In order to understand what's going on here, we'll need to explore the build process a bit. In brief, you first specify the native code in the file by marking a method with the native keyword.
You can see (and change the configuration for) this build process by clicking on the Targets tab, as shown in Figure 5. Note that javah only generates headers -- it does not generate the corresponding C source files. One thing you may notice, comparing the latest version of the source generated by the Project Assistant to the example provided in Mac OS X for Java Geeks is that the sample source no longer generates an example of a call into a dylib, just a local call into the jnilib. This is just one symptom of the basic differences between object-oriented programming in Java and procedural programming in C. I'm not sure which version of jni.h you're using, so it's hard to be sure where the mismatch is occurring. A4: I'm not sure if you're talking about generating C code via javah -stubs, or if you're talking about the code generated by the Project Builder Assistant.
The Project Builder New Project Assistant doesn't generate Java code with a package statement. Generally speaking, this is a common problem with Wizards and Assistants in a variety of tools. Some of you may have noticed that I didn't touch on Xcode, Apple's upcoming development tool.
OS X comes with a powerful command line interface as with any operating system derived from Unix. At the heart, command line is the place where you key in commands and programs, and the command line interface will run them for you. The command line prompt is customisable thus you might see a different symbol or text other than “$”.
You can open one or more shell window under Terminal app, and they each work independently. For each window that you open under Terminal, the app is running a shell program that handles the interaction with you. There are a number of shell programs available to serve as the command line interface. For the above, we issue the echo command to print out the environment variable “$SHELL” which hold the value of the shell program. Current directory is important as commands and tools will assume it is the working directory unless otherwise stated.
When you’re entering command line parameters, use the tab key to auto complete directory and file name.
For example when at you home directory, and to navigate to the Desktop folder, enter “cd De” and press the tab key. Please note that command line interface gives you all the power to control your computer, up to the point of total destruction. Underneath the graphical user interface (GUI) of OS X lies a powerful command line interface and its army of utilities.
Proficiency in using command line tools is critical for IT professional such as administrator and developer. Mail app comes with the ability to attach photos and videos stored in the Photos app, this includes those in your iCloud Photo Stream.
Thus if you have any image or video that you want to attach into an email, first save the picture into the photo library of Photos app.
To attach other document type other than photo and video, we’re out of luck as Apple is not making it easier. Copy-and-Paste via system clipboard is another method you can use to attach a document into an email. The implementation however varies across apps.
When you select a picture in Photo app and tap on “Copy”, the picture content is saved into the clipboard.
When you’re viewing a picture in Safari, you can copy the image by tap-and-hold and select the “Copy” option.
When you’re using cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive, you can only copy the URL link of the documents into the clipboard, and not the document content. Mail app has a build-in API that allows third party app to implement a “send by mail” feature. It is clear that the direction is for us to store documents in the cloud, and share those documents via URL link instead of direct attachment of the document content. Apple is expected to unveil iOS 8 at its WWDC developer conference in June this year, with a final release in September. Spotlight search for apps – currently you can use Spotlight to search for data in default iOS apps such as Contacts, Mail etc and list of installed apps. H265 video codec – H265 promises to be a more efficient codec than current standard H264.
24bit HD audio – 24 bit HD audio caters to a niche audience as many in the population can not readily differentiate the higher quality delivered. Quit all background apps – to close an app, you activate the multitasking screen and flip the app up. Record voice call – Apple should build recording facility right within the Phone app. There are many free Kindle ebooks available on Amazon that you can download and read immediately on your Kindle app. Amazon Best Sellers lists the top 100 best selling Kindle books updated hourly, and there is separate section for “Paid” and “Free” books.

Kindle Store Limited-Time Offers is another good listing from within Amazon that you can locate free Kindle ebooks. Using the same “sort by Price: Low to High” technique, you can find free books easily throughout various section of Amazon Kindle Store. For a listing of public domains and free classics, visit Free Popular Classics section of Kindle Store. If you’re Amazon Prime subscription member, don’t forget you get free books each month through Kindle First and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Prices for Kindle books often changes, get the book you want as soon as you see that it is free on Kindle Store. When you use Google Chrome and sign in to a Google account, all your bookmarks, apps, extensions, open tabs, theme, browser settings are synced to the cloud.
Click “Create” and a new window popups to prompt you to sign-in to a Google account in order to associate it with the user.
Once you have more than a user setup, each right corner of Chrome window will display the icon for the current user of the session. Announced at WWDC in June 2013, Apple’s MFi program for game controllers is an attempt to unify game controllers from different manufacturers to the same iOS 7 API and frameworks.
Unfortunately initial MFi game controllers from Logitech, Moga and SteelSeries are not taking over the iOS gaming world.
The popular arcade racing game series has outdone itself with Asphalt 8: Airborne by allowing you to perform high-speed aerial stunts. LIMBO Game is a dark and creepy adventure game that seems to be everyone’s favourite indie title. LEGO is everywhere and there is even a full length movie. LEGO The Lord of the Rings lets you explore the middle-earth with virtual plastic bricks.
Apple is unlikely to release a HDTV this year, but 4th generation Apple TV is expected this year. It is rumoured that Amazon will launch its own Android based gaming console this year for a below USD $300 price. Managing the content of your iOS device using iTunes, the default OS X music player, is not always very intuitive.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Apple's new music service is a valiant effort to catch up in the emerging business of offering unlimited music on demand for a monthly price.
Before the age of graphical user interface, command line is the only way for human to interact with computer. For example it is common to format the command line prompt to contain your computer name and user name. Popular choices include Bourne shell (sh), C Shell (csh), Korn Shell (ksh) and Bourne-Again shell (bash). Type the first few characters, and then press the tab key, and the command line will fill the rest for you. These tools are task oriented programs that was the sole interface to computer before the age of GUI.
For the rest of us, a good grasp of basic command line utilities is in the realm of power users, that improves your understanding on how OS X works, and will pay dividends when it comes to automating tasks with your Mac. We will be going in depth in future posts on command line tool usage. For now, we highlight with brief overview 21 essential ones. Third party app is able to activate the Mail app compose email screen, and optionally attach a document. And when you try to mail a document from within Dropbox or Google Drive, you get an URL link instead of an attached document. You can then forward the email with the attached document on your iPhone or iPad, and compose the proper email.
Until Apple comes out with changes in new iOS release with feature such as a common storage, attaching document will always remain a laborious task on your iOS devices. Multiple user account is part of the underlying core of iOS, which shares the same foundation as OS X.
It would be ideal if Apple can open up the search API for third party apps so that we can search directly within them from Spotlight. Lets hope Apple will start supporting this next-generation video codec in its hardware and platform starting this year. But there is certainly growing interest as high end HD audio gears are now more affordable than ever. There is no easy way to record a phone call, unless you’re running a jailbreak device with unauthorised recording app. Among the forests of sites, tutorial and books, we hand picked the top 5 best resources to get you dive in straight away. Apple’s iOS Dev Center contains all documentation, tutorials, sample codes, downloads and marketing resources that you need to get your app from zero to App Store.
Stanford has been offering this course for a few years, and there are editions of this course for older iOS version.
Battery life in these gadgets is one technology that never quite catches up to our on-the-go power requirements.
You can click on a category on the left to filter the top 100 free & paid Kindle ebooks by book genre. For example on the main Kindle Store ebook listing, sort the price from low to high will allow you to browse through the free books out of Kindle’s over 2.4 million books. When click to buy and download a free Kindle book, verify that the book is indeed free by making sure the price is $0.00.

This is useful if you share a computer with your family members or you keep separate professional and personal accounts. Please note that multiple users within the browser is intended to provide convenience and does not secure your data against people using your Mac.
The game is universal app and is a free download with in-app purchase for credit and car pack. The touch control scheme works just fine, but a gamepad will let you enjoy it as it was originally designed for game console. Holding up well on iOS devices nearly a decade after its release on game console, this game plays best with a gamepad in hand as expected. In order to enjoy the full potential of brand new game console, you need to have games build specially to take advantage of the newer graphical processing power of the console.
It has partnered with different manufactures to build gaming console based on its Steam Machine specification and SteamOS operating system. Companies such as Alienware and Origin are onboard.
Apple recently revamped its online store with Apple TV featured for the first time as a new product category. With its readily baked of music, movie and TV streaming platform, Amazon is definitely a force to be reckoned with if it introduces a console for the living room. It does so while acknowledging the legacy of iTunes, the world's most popular store for buying individual songs to own. Each shell program varies with each other by means of default command behaviour, settings files and syntax when writing shell scripts.
For example “man ls” will display the man page for ls command with its description, command line switches and usage examples.
Ideally we should all store our documents in the cloud, and instead of attaching file, we just email the link to the file in cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc. For example when viewing a PDF document in Dropbox, you can “Open in…” the PDF document to apps that can accept PDF document such as iBook, Google Drive or Evernote. This is especially useful if you’re attaching different types of documents such as a Numbers file, a PDF file and photos in one email.
Unfortunately it seems quite certain that Apple wants each of us to have our own iOS device, and this feature is unlikely to appear in iOS 8.
As a result, mobile backup battery is in hot demand and there are floods of such product in the market.
As an example, a battery with 2 amp output will fully charge an iPhone up to twice as fast as one with 1 amp output. And Amazon customers have been consistently labelling free Kindle book using the “kindle freebie” tag.
This allows you to quickly switch between different user browser sessions without OS X logout and login. This epic game combines colorful locales, lavish 3D visuals, captivating adventure story and music from legendary Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito. Such games are few at the moment, and typically you will get a better game selection after a year of the console’s release. Steam Machine can run nearly 3,000 games currently on Steam and should see a release date later in 2014.
This points to new emphasis of this once “hobby” product within Apple, and many has speculated that Apple will finally bring games to the Apple TV this year.
But we don’t live in the future and attaching files in email is a real requirement to many iOS users. This will present you a screen to select your photo or video in the Photos app and insert it into the email.
Dropbox will actually transfer a copy of the PDF document to your selected destination app. And then sign up for the paid $99 per annual developer program when you’re ready to ship your apps.
These backup batteries comes in different sizes, specs and varying prices that make choosing the appropriate one seems a daunting task for new buyers. In addition, most tablets require at least a 2 amp output to be able to even start charging.
Or check out the free new ebooks by clicking the section New Releases > Last 90 days and sort the list by low to high price.
Visit the Amazon Popular Tags site, and click on “kindle freebies” for listing of products with that tag. And there is no section or highlights in the App Store to easily find games that work with MFi controllers. Fret not, here are a few essential things to consider when choosing a quality backup battery for your iPhone, iPad and gaming device.
When looking for a backup battery, check the output DC spec to ensure it is compatible with your devices.
Please note that as these tagging is crowd sourced from customers, the pricing might not be free by the time you search for it.

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