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NoSpray® Shields are designed to contain the spray of hazardous liquids in vessel engine rooms, a cause of dangerous fires and loss of life and property.
The PetroWrap® Anti-Corrosion System has been developed for long term protection of metal surfaces that are underground, underwater, or exposed - even in the most severe environments. CanSeal is the heavy duty hatch sealing tape manufactured in Canada with extraordinary strength, adhesion and flexibility.

CanSeal-R is the premium quality roll type marine tape recommended for moderate weather conditions. Anticorrosive Security Plastic compound, orange - a fluorescent orange plastic designed for safety applications on board ships instead of paint. CanFix Emergency Repair Kit is a complete system for making emergency repairs to a wide variety of pipe materials.
Common air-powered hand tools include jack hammers, chipping hammers, wrenches, grinders, and nail guns.

CanSeal-R is available in two widths and combines quality and convenience at a very economical price. Additionally, pneumatic tools produce ear-damaging noise and release atomized oil and water vapor into the air.

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