Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. An accurate miter gauge and fence and basic wood jigs are the key to perfect table saw cuts. Loosen the handle on the miter gauge and square it to the saw blade with a drafting square, then retighten the handle. Hold a 4-in.-wide test piece against the fence, start the saw and push the wood through the blade.
Be sure the side of the triangle against the blade falls between the teeth tight to the blade “plate.” For greater accuracy, have the blade cranked all the way up so you're squaring to the widest part of the blade. Photos 4 and 5 show you how to test the accuracy of and fine-tune your miter gauge setting. Raise the blade all the way and hold a combination square vertically against the blade and the saw table. Start the saw, hold the board firmly against the fence and push the board completely past the saw blade. Pull the board away from the blade, then shut off the saw and remove the cutoff piece from the other side. To make precise square cuts, start by rough-cutting long boards a few inches longer than the final length, with either a circular or a miter saw. Position the factory end of the board just past the end of the extension fence so the blade will just shave it, and then start the saw. Now mark the exact length at the other end and align that mark with the end of the extension fence (Photo 1). Hold the board very firmly against the fence and push the board through the blade to make the cut.
Mount an extension fence, moving it toward the blade far enough to cut the end at a 45-degree angle (Photo 2).
For the kind of extreme accuracy needed for complete squares such as picture frames, cut two test boards, push the miters tightly together and check the assembly with a drafting square. NORCROSS, GA., August 1, 2006 - Hitachi Power Tools today announced the launch of its new line of Lithium Ion cordless products.
Weighing 17.4 lb, TE 76-P utilizes 1,400 W motor and incorporates internal theft-protection system.

Designed to drill holes and drive fasteners for various jobs, 18 V model CDR4850 is built with industrial-strength gear train, heat-treated alloy gears, and glass-filled nylon housing. Powered by 2-piece rare-earth magnet motor and motor cooling system, tools can drill, drive, and hammer into wood, plastic, steel, aluminum, brick, and concrete block. Screw the fence to the miter gauge with the right side projecting a few inches past the saw blade. It includes 2-hand comfort soft grip and built-in work light that illuminates when user grasps handle. Powered by HXP batteries from Hitachi, the Lithium Ion technology generates 3x the battery life of standard NiCd batteries. Concentricity and facing accuracy is less than 5 µ, and internal coolant supply is up to 70 bar. Tri-level battery gauge shows level of charge remaining in tool, while built-in work light provides illumination in dark areas.
Its 22-position clutch lets users dial in desired torque up to 450 lb-in., enough to drill through steel, while airflow system helps keep motor cool.
Follow these tips, tricks and techniques to make straight cuts and angle cuts in almost any sized lumber. Ergonomic unit weighs 3.4 lb and has anti-slip rubber grip that lends to comfort and control. Product uses smooth gear change mechanism with 3-level planetary gears and has spindle lock for one-handed bit changing.
Circular Saw with built-in dust blower, Model BJR181 tool-less reciprocating saw, Model BML185 4-position adjustable flashlight, 45-min Optimum Charging System, and two 5.0 Ah Li-Ion batteries. Shift-Lock(TM) drive system locks out clutch with one touch and shifts from drill to driver mode.
After each cut, slide the board away from the blade and turn off the saw before you remove cutoff pieces. In general, it's best to make all your miter cuts first, and then any square cuts at the opposite end, where it's easier to be accurate. For additional control, product incorporates active torque control device, which constantly monitors tool rotation of tool and disengages drive system if it senses housing beginning to rotate quickly.
Along with air-cooled battery charging system, 18 V tool features Variospeed electronics that allow infinite no-load speeds up to 1,450 rpm.

Two-piece D-21 motor uses rare earth magnet, and armature is supported with dual-sealed ball bearings. The beauty of this method of shaping is the resulting waste, which is tiny shavings rather than dust, and the superior finish left by a tool that cuts rather than scrapes, tears or abrades, creating clouds of dust. Operating on two 2.6 Ah Ni-MH batteries, drills feature locking-ratcheting and keyless chuck. For masonry and light concrete applications, 18636 features 2-speed motor (0-450 and 0-1,500 rpm) and delivers up to 18,000 bpm and 600 lb-in.
Two-speed gearbox and soft-start motor deliver no-load speed of 0-200 rpm in screw mode and 0-600 rpm in drill mode, and max torque is 80 lb-in.
Head can be adjusted to work between studs, behind fixtures, near pipes, or next to ductwork.
Ergonomic unit has 2,500 rpm no-load speed, spindle stop system, and locking bevel plate for cuts up to 47°.
Two-speed gearbox and soft-start motor deliver no-load speed of 0-200 rpm in screw mode and 0-600 rpm in drill mode.
All operational controls are located on feed handle side of unit, and solid-state circuitry monitors and adjusts self-feed action throughout entire length of cut. Two-finger variable speed trigger offers control over 600 rpm and over 80 in.-lb of torque. Magnetic base develops 1,742 lb dead lift strength and 820 lb drillpoint breakaway force on 1 in.
This versatile tool features two different drill modes: hammering with rotation, or rotation only. A built-in torque limiter stops bit rotation when hitting reinforcements so you can kiss kickback goodbye. This drill also features a large trigger switch and 360-degree swivel side handle for added comfort and adaptability. Makita’s all ball bearing construction means smoother drilling and longer motor life.

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