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In a press conference held on May 5, 2014 at BBMP head office, BMTF Chief Additional General of Police Rajvir P Sharma told press persons that out of 208 cases registered in 2012, 140 cases of building violations in private properties were put on hold on account of High Court’s order on October 2013 that said the BMTF has no jurisdiction on illegal construction on private properties.
Rajvir Sharma said that the State government has already approached the Supreme Court in this regard, and BMTF is waiting for the final order.
In this year’s first quarter, between January and March 2014, BMTF received 168 complaints out of which 23 cases were of encroachment of government land and 16 public servants were involved. He explained that the Revenue officers have been deputed to various places for election work. Similar delay was noticed in the most controversial encroachment case in Miller bund and Sampangiramnagar. In the case of grave yard in Sampangirama Nagar ward, Sub-Inspector Suma Rani said that the BMTF has issued several notices to complainant Councillor M Gopi and BBMP Commissioner to provide them with proofs that the land belongs to BBMP. However, all the complaints received till date have been lodged by private parties, said Rajvir.

Many of these multiple complaints have been filed by the same people against the same officials, which led to the respondents filing cases of harassment by the complainants. Rajvir said, “We cannot stop this nor can we be selective in choosing the complaints. Rajvir said that authorities have failed to provide them with the encroachment report bearing details like boundaries of lake. As compared to 2013, this year the number of complaints have seen a considerable drop said Rajvir.
BMTF believes that the reason for this drastic drop may be the confusion in people’s mind over its existence.
In 2012, 208 complaints were registered, out of which investigation has been done on 140 cases. In this year’s first quarter, 168 complaints were registered, out of which 23 cases were registered and 4 cases got stay order from HC. The large variety often found in larger chain Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products.

Referring to Miller bund’s case, Rajvir said that it is a Kharab land which was sold to many people. The documents are scripted in old Kannada which the translation department cannot translate.
The reports given by BMTF in the press conference showed that in the first quarter of  2013, 538 complaints were registered, while for the first quarter of this year, it is only 168. He said, “We have asked the BBMP Joint Commissioner of North to report who is the real owner of the land.

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