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My backyard was a bit of a jungle and most of the larger fruit trees had not been properly pruned for years, so I looked for chain saws that would do the job.
I have had no trouble with oil leaks, and about the only draw back for me is that it is made for right handers only, and I am left handed, so much harder to control.

I knew it was a lightweight chainsaw but once I had used it for awhile and appreciated what is was good at I was very happy with the purchase. If you expect performance like the famous stihl farmboss, (or even the mini boss) you will be bitterly disappointed! If however, like me, you don't expect a lot from an 18volt chainsaw, this little gem will surprise you! The chain moves much slower than a normal chainsaw, which makes it a lot slower to cut through wood, but also makes it far safer to use. Here we go with another review: this time we have prepared a comprehensive guide to Ryobi router. A router is a device that is used in order to cut out or to hollow out a portion of a material.  This material could be thick and hard pieces of plastic or wood. Unfortunately there are very few reviews, so we find it hard to objectively assess Ryobi routers.
If you’re unsure whether to go for it or not you can check out other routers reviews.

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It's a battery eater, so you really need at least a couple of batteries to cut up anything more than a bit of wood.
I was able to cut through hardwood Eucalyptus and removed a number of trees including Camphor Laurels which are classified as pests by our local council. Die tatsA¤chliche Versandzeit kann in EinzelfA¤llen, insbesondere zu Spitzenzeiten, abweichen. After owning petrol 2 stroke chainsaws I was skeptical about how this little unit would do but I have to say for domestic use it is all I needed.

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