And while there is some technique to it, most of rebounding comes to two things – heart and desire. This is a great warmup drill, getting your players up and down quite a bit, as well as improving hand and forearm strength. Have a player line up on one side of the rim, and jump up once, twice, and a third time, slamming the ball on the back board each time.
After the third backboard slam, they will jump up and finish the lay-up with their outside hand, and catch the rebound as they slide over, to repeat the drill on the other side of the backboard.
Have two players line up, one on each block, facing the rim, with you at the free throw line with a ball.
You can have players rotate out after every rebound, or have players fight to be the first player to rhee rebounds, with the loser, running sprints or seventeens. Instead of just two players, here we will put four in, with two on the blocks, and another two on the elbows, but instead of running out to the 3 point line, the defenders will begin fighting for position as soon as the ball is thrown up. You have to stress the importance of intensity in these drills, as there is no technique or skill that is being improved here – just conditioning and effort. If you’re looking for more drills for your big men, make sure to check out these post offense drills! Easy and effective basketball rebounding drills for coaches.The rebounding drills listed below will help you teach your players the fundamentals they need to be effective at offensive and defensive rebounding. I suggest that you perform some, if not all, of these basketball rebounding drills during each of your practices. Youth Basketball Rebounding DrillsThe goal of these basketball rebounding drills is to help your players work on the skills and fundamentals needed to box out and rebound the basketball. This drill was contributed toFast Model Sports Basketball Drills and Plays Library by Drew Hanlen, an NBA Strategic Skills Coach & Consultant that has helped over 25 NBA and NBA pre-draft players including David Lee (Mavericks) and Bradley Beal (Wizards). Drew is an NBA Strategic Skills Coach & Consultant that has helped over 25 NBA and NBA pre-draft players including David Lee (Warriors) and Bradley Beal (Wizards).
This is a great drill to get your players to box out on defense and crash and avoid box outs on offense. Receive an immediate Basketball Coaching e-book with 37 ideas to improve your program today!

Leuke oefening die je kan gebruiken als intro voor boxing-out oefeningen, of gewoon puur om je training op te breken en je spelers even lekker te laten stoeien. Als de spelers al iets verder gevorderd zijn in boxing out, is er een oefening waar ze instinctief zullen uitboxen. Na enkele keren ontdekt de verdediger dan wel dat de boxing out de beste manier is, en zo kun je dit ook bewijzen aan je ploeg. Nog eentje waar je dezelfde opstelling praktisch gebruikt: 1 aanvaller met bal in de handen, 1 verdediger. ProBall is opgericht uit een ontembare passie voor de in onze ogen prachtige sport Basketbal.
101 drills for developing the skills and techniques involved in both offensive and defensive rebounding. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: At Mansion Athletics, we want to be sure that the item you choose is the right one for you. It’s a thankless job, especially on the defensive end, but many coaches will argue that the battle on the boards has a humongous impact on the outcome of any game. And yes, these aren’t really things you can teach players, you can create an environment that promotes and rewards players that show those characteristics. That’s why putting up a large penalty; say 5 sprints up and down the court, will make sure to keep everyone’s intensity level high. Too many rebounding drills benefit the taller players and don’t truly reward players for boxing out or getting around box outs, so this drill is perfect to reward pursuit effort. On the flight of the shot, both defenders will sprint to box out the offensive player, while the offensive player will try to get around the block outs and pursue the offensive rebound. Instead, they continue to box out and try to keep the offensive player from touching the rebound before the ball bounces twice.
Het uitboxen voor een rebound begint bij goed  voetenwerk, je aanvaller in de rug houden, druk zetten naar achteren, en zorgen dat je lichaam een h-vorm behoudt zodat je niet naar voren geduwd wordt. De verdediger staat met zijn gezicht naar de aanvaller, en in de rug van de verdediger ligt de bal op de grond.
Weet waar je aanvaller is, vang hem op (onderarm), pivoteer en seal de man met een brede spreidstand, laag zwaartepunt.

Ik geef hem niet specifiek op boxing out, maar ik ben begonnen met: De aanvaller mag de bal niet krijgen, ok? Wij zijn van mening dat er enorm veel ‘kansen’ liggen om basketbal een platform te geven die het verdiend, en daardoor zoveel mogelijk mensen in aanraking te laten komen met deze prachtige sport.
Covers basic techniques, clearing-out, blocking-out, outlet passing, fast-break, zone defense, progression, aggressiveness, and stamina drills. Within 30 days of delivery of your order, you may return any merchandise purchased from Mansion Athletics in its original condition with your email order confirmation or packing slip. If the rebound bounces twice before the offensive player touches the ball, the defensive team gets one point. Met deze oefening train je in eerste instantie je lichaamshouding, stabiliteit en het in de rug houden van je aanvaller. De coach shot, de spelers proberen de rebound te nemen en proberen zo vlug mogelijk 3 x te scoren. They will start the drill by tossing the basketball up against the wall so it bounces back above their head. He is also the Head Skills Coach for the Reebok Breakout Challenge and has worked various events for Nike Basketball. If the offensive player touches the ball after one bounce, the offensive team gets one point.
They will then jump, reach up and grab the ball above their head, chin it, and land on two feet in a balanced position. If the offensive player rebounds the ball in the air and finishes a put-back, the offensive team gets three points. Figure 8 Rebounding DrillThe players will divide into groups of three at each of the baskets.

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