The clevis pattern, the slide patterns, the visebase pattern, the vise jaw pattern and at top center the handle is the handle pattern for the vise. Discussion in 'QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (Get Help Fast Here!)' started by MozamPete, Jan 17, 2015.
I'm not planning to replace it with a similar saw and want opinions as to the pros and cons of horizontal bandsaws verse a power hacksaws.
Any advice on capability, speed of operation, operating costs, etc between the two options would be appreciated.
Blades for any of the above are going to range from US$5 to US$30, depending on the quality and type. I own both a cheap power hacksaw and a 4x6 bandsaw and once I got the bandsaw have never used the power hacksaw again.
The table converts the horizontal saw to vertical, great for roughing out a part to layout lines prior to machining. I have a used Jet bandsaw, my only complaint is the blade likes to bend outward as it cuts.
A power hacksaw is pretty much an adaption of a manual process, whereas a bandsaw is an inovation of a metal cutting process.
I don't like chop saws because the extreme noise and dust emissions seem health-damaging. I do have to concede that a bandsaw is faster since it is cutting 100% of the time, and they are readily available at reasonable prices.
I will admit that I am a sucker for old machinery, and the old heavy power hacksaws are a joy to watch in action.
It may not be a speed demon, and I cannot set it up as a vertical saw, but that was not my intent when I got it. No matter which way you decide to go, your choice will still be better than sawing with a hacksaw by hand, or using a Sawzall like I did for a long time.
Have had a look over it and corrected some of the common problems I had read about - trued up the pulleys, replaced the washers on the guides, adjusted everything. Still want to source a bi-metal blade but picked up a couple of cheap standard ones while on the way to collect it so I'm OK for the moment.
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Feel free to contact us should you need anything specific or just want some more information. As with any hardware and industrial supply company, adhesives and silicones are important items to stock. We can supply the whole range, from measuring tapes, metal rules, engineers squares, measuring wheels, verniers, micrometers, dial guages and even laser equipment. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Get one of the imports that allows you to tilt it to vertical, that way you can also cut curves and irregular cuts.
I built a couple of attachments for the bandsaw that make dealing with short pieces of stock much easier. The hold down plate fits into the bandsaw vice and allows me to make straight and angled cuts on pretty small parts. It has pretty much confirmed my initial thought that a band saw was the way to go and I'm much more confident now handing over the money.
Many of them require a bit of work to get them cutting true and straight, unless you can afford a Hyd-Mech or an Ellis or something like that. I considered finding a used HF style saw and setting it up permanently in a vertical configuration, but I may just build one based on Dave Gingery's design instead.
The English lot description is the overriding description and is given the best knowledge of the auctioneer. Contact & Supply also offers the most reliable and affordoble protective wear in the industry. Our range of tools are backed by at least five of South Africa’s largest hardware and tool suppliers.
We are backed by various manufacturers and bolt importers and will be able to supply you with all your fastener needs. No matter what you build or manufacture you will use some sort of measuring tool in the process. The two halves on one side have a bronze rack from an old load bar cut into four pieces and imbedded in the castings. Many people buy a flimsy, cheap bandsaw and struggle with blade drift and need to clean the cut afterwards.

Brought it home, put a single phase motor on it, cleaned it up a bit, and put it to work with the old blade still in it. While it is doing its thing is the perfect time to stop and take a few sips out of the coffee cup and get a little old school machine therapy, watching it go to and fro. However, the accuracy is not guaranteed and should be verified by the buyer prior to bidding.
Furthermore we have a wide selection of plastic bags & packaging and many other related products, we've got you covered! Pratley is one of the top adhesive manufacturing companies in the world and they even sent products to the moon during a space mission. You can use the cheap little bandsaws as a vertical saw and cut contours,or nibble out contours at least.
The more tension you can put on the blade, the straighter the cut will be however it will also cause the frame to flex, contributing to blade flex. We recently added some plastic injection moulding products, and you should view our items available from our factory. The handle is from an old frying pan, the arm support is an old industrial mop handle, the motor is from an old cylinder honing machine I found in the dumpster, the big pulley is from a discarded washing machineand the small one is from an old AB DickA  printing machine. We are not going to provide your information to third parties, plant tracking cookies on your computer, or try to sell you magazines or books.
The nice thing about it, is that there is little or no cleanup required of the cut edge prior to use. This is why rigidity in the castings of the saw frame where the tires bolt to is critical for a good bandsaw. Mechanically it will not need much, mostly just needs some serious clean up, a rewiring job, and fresh paint.
The mahogany top is from a copier pallet and the brackets for the vise hold downs as well as the angle iron for the uprights are brackets to hold copiers to pallets.

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