When it comes to making your yard look great (or as good as it can get), what’s been your best “go to” tool? Among the basics (mower, string trimmer etc.) one of the most used at our house is the hedge trimmer. Over the years we’ve gone through perhaps 10 electric trimmers, burning out one motor after another.
After spending a LOT of money on traditional trimmers, including some of the extra heavy duty models, we were desperate to find a good answer. As urban home owners, we’re not too excited about using gas powered equipment unless we absolutely have to.
The Ryobi trimmer uses a cool state-of-the-art battery with plenty of power easily lasting the distance of most typical trimming jobs.
Another cool thing is how easy it is to just grab a cordless tool and go to work rather than searching for a working extension cord.

The best part is that I have other products from the 40V system and the batteries work on all of them. It makes the idea of “maintaining” a hedge less time consuming with fewer barriers to actually going to work. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks!
Honestly, I expected the trimmer would do okay with the outer layers of hedge only to start laboring with the thicker branches.
When the charge finally gave out, we simply traded batteries from another Ryobi tool we had on hand.
It means Ryobi puts their money where their mouth is There are not many pieces of equipment that dare to give more than a 1 year warranty. Our goal for later this Summer is to continue trimming and lower the hedge another foot or two.

But this year that hedge grew to a monstrous 12 feet high, about to topple over from its own weight! Plus, to overcome the ‘murder’ of so many innocent extension cords, I wondered if there might be a cordless solution.
There aren’t many jobs we leave to our hubbies, but yard work definitely makes that list!

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