The Quadruple Bypass Burger from the Heart Attack Grill; four burger patties with side orders of Jolt Cola, unfiltered Lucky Strike cigarettes and French fries deep-fried in pure lard.
Sonya Thomas, a 5’5 99-pound competitive eating champion, downed an 18 pound Big Daddy Barrick Burger in Las Vegas a few years ago. Mulligan’s invented the Hamdog, one hotdog wrapped in a beef patty and cheese, then deep-fried, covered with chili and onions and served on a bun with a fried egg on top. McDonalds has long been ranked the ‘King of Cholesterol’ and this was for the standard foods they offer.  When I saw this picture of a 7 patty 2lbs cheese burger I personally upped their status from King of Cholesterol to Empire. Dyer’s Burgers are deep-fried hamburgers piled with mustard, onion and pickle and paired with a single, double or triple-order of cheese fries.
Whataburger puts the entire farm in one sandwich; bacon, cheese, fried egg, burger patty, and chicken cutlet.
Now, I hope you all find it incredibly ironic that a guy who doesn’t eat meat was asked to compile a list of monstrous hamburgers. Rescued from the realms of theory and myth, triple and quadruple rainbows have been caught on camera for the first time.
Blink and you might miss them, but these two colorful smudges (center) form the second half of the first quadruple rainbow to be caught on camera, validating years of claims that such phenomena could exist, a new study says. Lee's research inspired some scientists to try to snap photos of the elusive vision, resulting in this picture, taken June 11 near Bremerhaven, Germany.
And while "quadruple rainbow" might call to mind a stack of four arcs, only two rainbows can be caught in a single frame, because of the way light reflects and bends within raindrops.
As a ray bounces around inside a droplet, some light escapes and is split into its constituent colors, forming a rainbow. When this happens three or four times, the final rays exit in the direction of the light sourcea€”the suna€”and create extremely faint rainbows opposite the original two, which can be seen only while facing away from the sun.

These uncomfortable conditions may explain why triple and quadruple rainbows have been so hard to find for so long, despite having been known in theory for more than a century.
The first picture of a tertiary rainbow was taken in Kampfelbach, Germany, on May 15, 2011, and required heavy image processing (right) to reveal the third arc. Rainbows, including this double rainbow over Alaska, form when sunlight is refracted, or bent, inside a raindrop, reflected by the drop, and then refracted again as it exits, so that the white light is split into its component colors. Rainbows across a dramatic backdrop, such as this Colorado landscape, may look gargantuan, but they're actually the same "size" as rainbows created when light hits the spray from a garden hose, Lee said. Darwin was anxious, Frank Lloyd Wright was a narcissist, and Andy Warhol hoarded pizza crusts. A rugby team from Uruguay faces stark choices when the plane carrying them to a match in Chile crashed on October 13, 1972.
With menu items like "The Quadruple Bypass Burger", and "Flatliner Fries", this place doesn't sound too good if you're on a health kick. There have been a few deaths lurking around the restaurant, and well, you can probably guess that some of the patrons are not in the best of health. What makes this burger EXTRA special is that if you can finish the ENTIRE thing in two hours, you even get to put your name on the wall!
Named after Luther Vandross it’s a bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two glazed donuts. Naval Academy, who recently published a study in the journal Applied Optics describing the conditions under which a tertiary rainbow should be visible.
But archaeologists are increasingly confronted with demands to let past generations rest in peace. I'm grown up enough to make decisions for myself on what I eat as well as I'm sure most of your patrons are.

A triple rainbow would come from thrice-reflected light, and so on."It's counterintuitive" to most people that the triple rainbow would be near the sun, Lee said. These massive burgers are the creation of "The Heart Attack Grill", a restaurant in Tempe, Arizona. If its fattening or heatlhy, it's my choice and no one else if I eat it, so the news and health nuts trying to make you feel bad is wrong. If they want to eat healthier cool, but I make my own choices and if I die, it's not someone elses fault DUH, why would they even go there?
It has courted controversy by serving high-calorie menu items with deliberately provocative names coupled with waitresses in sexually provocative clothing. The record of eating one of these mammoth beasts was broken the other day by Jed Donahue, with a time of 3 Minutes and 55 seconds! Beverages and to-go orders are excluded and sharing food is also not allowed for the free food deal. I love the owners sense of humor and I love the whole idea of the grill, employees, gowns, food names etc..
The servers, called nurses at the restaurant because of their minimal nurses attire, have angered a group of real Arizona nurses who say the servers demean their profession.

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