One of my drill chucks was in pretty bad shape and a while back i stripped the crosshead screw and thought i'd have to drill it out by destroying the screw completely. Instead, left a soldering iron on the screw for a bit to soften the loctite and avoiding the plastic and then hammered in a S2 Square bit (robertson) so i could convert the damaged crosshead to a square head screw. The diamond drill bit is a specialize bit to be used for boring large holes in bricks, concrete and stones.
The small diamond drill bits are also conveniently used to bore clean and chip free holes in granite, marble and glass and that too at high speeds. I've read through a couple threads on this that just left me more confused so I thought I'd ask if anyone can recommend a decent set. I would need them mostly for interior automotive trim, but would like a fairly good sized set for general use. I just re read your post and now I am wondering if yu only stripped out the Philips head portion of the screw.
In the future on tough stuff like rusty Phillips head bolts, get the proper sized tip and dip it in a little valve grinding compound before putting it in the hole. I'm not too awfully concerned about the one from today, I found a way to complete my repair. The name diamond is related to the industrial diamond embedded on the metal surface of the bit to help it cut through the toughest of the materials. The diamond bit handles the toughest tasks, especially with concrete, without a problem and at the end cuts clean holes which are a bit difficulty with the conventional masonry bits which are helpless against tough materials. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.

Had a chance to buy a Mac set used but there seemed to be a consensus against the spiral type. I just had a thought that #4 spanner bit would be pretty foolproof if the screw or head were big enough to get a couple holes in it. Some pretty interesting methods you mentioned, and I'll try them when I have reason to believe I may have problems BEFORE I attempt a screw.
The grease gets into the X on the head and after the grease hardens, it is impossible to get out. Another obvious advantage over conventional masonry drills is the core bit's efficiency a€” since very little of the removed core must actually be abraded, the power and operator effort required to drill a very large hole is reduced enormously, and the capacity of a given portable drill greatly increased. Diamond core drill bits for use with portable drills are commonly available in diameters from 20 mm to 130 mm. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Should have hit it with an impact driver and #3 bit right off the bat but I had a #2 right there in my pocket driver. I bought them without actually having an immediate need, so when I got home I drove a couple screws into wood to try them out. Sometimes a extractor works if you remove enough material to relieve the seizing pressure so it can back out. Previous work was done on it and who ever did the rotors last had to have broken off one of the bolts holding the rotor in place.
The only limit on length of the cylinder, and thus depth of the hole, is the need to remove the bit from the hole to clear dust.

They didn't work at the first shot so I spent an hour or so trying to create a situation in which they'd be effective and couldn't do it. I just bought a pair of Engineer pliers(Search Vampliers) and I've been happy but still no solution to flush screws. Add 8% sales tax and the cost would have been within a couple bucks of what I paid for the Pro's today, which are allegedly better (but that's only what I read here, no firsthand experience). If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. I was about to return my Black and Decker to Home Depot because I was so frustrated; changing the bit on these is not exactly instinctual. You saved me a trip back out to the Home Depot in the cold and you really saved the worker who would have been on the receiving end of my nasty attitude. If I ever find the jerks responsible for slotted screws in chucks, we are going to have an "issue". I find that clamping the offending chuck in a vise and beating it repeatedly about the face and body with a rubber or dead blow hammer can help chase a few ghosts out as well.

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