We make available Dewalt Power Tools, which act as a perfect helping hand for various grinding and installation purposes.
Tools in Action 3 days ago Tools in Action 3 days ago Mantis 7490 4 Stroke Honda Tiller and Cultivator PlusTools In Action - Power Tools and GearSummer is here which means we can start taking care of our lawns. I suppose this was an inevitability, that CP would re-enter the cordless power tool market with new and more modern Li-ion offerings.
Before I talk more about Chicago Pneumatic’s new cordless power tools, I want to point out that they seem to feature a lot of TTI-specific features. Similar to how cordless tool makers are now touting the corded-like performance of their premium brushless tools, Chicago Pneumatic implies that their new cordless power tools provide pneumatic-like performance. Additionally, CP is emphasizing the new tools’ benefits in the areas of i) power and torque, ii) improved mobility since cordless tools are self-contained with no hoses or power cords needed, iii) comfortable ergonomics, iv) rugged, durable, and presumably automotive chemical-resistant housings.
Chicago Pneumatic says that each tool provides superior power and torque while ergonomic handles and strategically placed switches guarantee ease of use.
There is no word yet about pricing, but all of the tools should now be in stock at authorized Chicago Pneumatic tool dealers.
Cordless tools have become popular with mechanics and auto techs because they aren’t tethered to a power outlet or an air compressive. Users will probably like to see a cordless ratchet or right angle impact added to the new lineup, but perhaps those tools are being developed for the next round of releases. Chicago Pneumatic has a solid reputation as a quality air tools maker, and I don’t doubt that their cordless tools will be just as good as one could expect.
A distracting aside, but am I the only one that (initially) confuses Chicago Pneumatic with the Harbor Freight Chicago Electric and Central Pneumatic brands? There are quite a few other industrial and tooling brands currently owned by Chinese companies, such as Cleveland and Chicago-Latrobe. Throw me off as well… Would make an interesting court case on trademark infringement.
As an automotive technician and shop manager, I received my first CP gun from my dad at age 16. For example, Black & Decker makes the Bolt-On tools and attachments for Craftsman, and Matrix-branded ones for themselves.

Lots of talk about HF and brand confusion, so question I have is, is HF going to be carrying these? Am I the only one who remembers when the first IR cordless stuff was just re-badged Milwaukee?????
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Variable speed is controlled by switch, easy to control, and this switch with brack function, after finish the work, the bit stop immediatly for avoiding broken work. We design the product under ergonomic rule, for comfortable while you work, the soft grip handle for greater user comfort.
We may design the packing box according to your requirement, like BMC packing, double blister packing, color box packing. Sign In Register an Account Sign In Power tools – Stock Illustration Set of black and white images of the power tools. We offer Dewalt Power Tools, which are 100% assured of their manufacturing using superior quality parts and components.
More specifically, they say they are combining the performance of air tools with the mobility of cordless. They might not always be as lighter or as powerful as air tools, but they’re often more comfortable and far less cumbersome to use. Basing these automotive-specific tools off of tried-and-true cordless platforms should reduce costs, especially if TTI had a big hand in the tools’ development. But I do agree with you that foreign companies and brands with USA-related names can be deceptive. I should have added that I can remember when VT American was still mostly manufacturing in the US. All through the article all I could picture was HF’s in house brand and the funky way the store smells. I was working on a magazine article once and didn’t understand an unused feature of the box.
Also we can take one extra battery pack, for long time work, only change the battery pack, in 1 mins,  you may continue to work.

This clutch system helps ensure accuracy and control while you're working, and it further extends the life of your drill driver by making sure the correct amount of torque is available for a variety of applications.
Best attribute of Dewalt Power Tools, which we make available, is that these Power Tools ensure optimum performance and high durability.
The impact is designed for general automotive bolting applications and tire removal jobs on light vehicles.
Other times its an honest way to differentiate one regional or continental branch from another. I have since moved into residential construction and use DeWalts Lithium Ion 20v which in just a year seem to have many issues. These days it’s mostly a name bought up by some other company, but is still one of the better brands out there. So back to topic, if CPs 700 rating holds up it will blow dewalt out as any serious competition.
This helps prevent driving screws too far, snapping them off, and damaging materials as you work. I bought IR pneumatic guns which also served me well, but just my input that the CP line should be confused with Harbor Freights line. I saw the same box at an outlet store, with an attachment making use of that unused feature.
Who knows how many times I have overlooked them because I associated them with Harbor Freight.Is this an example of brand dilution? I told the brand manager, and they requested I not discuss the consumer brand in the magazine review of the professional brand.
I wasn’t going to anyways, but it gave me insight into how brands really try to promote brand images.

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