I’d choose a Bosch over a Milwaukee on a blind test, if I had to choose one for reliability.
I use my 18v makita high torque impact to run lugs all the time, I also use it on the Job to drive lags and absolutely love them (have 3 or 4) the Milwaukee is a better tool but I’m still find of my btw450. I ordered a Dewalt DCF889L2 a few weeks back and my kit just came today, they gave me an M2 with the 4.0ah batteries. I wish there was a edit button, but to clarify my OP, it’s not the COO but the technology that goes into the battery, cooling, charging, etc (the brains) that is part of the ROI of a tool. Seems like Ingersoll is the only company building garage specific cordless, so prob the best choice for future compatibility in that case. For the past few years since its release, I’ve been using the Bosch IWTH180 and love it.
I would say, if you’re going to be using your impact for anything more than occasional home use, go with something a bit more heavy duty.
Hopefully Milwaukee will update the heavy duty impact with a Fuel version to bring it a bit closer to the W7150.
I have a DeWalt 18V impact (the full size one), and while it is fine for my uses, it does not have a variable speed trigger. If I drove a lot of lags, I’d want variable speed, as mine is not all that suited for it.
Can anyone tell me why these cordless models seem to have higher torque than the corded models yet the corded models seem huge in comparison? I’m not at all unhappy with the corded model because I try to keep cordless tools to a minimum. Side note: Anyone know why impact wrenches in general are SO much bigger than impact drivers when (as far as I know) they have essentially the same mechanism but designed for different fasteners? Impact drivers and compact impact wrenches might have the same motor and with similar gearing and impact mechanisms, but heavy duty impact wrenches will have beefier motors presumably with more robust gearing and impact mechanisms. I know iaiis an old topic but I have 2 of the IR7150’S and these things are animals.

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Can I drill this thing out and replace the wheel stud or should I be driving it to a mechanic?
I searched for a write up or previous post and found conflicting info about having to open the dif up to remove the axle to gain access for inserting the new stud.
Even after using various Snap-On 14 and 18 volt guns, it’s my favorite of all of them.
I didn’t have the budget set aside to get something bigger at the time and I kind of regret it now. This impact wrench has some pretty good spec’s and they have have other tools on the battery platform. To remove a socket, you need to get a punch or other small tool inside the socket’s retainer hole to release the pin. You can use the flag icon at the top of the screen to select your destination country and local currency if it has not been done automatically. I use it for light duty disassembly duties and for driving lag screws and such, and in the summer it rides around in the travel trailer to be used for raising and lowering the landing gear.
The Craftsman keeps up with what I ask it to do, but now I’d probably save up and go with the Bosch. If Dale wants to just rotate tires with his tool, the Craftsman C3 impact will do that easy for $100.

My thoughts are that could either be a limit as to how small the AC motors can be built, or that the corded tools are rated at continuous torque and the cordless models for peak torque. To get such an increase in power, an impact driver design cannot just be modified with a square drive chuck; the impact wrench has to be designed and built completely differently. This handy brush will clean away brake dust and road grime quickly without damaging the finish on your expensive wheels.
Unfortunately not all products AmericanMuscle sells can be shipped to internationally, such as out of stock and pre-order or any other items which cannot be fulfilled immediately will be removed from your order once placed and an appropriate refund issued. Bosch tools have treated me really well and while the Bosch may be a little less powerful than the IR, Bosch has the wider platform.
I have the grease gun, wide mouth band saw, sawzall, angle grinder, drill and impact driver, circular saw and caulking gun. The 20V version seems to be built using the same mechanism and overall design as the 18 and 36V, so I expect it to be about the same, especially since the specs are in line with the previous models as well.
Used all of them at different times and have yet to encounter a problem with any one of them.
The 6 inch long hand held model has a nice handle that's ribbed so your fingers won't slip.
The drill operated brush can be inserted into a cordless drill to create a powerful cleaning tool, making quick work of a tough job.
I am seriously thinking of getting the tool-only version of the Milky and consigning the DeWalt to full-time trailer duty.
Add both of these to your cleaning arsenal and you'll smile during every detailing therapy session.

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