Use this mobile app app to inspect and analyze criteria for hand and power tools and equipment such as: Are chisels, punches or other mushroomed head tools repaired or replaced?
This mobile application provides a simple new customer sign up form for a company like a dry cleaner. This form is provided for the assistance of any complainant and is not intended to constitute the exclusive means by which a complaint may be registered with the U.S. Conducting customer surveys about natural gas pipeline operations and public awareness is now just a few taps away!
This survey is an electronic form of a survey sent out by the Virginia State House of Representatives. A form utilized by road and heavy construction crews to track time sheets of employees, material utilized on a given job and the heavy and light equipment used during the project. This application allows you to track every detail necessary including job number, subcontractors, materials laid (description, quantity, and cost), construction supplies used, rental and company equipment used, as well as tracking all the labor hours spent on a job.If you are providing regular updates on actual job costs on fixed bid projects, this makes that data real time, easy to fill out and easy to collaborate around. A great way to minimize the paper load of an employee, this application will make sure that all the necessary information is recorded.

With this mobile application, you can get quick feedback from your customers to get a better understanding of public opinion regarding pipeline safety in their area. The survey itself is a short questionnaire which asks participants to assign a rank of importance to various political issues. With such a simple application with just three screens, it still manages to detail all information when serving a new customer. Citation number, the vehicle make, tag year, location of violation, fine due, and additional comments are all available to the offer using this convenient form. Users can take a quick survey, enter their contact information and sign off to validate information.
Apart from the monetary savings that using a paperless system could provide, this electronic form also allows for greater participation in the survey, especially in segments of the population which might otherwise not have filled out the survey. Specifically, this application allows the user to have a terms and conditions page, a screen for purchase order information, who the apparel is sold to or shipped to, basic sales information, a list of sales orders, and finally a summary screen.
This thorough Hand and Power Tool safety inspection can be easily modified to meet your specific requirements.

Customer name and contact information is tracked along with product preferences and home information. Give your employees the option to stick with their old pen and paper pad or move onto new technology where everything can be kept track by a phone!
This application ensures every detail is covered--even style numbers and color numbers for apparel.
This will allow officers to move more efficiently and be more productive as they do their job. Customizable for any company, this application also does all the calculations for you making it easier for the end-user and the customer.

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