Some days testing tools and accessories can be tough work, other days it’s pretty easy… yesterday was one of those days.
What I love about this most is that it is a great way to put an extra cordless screwdriver in the house that will be completely OK with the wife. This entry was posted in Off Topic, Skil Tools and tagged 4v screwdriver, power tool wine opener, skil cordless, skil ixo, Skil tools. I’m not one to swoon over the romance of drinking wine, but even I find that de-corking your bottles with a power drill is a little nutty. SKIL, unhappy to dominate the world of DIY construction and IKEA desk-building projects, is entering the wine world in the only way it knows how, by offering a tiny power drill with a corkscrew attachment. The kit includes all the basics, a handheld, rechargeable drill, foil cutter (works great), a small selection of screwdriver bits, and a largish corkscrew attachment. Of course, that kind of arrangement is intended for the lightest of duties, and it turns out pulling corks isn’t that easy, even for a power drill. While there are cheaper models and dressier designs on the market, this classic opener was the one we kept coming back to. Lever Style: Lever-style openers may be pricey, but they open bottles in a matter of seconds. Quick tips: Avoid using these openers on synthetic corks, because they can damage the worm. This new-to-the-market opener felt like it was twisting its way through butter, not dense cork. The curved, serrated foil cutter, set at the top of the opener, comfortably hugs the neck of a wine bottle for smooth foil removal.
Waiter Style: You often see restaurant servers and caterers using these “wine keys,” as they are also known, to open wine bottles tableside. Quick tip: Make sure the worm penetrates straight down into the center of the cork, not at an angle. This opener has a sturdy design and a comfortable grip, and it penetrates the cork evenly and without hesitation. A warning: These openers are a bit noisy, about the level of a power drill or an electric can opener. Avoid any opener that has an auger-style worm or screw, which looks like a nail with a blade that coils around it.

Bosch’s iXO Vino screwdriver-corkscrew combo is now available in the USA as the Skil iXO Vivo.
Even though the Bosch and Skil drivers and corkscrew attachments are identical in function, the Bosch kit looks quite a bit more appealing, from color scheme to texture and grip accents.
It even features an LED light, so you can quickly and effortlessly uncork red, white and ros in complete darkness.
We had the difficult task of hands on demoing of the new Skil iXO Wine Opening Tool 2354-10 ($66, Amazon).
Our goal is to find new tools, accessories, and best possible solutions that will help improve the effectiveness of professionals in their daily jobs.
The authors are sharing personal opinions based on products and field testing, and are not necessarily the views of the Ohio Power Tool company. The attachments are magnetic, so there’s no need to deal with tightening the bits into the driver. In my tests, the 4-volt iXO struggled to pull out many of the corks I pit it against, whining fiercely in its attempt to dislodge them. Those looking for a more refined way to loosen a cork might want to stick with old-fashioned muscle power. Its operation is consistently smooth, and the upper handle’s length provides just the right leverage.
The shaft readily centers on top of the wine bottle and maintains a stable position throughout the opening process.
The double lever comes in handy when opening bottles with stubborn synthetic corks: Use the shorter lever to break the cork’s seal and pull the cork up partway, and the longer one to pull it out.
They offered their opinions about which styles of openers they considered most useful, relevant, and worthy of review; these are the styles you see here. The kit includes the 4V iXO screwdriver, 5 screwdriver bits, corkscrew attachment, foil cutter, wine bottle stopper, and charger. This is a 4V lithium screwdriver complete with a set of ?” hex bits as well as the wine tools for cutting the wrap, uncorking and a wine stopper. A single battery charge on the Skil is estimated to last a year with occasional wine opening use. According to the manufacturer, you can open about 2,000 bottles of wine before the nonstick coating on the worm begins to wear off.

The Canadian manufacturer credits “spring assist technology” for its nearly effortless process. The handle’s rubber underside is soft, contoured, and slip-resistant, and provides just the right leverage. When the rechargeable battery is fully charged, the opener will uncork about 80 bottles of wine. We then gathered product samples—29 in all—and proceeded to open lots of wine (yes, we do call this a job), assessing how straightforward and easy the wine openers were to operate. This review also allows us a great opportunity to share a video which perfectly demonstrates our refined technique for selecting only the highest quality wines.
While slightly bulky, it also feels sturdy—unlike one plastic model we tried that fell apart after its second use.
Other noteworthy features: an iron core that runs the length of the handle for added durability and a nonstick coating on the worm for reduced friction. The only strength required is to hold the bottle stable (it wants to spin) with your free hand. There are many considerations when shopping for an opener, like comfort, solid construction, consistency, and even showmanship. To release the cork, turn the wing handle in the opposite direction, and the spring assist ejects the cork.
These openers fit easily in a utensil drawer (or pocket), are all-in-one tools—a foil cutter, corkscrew, and bottle opener are attached—and can be bargain priced.
It comes with a limited five-year motor warranty and a limited one-year appliance warranty. Keeping these things in mind, we tested several styles of openers, from simple waiter-style corkscrews to battery-powered electric models. This offer is void wherever prohibited or restricted by national, state, or any governmental laws.
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