View detailsPlease notethat the Festool Accessories and Workbench Dogs shown in the pictures areNOTincluded in this sale. This is being sold as a complete lot for A?600 and is available for inspection by appointment. Although I have listed it as an antique it is in fine working order and is ideal for precision heavy duty drilling. Selling as updated all machines in my workshop and now it's time it had a new home where it will be used and appreciated.

Fitting a Triton Router Table to the Triton Workcentre or Router Stand adds a whole new dimension to your woodworking capabilities. Includes All Parts and Hardware Necessary for Tandem Featherboard Use on Most Router Tables and Table Saws. Can be used for routers, shapers, circular saws, radial arm saws, fence adjustments and table saws. You can add a miter or sliding fixture to anything that can be routed out to fit the Miter Track.

These blades are manufactured in FINE GRAIN tungsten carbide, and are ground to produce the sharpest edges possible. We are the UKa€™s largest HSS stockist We forward on these cost savings to you the end user.

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