The Audiomedia instruction manual, a mere 185 pages in length,makes no mention of Avid nor of Pro Tools. The Digi Toolbox XP package brought it all together with Digidesign, Pro Tools LE, and Avid.
Chapter 2 of the Toolbox XP manual described how to install the Audiomedia III card into a Mac. Just one out of the many state-of-the-art software programs that you can check out for free at the DMC (Pro Tools LE). I recently discovered one of the hidden gems of Rice University: the Digital Music Center (DMC). As a musician who is into music production, I was surprised when I found out about all of the hardware and software that the DMC provides.
I am not as familiar with video, image, or document editing, but some other software that the DMC offers for free include Final Cut Pro and the entire Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Acrobat Professional, Encore, Audition, and  Premiere). Digidesign general manager Dave Lebolt told us, a€?Wea€™re thrilled to give Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered customers the ability to harness the increased processing power of Applea€™s new Intel-based Macs.
Pro Tools LE users running software version 6.9 or earlier must purchase a Pro Tools 7 software upgrade in order to run their software on Intel-based Macs.
Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission from Sonic State is prohibited.
DV Mag was given access to Avid’s Webinar earlier this week, in preparation for what we knew was going to be a big launch.
To better explain the thinking behind 10’s significant overhaul, Avid’s product experts first of all pointed out a few home truths, specifically that slow local storage and NAS formats were performing inadequately, that the inability to use multiple file formats within the same session was hugely restrictive, and that 64-bit integration was an absolute must. The issue with using mixed file formats within a session has been amended for starters, which, along with new support for 32-bit Floating plug-ins brings Pro Tools up to date with its peers.
We mentioned input monitoring briefly up the page, but the obvious significance of that is that you can use PT’s functionality rather than having to use third-party plug-ins for the same job – a much simpler way of handling your monitoring. Clip gain, for instance, is pretty darn cool, allowing you to, as Avid puts it, “dial in your mix to speed up editing and mixing.” Working at the pre-insert stage when adjusting individual gain settings, one example that was given in terms of practical use was driving a compressor harder in some places than others before you’ve actually gotten into the ‘real’ mixing duties.
AudioSuite’s plug-in window has had an overhaul too – specifically you can now open multiple windows with separate settings.

Pro Tools 10 has been granted improved disk scheduler drivers, which, while obviously not as fast as using pure RAM, should apparently help to get better performance out of your slow local and NAS storage. This is a good time to mention that while in theory Pro Tools HD has more functionality than ‘just’ Pro Tools 10, that gap can be bridged by owners of the latter if they’re willing to drop extra cash on the Complete Production Toolkit 2 (CPTK2). There’s a huge amount about the new Pro Tools release, then, that not only meets the challenge of other DAWs on the market, but puts Avid’s baby back in pole position, too. That accolade fell to the announcement of the jaw-dropping Pro Tools HDX, effectively an incredibly souped-up hybrid that combines the huge benefits of Pro Tools HD with native technology, designed to take the weight of any major CPU demands and ensure consistency throughout. Better still, the HDX card combines the core and processing duties – you no longer need two separate cards, and you can install three HDX cards per machine.
Avid is also quick to point out that this is the lowest latency yet, so you’ll be operating with near zero lag even with the huge amount of channels potentially in operation.
More big news in the announcement of HDX’s new plug-in format called AAX, which is seen as an eventual replacement to RTAS and TDM, although the former is still fully compatible with HDX. So, we’re faced with a brand new set of products and some brand new production rules too, to get started, hit the button below to look at one of the more basic packages (although it must be said that Avid have chosen to price this new range of products incredibly competitively) for starters – alternative products down the side of the page will direct you to the bigger HDX packages. Having spent his life changing strings in guitar shops, writing and editing news and reviews of the latest music gear and gigging in admittedly-short-lived bands, Rob's particular passions lie with all things six-string and the bodger's world of home production.
While he is perhaps not hugely rock and roll, his efforts as a biographer of those who are allow him to at least live a little vicariously through them, which is almost as good. Feel free to drop him a line for help, advice, or just to chat, but be warned: he does go on a bit. Although a simple session (one stereo pair), it provides a glimpse of Pro Tools for those who may never have seen it in action. For free, I can check out and record with Pro Tools LE, which is the exact same software that is used in most state-of-the-art recording studios (most albums that have been produced within the past five or ten years were  recorded using Pro Tools). Digidesign say that these new versions of Pro Tools software will enable their customers to combine the improved processing power of Intel-based Mac computers with the creative power of Pro Tools. Digidesign tell us they are working closely with third-party manufacturers to help them port their plug-ins to the Intel-based Mac platform. The announcement of a further advancement into making PT10 64-bit compatible is also one that’s very much welcomed.

We can certainly see the benefit of working with clip gain on the front line as opposed to having to go back and make more traditional retrospective edits, and you can also transform your clip gains into volume automations and vice versa – neat. Better than that, you can save individual windows, so that they’ll recall your parameters instantly when fired back up. What’s more than a little insane was that, from a pro point of view, this wasn’t even the big news! Well, the HDX card provides up to five times the DSP acceleration than the original HD Accel card, and can cope with four times as many voices, four times as much delay compensation, a colossal 1000dB of extra plug-in processing headroom and twice as many channels.
It’s a plug-in that’s designed to operate with both native and DSP-accelerated systems without needing a different version for each, and is already backed by a huge number of third-party developers too.
It is basically a library, except instead of checking out books like you would at a normal library, you can check out various multimedia items – ranging from hardware such as video recorders, cameras, computers, printers, scanners, projectors, and audio equipment to software used for video editing, audio editing, graphics, and web development. Before we get too excitable about what came at the end of the presentation, though, let’s take a look at the first part of the announcement – Pro Tools 10 is here, and it’s utterly mindblowing. It was described as what will be an FX-chain style of operation, which should certainly go down well with producers looking for straight-forward efficiency.
This may be one reason for Avid’s more cultured entrance into the 64-bit realm, due to limitations in its older technologies, and the complexities involved in porting them over. And the best part about the DMC being a library is that you have access to all of these cool items for free! This equipment combined with the recording studio allows any Rice student to record top quality music for free.
However, once RTAS and TDM are completely phased out, Pro Tools will become the native 64-bit powerhouse that users are expecting, and when this happens, companies like Waves will follow suit –  big news indeed.
You just check out the equipment like you would check out a book at a normal library, and bring it back by the specified date.

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