It looks like you can pick up the stem for less than $4 and the wheels have a range in pricing. Dremel recently released a funky looking tool called the Trio (and were nice enough to send us one to review). Update: we heard from Dremel and as it turns out, we were using the Trio in an incorrect manner. When you boil the Dremel Trio down to it's mechanics, it's a rotary tool, just like the million-and-a half other rotary tools that Dremel has released over the years. We see the Trio being useful to the woodworker and hobbyist, particularly with the plunge-cutting ability.
It's funny, but each time Dremel releases a new rotary tool, we think to ourselves, "man, this is the best Dremel evah!" Then they release another one and we think, "Whoa, now this is the best Dremel the world has ever seen!" And on and on. The 8200 operates in a range of 5,000 to 30,000 rpm with the adjustment made with a slider on the back of the tool. Because we're carpenters and not hobbyists, we would have liked to see this tool come with two batteries instead of just one. But that's just our hangup and all of you who read that last paragraph with glazed over eyes can just walk away knowing that Dremel has made yet another great rotary tool. The 8200 isn't available until April, but when it is, it will sell for $100 to $140 depending on the accessory package that comes with it.
Late last year they released the 4000 corded rotary tool (our review here), which suprised us with its jobsite-ready power (we used it yesterday, in fact). The 8200 is powered by a removable 12-volt li-ion battery that, according to Dremel, gives the tool a speed of cut that's twice as fast as any other cordless rotary tool out there.
The 8200 will be available in April and will range from $100 to $140, depending on the kit.
To wrap things up, this is a fantastic tool and by far the best rotary tool in Dremel's already stellar line up. It looks like there are three kits available, the differences being in the number of included accessories and chuck attachments.
Dremel has once again advanced and improved their rotary tool, this time with a model referred to as the 4000. Also, the tool is compatible with all Dremel accessories, in addition to some new ones that the older models are unable to use. The changes made to the 4000 were done so based on user feedback, so they're likely all positive improvements. Because of the website, we're always checking out Amazon's bestseller list for the home improvement category. We looked through the comments at Amazon (the majority of which were positive), hoping to find one of those choice negative ones that is completely irrational and written entirely in caps, but unfortunately, they were all pretty sane. Once your Dremel is fit into the drill press, it can bore holes up to two inches at angles between 0 and 90, in 15 degree increments. With the tool attached and completely horizontal, the stand also functions as a rotary tool holder, turning it into something of a bench grinder. Dremel has just released a new lithium-ion powered screwdriver, the Dremel Driver, and they've bundled it with their Dremel Stylus, which has been out since 2006. The Dremel Driver and Stylus come nicely packaged together, but are also available as stand alones (more on that later). Dremel has just released their first cordless screwdriver, and they were nice enough to send one over to us so that we can check it out. Just about everyone agrees that Dremel is the king of the rotary tool, but did you know that they've been at it since 1932? It's hard to believe, but Dremel was founded in 1932 and sold the world's first rotary tool way back in 1935.
The kit comes with a variable speed Dremel tool, stylized for this edition with chrome plated accents and a retro version of Dremel's logo.
Although there's the whole commemorative, limited-edition thing going on here, it's still a Dremel rotary tool and, we assume, up to the same level of quality as their other models.
The Fourth of July is right around the corner and families all over the country are gearing up for cookouts and celebrations. You will be both impressed and amazed with both of these lines of outdoor tools and they will help get your yard in shape in no time at all!
Today we are going to share about the RYOBI ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit is perfect for any home owner or renter.
Livetool Indicator™, GripZone™, DustTech™… autant de nouvelles fonctions qui rendent le bricolage et le jardinage plus simple et plus convivial. Au-dela du strict respect des normes anti-pollutions actuelles dans la conception de ses produits, Ryobi participe au respect de l’environnement en se conformant aux normes de securite europeennes, reconnues parmi les plus severes, comme les directives DEEE et RoHS.
I noticed a similar lack of exhaust port on the pics of the new Milwaukee M12 circular saw.
The new, green reciprocating and circular saws are better, particularly because of the better battery placement. That is their multi-tool that takes different heads, the same heads Ridgid uses in their job-max system. This is one of the ones that got slightly updated when they switched it to green – the P530 was the old blue one and the P531 is the newer green model. The detail sander, radio and vac are lime green versions of the current on-shelf items that are the old dark blue (the only ones still left from that era.) Radio will most likely have some upgrades. Not in the video, but the power caulk gun also recently finally got switched to green (I made another comment about this guy). A while back I put together a Google Docs spreadsheet of all the Ryobi One+ tools ever made to help me keep track of them. Then again, there’s other times that it has to be in just the right spot to work at all. Bluetooth audio sucks if either the transmitter or receiver is moving relative to the other. Bluetooth audio works well enough for headphones and office environments, but in my experience it is useless for a jobsite.
In the great Venn diagram of power tool abilities, it seems to overlap with 'rotary tool,' 'router,' and 'RotoZip (aka spiral saw).' We're generally wary of tools that try to do too much (seems like they usually end up doing not too much of anything) but because of our very high regard for Dremel, we had hope and were looking forward to digging into the Trio. But when you get creative with the handle (and in this case we would say, 'very creative'), all of a sudden you have not only a standard rotary tool but a mini-router as well, and sort of a jig saw, and kind of a RotoZip and maybe this and a bit of that. Last year they released their new corded 4000 series tool and we loved it for it's strength and all around 'Dremely vibe.' Well, now they've released the cordless 8200 which seems to be a companion to the 4000.
Above the slider is a battery fuel gauge so you can keep an eye on how much juice you've got left. Were that the case, the 8200 would be fully jobsite ready, but the extra battery would also tack on at least $50 to the price and it would be something that isn't used by a lot of the people who buy Dremels and use them sporadically in the garage workspace and won't mind the 1-hour charger.

Because the tool we got was an advance copy, the case we got may or may not be the one that is being sold with the tool. Each year seems to bring a new and improved version each with significant advancements over the previous models. The removable nose has the same look as the corded version and the new tool can handle all of the Dremel accessories, including the new detailer's grip and the sanding guide. The grinder bit was devastated after the five minute process, but the tool seemed like it was just getting warmed up.
Over the years, we've tried a number of different rotary tools and we keep coming back to the fact that Dremel is where it's at in this category. We understand that 0.45 amps might not sound like much, but here it makes a large difference. Yes, the tool is more powerful, but because of this added strength, the Dremel has outgrown some of its accessories. There is also a new handle attachment called a 'detailer's grip,' that screws onto the chuck and allows a tremendous amount of control over the tool (not available in all kits).
The ergonomics are off the charts and like our pal so eloquently said, it does indeed have 'stones.' Lots of 'em. We've always thought that Dremel's rotary tools were some of the most ergonomically advanced tools in the world, but this one makes the older models look like cave tools. For the basic kit (30 attachments, 2 accessories), it looks like the 4000 is going to cost about $75. And today, for about the billionth day in a row, the number one spot is held by Dremel's Cordless Pet Nail Grooming Rotary Tool. This is because of two things; first, their rotary tool is just about the best out there, and second, because the company does little else, they are able to devote a boatload of resources to making new attachments and accessories.
Like a full-sized drill press there is a depth stop as well as four clamping points to keep the unit stable while you work. We were curious to see how Dremel was going to handle the whole lightweight lithium-ion screwdriver thing and we jumped at the chance to test out the little guy and as a bonus, we got our hands on the Stylus as well.
Like all Dremel tools, it's not only compact (about 5" in length), but it's also so ergonomically thought out that we think you could spend days using it and hardly even know that you had it in your hands. Way back then, they released an electric razor blade sharpener and soon after introduced the Moto-Tool, their first rotary tool. Although it's a bit impractical for throwing in the back of the truck and heading off to the jobsite, the case is very cool and fits the limited-edition nature of the kit. Now, seventy-five years later there is still no doubt that they are the kings of the rotary market.
Also included are 75 accessories, capable of polishing, grinding, cutting, buffing and all the other tasks that rotary tools can do. So you can either keep it on the shelf as a collector's item next to your Millennium Falcon or you can put it to work. We always thought that it was really only a matter of time before this tool got beyond wood carvers, engravers and other specialists. Their 229 Piece Rotary Tool Kit has so many accessories and extra bits that it appears to be the pinnacle of one-stop shopping. Hosting get together's means you will want to have your home in tip top shape before your guests arrive and this means sprucing up the outside of your home just as much as the inside. The 18v line includes an array of products including saws, trimmers, blowers, and even a pruner. Be sure to like Ryobi on Facebook because they are always running promotions where you can get great deals on Ryobi products!!
It is a community where DIYers share projects, exchange tips and tricks, and save money with exclusive member only offers! We are a husband and wife DIY team who documents our journey of homeownership one tutorial at a time. En attendant, les surfeurs en petites planches sont jaloux des surfeurs en SUP qui s’amusent plus, prennent plus de bonnes vagues et peuvent les suivre plus longtemps ! After reading the raving reviews I can see that Ryobi have put a lot of thought into the design of this thing.
In particular when I burned up an 18v blue and gold drill I picked up one of the green ones thinking it would be nice to have the new model.
Weight balance is improved, but in particular you can actually check the charge on the battery while it’s mounted on the reciprocating saw, whereas you had to remove it to check on the old model. Ridgid heads, Ive handled a few ridgid drills and I suspect Ridgid is the same as the new green Ryobi just with a hugher price tag.
Don’t forget to get your batteries as they are fire-saling their holiday special 2-packs for $75. Its rare but I saw it with my own eyes on craigslist, unfortunately he would only sell as a bundle. I haven’t seen anything like that on CL in my area at all (been monitoring for a few months). The position of the battery stems are a bit different, and so is the actual electrical connector, but the latch is the same and it wouldn’t be too much work to either build some kind of adapter or just permanently mod the Craftsman shop-vac to accept Ryobi batteries. That thing is way more powerful than you would expect, and the filter actually catches drywall dust. I’ve started seeing the green versions in the Home Depot stores in Seattle in the last month or so.
Their older system was based around a screw that was so small it looked like it fell out of a watch, so this is a big improvement and one that we really appreciate.
It's kind of tricky to wrap the head around this little item with it's pivoting handle and its plunge-cutting ability.
If you've ever used a Roto-Zip, you know that embedding a spiral blade in wood and scrolling around with it equals a severely short bit life. It's a feature that we think should be standard in li-Ion tools and it's nice to see Dremel getting on board with it. The company would be deemed completely insane if it weren't for the fact that each tool really is that much better than the last. In fact no one we know even uses the term 'rotary tool,' preferring to use 'Dremel' as the catch all, like 'Kleenex.' So with the release of this new installment in the ongoing Dremel saga, the company was nice enough to ship a unit our way for reviewing purposes.
And as an added bonus, the changes are pretty significant when it comes to the functionality of the tool. Compared head to head with an older Dremel, the 4000 has reached a strength level that really increases the uses of the rotary tool.
We used the 4000 to tinker around with the pre-cut lock set openings on a metal door and while the tool showed no signs of stress, we went through the grinder accessories like they were made of origami paper. During use the handle would loosen some, but this was nothing more than a minor irritation compared to the level of added maneuverability.

It's a sleek looking item and could be used as a prop in some glossy science fiction flick. If you're buying a kit with more the attachments and accessories, the price is going to be higher, but will max out around the $150 range.
But, like we said, most of the comments are positive, so at the reasonable price of under $25, it might be worth checking out. Since each of these attachments alters the use of the tool, Dremel is constantly reinventing their rotary tool and finding new things that it can do. There is also a nice little compartmentalized case for your rotary bits and driver bits as well as an expansion piece for the stand that clicks onto the side and provides a space to store your bits for easy access. This situation presents no bench top space issues, seeing as both of these tools combined are hardly any bigger than the standard 18-volt battery and won't be taking up much space at all. The tool can be purchased by itself or bundled with the cordless Dremel stylus in a package called the Dremel Duo.
Since then, it's been one success after another and now they have decided to mark their 75th anniversary with a limited-edition commemorative tool kit. If that wasn't good enough, Dremel has thrown in a 12-in-1 Multi-Tool (think Leatherman), free. Ryobi Tools wants to help make your chores a little bit easier with their full lines of 18v and 40v outdoor tools! The best part is that the batteries are interchangeable meaning you can use one batter to power over 50 different tools!!! My friends over at RYOBI have teamed up with us, While They Snooze, A Place for Us, and Ella Claire to host todays giveaway. They hold a charge 4X longer, offer up to 20% more runtime and are 45% lighter weight than Ni-Cd batteries. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks! I tried using a bluetooth system on the job so I could play music and podcasts from my phone, but even on a roof with absolutely nothing between the receiver and me it would cut out around 20 feet, especially if my body was between the phone and the receiver. These issues are why most manufacturers of audio equipment have abandoned it in favor of AirPlay and DLNA.
In boxes, anyway – I seem to recall the displays still having the blue model out for show, last time I looked. The EZ lock system won't rattle the tool world like the Senco Fusion, but it will make Dremel users smile. Dremel may have addressed this, as we noticed a disclaimer on the Dremel site saying that the Trio is not compatible with standard rotary tool accessories. Oddly enough, we got it in our hands, played around with it for a bit and thought, "Hot damn!
According to Dremel, the 8200 has a speed of cut that is twice as fast as the leading cordless rotary tool. So it's not like these guys are coasting on a single tool (well, they sort of coasted on the Golf Cleaning Kit), instead they're seemingly on some sort of frenzied quest to create the perfect rotary tool.
We immediately tossed it in the back of the truck and headed off to work to see what it was capable of. Until now, we saw Dremels as items that are useful in many situations, but their 'hobbyist' vibe (read: low strength) prevented us from embracing them as a job site item.
They might be fine for someone sitting in their basement carving ducks, but on a job site, a more aggressive grinder wheel is necessary.
The kit we used also had a sanding guide and a multi-purpose cutting guide (not available in all kits).
It also has a new electronic feedback systems that maintains a constant speed under a tougher workload. It's a little higher than their older models, but not at all unreasonable for a new item with all the extra bling. From the looks of it, it's simply a Dremel Rotary tool that comes with a few grinding drums. This last piece isn't pictured, as we lost it somewhere along the way during our test phase.
But if you want one, you'd better act fast, because it's only going to be available for a limited time. It's so lightweight and compact that it can fit just about anywhere and because there are so many different bit options its versatility is off the charts.
At 1.2 amps, it's up so some pretty heavy-duty work, and the case alone looks like a feat of organizational engineering.
It's no secret that our gadget tester here at Crazy House Reviews is a huge fan of Ryobi products and since he is a landscaper, I take his word on it when he says that Ryobi is top notch when it comes to making your yard a beautiful masterpiece. I immediately noticed that the dual onboard bit storage at the back was gone (now they use the inferior one at the front just above the battery, which suffers from more vibration and the bits fall out; I never lost one from the old setup), as were the spirit levels.
We didn't verify this, but we did use the tool to cut metal, plastic, and stone and thought it was right up there with the 4000. The blow-molded jobbies that some companies use drive us crazy, and while the Dremel case does have plenty of room for accessories, there is also this panel piece that creates an odd space for loose accessories to hide behind.
Since we're coming at things from a carpenter's perspective, the added strength is right up our alley and, like we said, it opens a lot of new doors for the tool.
For more information on what accessories come with which kit, check out the Dremel website here.
The accessories cover the basics of the rotary tool world; there are sanding bands, polishing wheels, cut-off wheels, steel brushes, grinding stones, and even a small container of polishing compound. I was skeptical of using wifi for an audio system, but it is far more reliable than bluetooth ever has been, and if I want to use it somewhere that there isn’t a wifi network available the A4 creates its own network and my phone can connect to it.
If they're going to make a tool with this strength, morons like us are going to push it well beyond its limits on a regular basis. It's a solid starter set, with just enough of everything to get you interested and wanting more.
Dremel accessories are very tiny and some of them break down into even tinier pieces, so why make a case like this? They both feature the exclusive MagTray and on-board bit storage, which allow convenient placement of bits and screws. The chuck doesn’t even go as deep as the old one, so bits are held closer to their base and are therefore more likely to wobble or flex, and break.

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