WOOD magazine, issue 154.
You may find that any citrus oil based cleaner is much cheaper (you will)and it works just as well as I have used it also. When I got off the phone I looked it over and turned to the back label to try to pick up any ingredients.
4 cross-cut blades and a Freud Box Joint set that get a "quick" bath with Simple Green about every two weeks. I think the general sentiment of those that are aware of the warning will also from my observation as the Warning's Howie posted are common knowledge around about all the forums I pass through.
The rest of the blades and bits I'll use simple green, seems like the most of you use it and are satisfied. Formula 2050 keeps your tooling clean and helps you increase the time between sharpenings and replacement. A thorough cleaning often can rejuvenate a cutter's performance faster (and cheaper) than sending it to the sharpening shop. When the bit is clean, reinstall the bearing and treat it with a high-speed router-bearing lubricant. His face turned red and he threw the remainder of the bottle in the trash can with a few choice words uttered under his breath. Left unchecked, resins and pitch from wood and adhesives from man-made products (such as plywood and MDF) can corrode the blade or router-bit body and deteriorate the carbide.

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