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The Ryobi P325 Airstrike is part of the One+ family of 18V Lithium-Ion tools available at the Home Depot. The Ryobi P325 can fire either sequentially or through  contact using the selector switch just above the battery compartment.
For more information on the Ryobi P325, visit Ryobi’s website by clicking here or watch the video on the entire Airstrike family below!
An avid endurance athlete, Kenny has competed in triathlons (he's an Ironman) and various other fitness activities.
It's not an obvious choice, but then again, the obvious and the stylish are rarely in line. Snap-On's tools are legendary — but even the best, most dependable tools can't help you if they don't fit into the space where you need them. Carrying around a pocketable multi-tool is never a bad idea — but choosing the right one for your needs can be a real challenge. Ryobi has just come out with Phone Works, a new line of smartphone-connected testing and layout tools.
There are clear advantages to some of the Ryobi Phone Works tools, such as the inspection camera and infrared thermometer, as they make great use of smartphones’ built-in cameras and large LCD displays. Other tools, such as the noise suppressing earphones, offer interesting and useful functionality that you don’t often see in standalone tools.
Many of the tools come with smartphone mounting clips, and are powered using standard AA or AAA batteries.
The Phone Works inspection camera (ES5000) features a 3-foot submersible and flexible cord with an LED work light, and it can be used up to 10-feet away from your smartphone. The noise suppressing earphones (ES8000) have a noise reduction rating of 30 dB, and meet OSHA safety standards. There is also a microphone that allows you to make calls when wearing the earphones. The app allows you to selectively block noises up to 82 decibels and amplify sounds you need to hear – such as conversations and alerts. The moisture meter (ES3000) can be used with the Phone Works app to take simple moisture measurements, but it also offers the ability to track moisture content over time. The Phone Works laser distance measurer (ES1000) can be used to make length, area, volume measurements, and can also be used with indirect and continuous measurement modes.
The laser level (ES1600) can be used as a crosshair level, as it utilizes your smartphone’s built-in sensors for precise level detection.
The laser pointer (ES1500) can be used to project a simple dot, or as a level with horizontal and plumb level modes. The pricing and data recording on the inspection camera and maybe the IR thermometer make them interesting, but otherwise I’m not seeing much usefulness here over standalone devices. And if by some magic smart phones evolve in the next 5 years( I am sure they will) But really who cares??

But also, the app allows the tool to utilize the display and computing power of smartphones we already have. Everyone walks around with a very powerful, general purpose computer in their pocket but all we seem to use them for is sending messages and playing games.
I could see using an old phone, and could also see using something like an iPad for a larger image (if you can even do that).
This is what I was hoping for (and video demos indicated it would do) be able to take a photo and shoot that measurement. Just picked up the Ryobi laser level… multiple failures recognizing the device with an iPhone 4 before the two finally managed talked to one another. Ryobi tech confirms that an issue exists with the Phone Works app and iPhones (at least regarding the laser level). I have an iPhone 6 and I purchased the moisture meter and the noise reduction headphones yesterday. These are junk and I will be taking them back for refund and purchase stand alone products. They need to put an express warning on the packages saying this will not work with certain phones because not enough juice comes from the headphone jack.
You have to plug in the temp sensor and hold the volume up key, because the phone automatically turns the volume down, (safety feature for earphones). Immediately below the actuation trigger is a button that you’ll likely hit every time you pick up the tool. Still, his passions lie with his faith, family, friends, and now—his growing love for well-designed power tools. The Todd Snyder x Champion Short Sleeve Sweatshirt makes a great addition to any wardrobe, with a casual versatility that makes it as appropriate in an ice-cold gym as it is paired with a collared shirt at the clubhouse bar.
There is also a built-in stud marker that can be operated one-handed and with a push of your finger. It can also be used to make angular measurements, which can be overlayed on top of images taken with your smartphone’s camera. As someone who has multiple test and measurement tools that take up space, I can definitely appreciate the compact size aspect of the lineup. The inspection camera is $100, but standalone units with built-in color displays and both image and video capturing modes are priced considerably higher. Worked 2 times that I tried, always indicating no battery (tried 4 sets, to no avail) its a software problem.
All recorded together, so I could just walk around a site and fire and photo without having to write it all down. Practically every Home Depot in South Florida claims to have about 3 of every phone works tool in stock on their web pages, but no one in the stores can actually find them. Based on the reviews here it sounds like these tools are gonna be discontinued faster than the Tek4 line LOL.
You'll often find Kenny chatting up engineers at media events to better understand the chemistry and physics behind tool technology.

This suite of connected tools includes a laser lever, infrared thermometer, laser measuring tape, stud finder, inspection scope, a moisture meter, and more. It's crafted in Canada from 100% cotton, and features raglan sleeves with an embroidered Champion running man logo on the left. Available in 10 different styles offering between four and six different tools each, this collection should have something to suit you, whether it's the #4 with Phillips and flathead screwdriver bits, the #5, with a box wrench, bottle opener, scraper, and more, or the #6, with its four-way combination of the two.
Having a separate smartphone to handle display, image capture, and things like that allows the Phone Works tools to be smaller and less expensive.
Purchasing a used phone or firing up an old kitchen drawer BB may be an option worth investigating. Also tried just to record a measurement to a note, which the software allows you to select, but you have to manually enter the dimension.
It would be nice to see a pro review of these tools to see if the implementation provides a functional tool at a competitive price. They cut in and out, plus most of the time it says it can’t make a connection with the device.
As absolutely brilliant and powerful as the One+ line is, its hard to believe they could mess this and the Tek4 line up so bad. Beyond simply providing an immediate digital readout of whatever data the tool is sending back, the companion app also lets you share, file, geo-tag, and notate your readings, making managing a big project that much easier. Best of all, they're all made from sturdy stainless steel, and cost less than a 12-pack of your favorite beer.
The rubberized overmold GripZone has been improved and really does add to the comfort of holding the P325. No matter which item I use and no matter how new the batteries are, the icon says the batteries are dead.
Like all the One+ products, you can find the Ryobi P325 Airstrike 16 Gauge Nailer at the Home Depot.
There is an air pressure adjustment on the back of the Ryobi P325 that is easy to move right or left to dial in the pressure you need. Oh, I only got it to work 3 times anyways, because it did not recognize the brand new batteries I put in it. By adjusting the depth of drive and air pressure to what you need, you’ll maximize the efficiency of the tool and get the most out of your One+ battery.
Ryobi tells us that you can expect to get up to 800 shots out of a single charge using a P108 battery.

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