The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that all employees should receive information, instruction and training in order to carry out their job in a safe manner and in a safe workplace. We can also design bespoke health & safety courses to your specific requirements, contact us for details. Health & safety is an important part of every business, training employees can help to reduce accidents and potential claims. Courses can be run in house or at our training centres in Lincoln and Grimsby.  We also run open courses regularly for individuals or businesses needing to train single employees. So if anyone ever interrupts your power tool use and it’s not for a REALLY good reason, sit them down in front of this YouTube video and scare them straight with the graphic Lego amputation scene. Marc – I thought you weren’t going to mention that time I sawed through a load-bearing timber with a reciprocating saw? Singleton Associates run the basic health & safety course both as an in house session at your venue and also as open courses on a regular basis at our training facility in Lincoln. If one fails to follow it, the chances of injury to the person working with the wood working tools can significantly increase. When we talk about woodworking, the very first thing that we should dwell on is the safety.

If used without caution, these tools can go awry and cause fatal injuries to the woodworker. However, if used with proper care and caution, they can be of immense help.Work safe with your wood working toolsYour wood workshop is a place where you should always work in a steady, comfortable pace. So, never take the safety rules lightly – ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude can certainly show you a very bad day someday. Large safety goggles made of plastic, a large face shield or other safety glasses should always be worn to keep dust and splinters out of your eyes.
Typically, safety goggles come with rigid lenses that come surrounded by a soft plastic frame such that it fits your face perfectly. The sides have some ventilation so that any condensation can be prevented.The hearing protectors that are generally used for safety are earplugs that come with padded muffs to shield your ears from excessive noise.
All the wood working tools should have their designated place and once used must be returned to its place.
One should always wait till the moving blades have stopped and only after that, reach out to remove the cut-offs.
It doesn’t matter how much alcohol you have consumed, even a small amount can cause your attention to falter.

Woodworking machinery are too dangerous a thing to be used in an inebriated or not fully alert state.
Accidents are more common in jobs that have repetitive actions as in such cases monotony of the job can cause the concentration to falter. The harder one has to push into the wood to make a cut, the lesser control he wields over the wood. You should know the basic first-aid techniques, should you ever need to dress up your own injuries.
In case, you face a serious accident always call 911.So, these were the top ten essential safety rules that one should always follow when working with wood working tools. Remember accidents in woodshops are not always a result of circumstances, but are mostly consequences of the woodworker’s failure to adhere to safety norms.

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