Designed for the professional carpenter, this traditional belt set is fine-tuned for optimum efficiency and comfort. We are dedicated to superior solutions through quality tool bag designs and are the established leaders in providing functional tool bags and pouches that complement the modern tradesman. Since 1980, Occidental has set the quality standard in the tool belt industry - and has earned the reputation of having no equal.
Occidental tool belts, bags, and pouches are sold only through quality building suppliers and hardware retailers.
Identical to the style and function of the Pro Leather 5080DB, but offering reduced weight with functional durability. Occidental's hammer and tape holders are constructed of the highest quality top-grain leather in the industry and form to your tools over time. The steel hardware is sandwiched between two layers of premium 12 oz leather for comfort and years of durable service.

Made of our highest quality belting leather, this hammer holder is compact and very comfortable. An All-Leather tool holster suitable for an ironworkers Bull Pin, also excellent belt worn nail bar holster. Compact combination sleek and slick tool holder keeps utility knife, 2 pencils and a 35" tape or 25' FatMax always at the ready!
Self-contained test units which provide a rapid, easy to use, specific test for lead on any surface. Includes phillips, slotted, torx, clutch, spline, square, spanner, hex, triwing, pozi, metric bits and holders. It features the Occidental No Spill system of interior tool holders for chisel, torpedo level, pencils, crayon and utility knife. Designed by and for the professional builder, this traditional belt set is fine-tuned for optimum efficiency and comfort.

Tapes like the FatMax, with rubber shoulders, will require extensive break-in like the break-in needed for a good baseball mit. Offers holders for hammer, lumber crayon or screw driver, pliers, pencil, plus, it features a free 2003 Oxy Tool Shield for sharp tools such as chisel or work knife. Tools and other props are often used to represent the functionality of each tool belt, tool bag, and tool holder. You can be assured that you're purchasing the most unique and hardest working tool belt system in the world.

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