You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Cakes and Cupcakes ordered Online are for collection at Cakeology 582 Kingston Road London SW20 8DN. Cakes are sold for collection at 582 Kingston Road Raynes Park, SW20 8DN unless agreed at time of order and confirmed in the order confirmation. We cannot accept returns of any edible product or some items designed to come into direct contact with food such as cake boards, boxes, dowels even if they appear unopened or unused. Cake cancellations will not be accepted; however it is at our discretion to reschedule the cake order for a later date for collection.

The circles on this non-slip mat are designed as a template to help you make your macaroons the same size every time. When used with a baking sheet, it can also be used as a normal baking mat in the oven to temperatures of up to 250?C. The box includes a roller, a tray a gingerbread man and woman cutter, 4 shaped cutters and a piping syringe.
To find directions to Cakeology view the google map in the Contact Us section of our website. For all other products they must be returned in their original condition with proof of purchase within 14 days of purchase.

A minimum lead time of 2 working days is required for cake orders, however in periods of high demand the lead time may be longer and you are advised to order the cake as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

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