My first step was to head into the small copse of woods in the center of the farm to harvest a Hackberry sapling of sufficient length and dimension to shape into the handle. To begin shaping the handle, I shaved the bark from the Hackberry sapling using a drawknife I bought in 1978 to shape boat parts (my boat building phase lasted about 10 years). Once the sapling was free of bark, I shaved it down until it felt good in my fielder's-mitt-sized hands. By the time I got all of that completed, the handle was sufficiently dry that I traced the tenon's cross section onto the center of the head and using a hand drill and chisels, cut a slightly tapered mortise that gripped the tenon snugly with just a few whacks from the mallet. Once sized, I used the SOG Flash II to whittle a crude, dull point on the rake teeth and drove them home with a hardwood mallet. So far, I've used the rake to put up a little more than a ton of hay and to gather at least that much fresh-cut forage for the pigs. Hank Will raises hair sheep, heritage cattle and many varieties of open-pollinated corn with his wife, Karen, on their rural Osage County, Kansas farm. Your title reminded me, this old drill's sometimes handy, its "battery" never runs down, it's got 2 gear ratios. When not at work caring for the grounds of his local high school, Bill Nelson can be found taking long walks along the beach, perusing antique stores and whittling away in his workshop – all with one goal in mind. The hobby started nearly 15 years ago after Nelson realized the beautiful pieces of pine and birch he and his wife found on their daily walks could be turned into something useful.
He also uses knives, chisels, woodburning tools and special ink to color some of his more intricate designs. Nelson keeps many examples of his work at home and encourages anyone interested in learning more about his work or commissioning a custom-made walking stick to call him at (705) 248-1431. The Dremel Work Station (220-01) integrates three different functions into one convenient attachment, helping users focus on the project at hand. Drill Press: Transforms a Dremel rotary tool into a quick solution for any drilling need, allowing users to precisely control drilling depths of up to two inches. Stationary Tool Holder: Perfect for delicate projects that require a light touch or applications such as grinding, polishing or sanding that often require the materials be brought up to the tool.
Flex Shaft Tool Holder: Provides the ideal location to suspend a Dremel rotary tool above a workbench while the Dremel Flex Shaft Attachment (sold separately) is connected to provide users with fingertip control. The Dremel Work Station is available at most hardware and home improvement centers for a suggested retail price of $44.99.
In March, the Dremel Experts shared advice for using Dremel’s cleaning accessories to spruce up your home for spring. Rubber polishing points (461, 462, 463) and emery-impregnated wheels (425, 520): Designed for the rough stage of polishing because they work to remove the ridges and scratches of the surface. Felt accessories (414, 422): Designed for the semi-rough stage of the polishing process because they can remove slight rough spots, bringing the material to the smooth stage. Cloth and felt wheels (423E, 429): Designed for the smooth stage of polishing because they bring the surface to a high luster. Purchase cleaning and polishing accessories separately or together (along with other essential accessories) in the new 707-03 Dremel 75-Piece Accessory Kit, available now at Wal-Mart and in additional retail locations in August 2008.
And even though I love the sounds and smells associated with making hay using diesel-powered equipment and modern, self-tying large round balers, I've always wondered whether I could pass muster with my ancestors and make sufficient hay to feed some critters through the winter using only a scythe, wooden hand hay rake, pitchfork and wagon. I cut and limbed the sapling with a machete that the folks at SOG Tools sent me to mess around with.

I then located positions for 7 teeth and bored half-inch holes through the rake head, top to bottom. Although the rake was fully assembled at this point, and I was tempted to try it out, every wooden hay rake I have seen uses some means to brace the handle and head in a triangular fashion.
His home life is a perfect complement to his professional life as editor in chief at GRIT and Capper's Farmer magazines. We had a big snow after they arrived so I drilled and tapped a short piece of 2x4 and screwed it to 6 inch by 20 inch piece of scrap paneling. The rakes are fun because you really never need to fire up a power tool, although I did use a chain saw on some of the larger pieces of wood. They were tearing down a big warehouse in Chicago and I bought some 10 X 16 perfectly clear douglas spruce beams from the wrecking company and used a huge 36-inch throat Crescent bandsaw that i salvaged from an abandoned foundry to resaw the beam into a suitable billet for the mast and then I shaped it with an adze and hand planes. That's why we want you to save money and trees by subscribing to GRIT through our automatic renewal savings plan. Tore out a late 1980's Utica boiler that the segment seals had failed in, loosing water into the fire chamber. He sells a few customized pieces for special requests and gives many away to friends or people in need. From the start, Nelson used Dremel rotary tools (an assortment of models over the years) for carving spirals and other shapes into the shaft and drilling holes to affix jewelry. Because they like the designs so much, friends and customers sometimes choose to display Nelson’s products as art. Grouping a drill press, stationary tool holder and flex shaft tool holder together, this easy-to-use work station enhances project quality and productivity while simplifying applications such as precision drilling, delicate polishing and wood carving. To achieve a shiny surface in this stage, you need to remove rough spots or ridges and smooth and buff the surface. They have a soft, open structure and are designed to be used with a small amount of polishing compound. Teams of two had only two hours each to construct, paint and decorate a wooden derby car using Dremel tools and materials provided by Dremel before putting their cars to the test in a race.
Send us a picture of your dad using a Dremel tool (or have a family member take a picture of you using a Dremel tool if you are a dad), along with a maximum 100-word description of what project(s) you’ve used Dremel tools for recently, and 10 lucky respondents will be picked to win a Dremel Work Station. I've used a scythe off and on over the years to whack weeds, and I would always rather do something physical around the farm than go to the gym and run on a treadmill, so I decided that making hay the old fashioned way would be good for me. I next cut a Hackberry log about 30 inches long and 6-inches in diameter from a snag left by the dozers when they repaired one of the pond dams on my farm (my chain saw came in handy for this work). I took care to eyeball the drill so that the holes were more or less perpendicular to the bottom of the rake's head. I will probably make my next rake a little wider and will take the time to rive out diagonal braces and steam-bend and rivet them to the handle and head using a few square-shank copper nails and dished roves (left over from my boat building phase). By paying now with a credit card, you save an additional $5 and get 6 issues of GRIT for only $14.95 (USA only).
UB offered a $300 discount towards a new one, but I have seen way to many of these failures in past years. Marie, Ontario-resident makes practical walking sticks, canes and staffs from the wood he picks up along Agawa Beach and interesting adornments he finds at antique shops. He has used a variety of attachments and accessories, including the 225-01 Flex Shaft Attachment, which increases his tool flexibility.

Nelson has used glass, agates and chains as decorations and even an old-fashioned faucet as a handle. Dads can use it this Father’s Day to sand wooden toys for their kids, make a cribbage game board for themselves or to hold a Dremel rotary tool with Flex Shaft Attachment while carving a wildfowl decoy. Dremel tools have been involved in building wooden derby cars for many years, but several weeks typically go into designing and finishing a car. I already had access to an Austrian-style scythe and we had a few old pitchforks, but I needed something to handle the raking.
I carried these pieces along with a 20-inch by 8-inch diameter Black Walnut log, sourced from the same snag, back to my improvised woodworking shop in the barn and went to work.
I used the drawknife and a flat-soled spokeshave to shape that billet into the rake's head and then trimmed the ends with a handsaw. I decided for this first and somewhat primitive attempt, I would use looped wire twisted taught like the diagonal on a fence brace to do the trick. It cost $500 more, but we put in a new Bulgerus multi fuel boiler, fired with oil at present, but can be easily adapted to gas if oil becomes too expensive compared to gas. As an example of his creativity, he hung a blue glass ball from the tap to resemble a drop of water.
I've seen vintage wooden hay rakes in antique stores -- and they sell for pretty good money so I decided to have a go at making one myself.
I next sized the teeth using my SOG Flash II folding knife so they would fit tightly into the holes I bored earlier.
I took a look at some rakes online and even took a look at some "plans" in a couple of green woodworking books and then just decided to do like my German ancestors would have done when they hit the Dakota territory in the late 1800s -- make do with what I had around.
I salvaged all the valves and fittings I could, plus I had a quanity of same sized and bigger pipe that I salvaged from another job. I tied it into my retrofited radient heating system, I used "what I had" to do as much of the plumbing as posible. I installed the Royall in my shop, and linked it to my existing oil fired boiler and distribution system in my celar, plumung it to backfeed the existing system. Put a Harman P61 wood pellet stove in celar and ran a high tech "Fireplace Extrordinair" centered on the main floor of our 2500sq.ft ranch.
Since I retired this spring I also want to heat my 24'x48-1152 sq.ft shop, without using any oil. I fired the system friday afternoon, and both systems easily went up to 145F within two hrs. Worked today to run a new 50A 240V subfeed to the shop, plus a generator hookup for my Yanmar Diesel genset. Don't need that with radiant heat!, so I guess unless I expirement with coal, I will run it naturally aspirated, on wood.Will post pics. LOLJust an added note; Friday afternoon It turned colder and rain turned to Lake Affects squalls.

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