This Tools Online Store Zen Cart Template is a terrific web tool for those willing to launch an amazing eShop selling tools: drills, tool boxes and other equipment for all your needs. In order to get all possible changes in this Zen Cart Template contact our Customization department, we are ready to act fast and professionally. Running an online business is never easy, no matter if this is a small-scaled or a big-time company. Dear Artist The leading production house “Trivision Films pvt. Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person. If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback. Editorial ReviewA reliable generator is essential gear for contractors, but it's also important for home owners, campers, RV enthusiasts and others who may face planned or unplanned power needs. I purchased the Sears Craftsman version of this item that is rated at 2000 psi and 2.0 gpm. I ordered a new pressure washer and you sent me a used one with oil all over the inside of the box. Like the other review my pressure washer when delivered was turned upside down and all the washer pump oil leaked all over in the box. If you are searching for a top-notch image for your eStore, Website is just what you need. Buy Branded Power and Hand Tools Online with special discount and factory outlet in delhi NCR. I called briggs and stratton 1-800# and after speaking with a representitive, briggs and stratton sent a bottle of oil to me which arrived at my door step in two days free of charge. I was expecting something a little more heavy duty that offered protection from all of the elements.
Toolwale is India's Online Tools Store to Buy tools Online with warranty and home delivery.
During Hurricane Jeanne, I was able to power a 230 volt 12,000 BTU window air conditioner unit along with 2 refridgerators, a 27" television, cable TV, and three lights. I purchased it from Lowe's, who was no help at all when I contacted them.Generac was even less help than Lowes. Plenty of pressure, be careful it can blow the siding off your house.Amazon has the lowest price I've seen ,with free shipping what more could one ask for. You have got to be kidding me!I submitted a request through the Generac e-support site and was told 'ya that sounds right'.The Honda engine is tops, but a power washer is kinda useless when the pump is a piece of junk, and you are taken for a ride when you do have problems.

Even thought shipping this pressure washer back will cost me the shippihg, it's OK as long as I get rid of this peice of this thing. The performance is quite impressive, with the yellow spray tip (which is what I use most often) and max pressure this washer will clean almost anything! Just don't rely on the 'Super Silent' muffler as the manufacturer described in the review at Amazon. It is amazing how much better it cleans.I should have scraped the generac the first time it broke. The only time that I was aware that the generator was loading down was when the compressor would kick in on the air conditioner. The built in regulator kept the unit at a sustained output.It was obvious I did not run the unit at full loading.
If you have a lot of heavy-duty cleaning chores to tackle, the Generac 2.2 gpm pressure washer may be your answer. The engine runs quietly and is designed with several added smart features, including an oversized dual element air filter, an automotive-style oil filter, and full-pressure lubrication.
You would think when part of the box leaks oil and the odor of pump oil is like gear oil you would think they would get a clue. The first day I got the washer and unpackaged it I noticed that when I would roll the washer that the wheels would wobble slightly.
To make a long story short, I was pressure washing some paint off of my basement walls when the pump head developed a crack, and I lost a lot of pressure. It also features a pressurized low oil shutdown system, automatic idle control, and a power surge alternator that protects against power fluctuations when starting and operating several motor-driven items at the same time. It did not use any oil and was extremely reliable. On unpacking the unit and setting the unit up was a quick and easy matter. That's more than enough power to remove the toughest stains, mold, mildew, grease, salt, paint, and grime from all kinds of surfaces.
This didn't bother me too much because I really wouldn't be rolling it very far and I'm pretty gently with the unit also. Four quick-connect spray tips let you regulate the water flow and amount of pressure applied, while a chemical injection system dramatically increases cleaning effectiveness versus comparable models. I'd have it repaired under warranty, but its too darned reliable to have somebody messing with it. Well, I'm sure you can see what's coming, one day I took the washer out and was rolling it when one of the wheels fell off.
Ten-inch pneumatic tires make this unit easy to maneuver around a work area, even over tough terrain, and a prostyle stainless-steel wand provides superior comfort and control.

Basically the wheels fit over and are welded to a hub; the hub is then bolted to the frame of the washer.
The problem was that I washed a few sq ft, then put down the wand, wet vac'd the water, went into the other room to dump it, then came back and picked up the wand and washed some more. The wheels set towards the back so the majority of the 180 pounds are situated directly on the front feet. I took the washer to a Briggs and Stratton authorized repair facility, under warranty, they ordered and replaced both of the wheels, which went back order and took almost two months to get. Lesson learned, be sure and keep the water flowing through the pump to keep it cool, while it is running, or risk losing the pump. I would have preferred to have the wheels and handle on opposit sides so when you would pull the unit out from under a protective cover (during the rains), you would not have to pull it all the way out to shut it off to refuel it. As it stands right now I am just waiting for one of them to fall off again and I will repair them "properly" myself.
Performance wise I would rate this washer a 5 out of 5 but because of the problems I have had and anticipate having in the future I am only giving a 4 out of 5 overall. The head alone was over 200, and the pumps ceramic pistons or worse could be damaged as well. For $800 (which I might add is a very good price when compared with the Sears Craftsman version that is exactly the same with the exception of an 11hp engine instead of a 10hp for $1150) I would expect better quality wheels.
It had a two year warranty, which I was not aware of, when I winterized it and decided to deal with it next year. On their home page they had a special on a complete replacement pump for 189 dollars(an Annovi Reverberi with a brass head, none the less.)It was less than the cost of the replacement aluminum head alone from Generac.
A few tweakings to tidy up the couplers with teflon tape to prevent leaks, and I was right back in business. Another thing worth mentioning is that I was at one time disappointed that I did not buy a washer with a Honda engine, but bought the Briggs instead. One last note is that the higher pressure washers do give you more pressure, and in some specific chores that can be beneficial, but overall the benefit to more power is that the job gets done a lot faster. Holding it farther away, making it wider than that, and all you are doing is rinsing it off.
With the greater pressure washers, 3500 PSI for example, you can cover a greater area with the same level of cleaning.

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