The people of the SNIYF have worked tirelessly with the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force JROTC HQs and over 1,000 JROTC programs for well over 25 years. Both cadets and JROTC instructors attending the camp will leave with a heightened sense of knowledge and better skills to improve the overall unit environment, not only in drill. Unquestionably the Finest High School Drill & Ceremony Camp Held Anywhere in the Free or Oppressed World!The best CAMP, the finest INSTRUCTORS, the most LEARNING and unparalleled FUN! The Nationals Drill Camp is designed and hosted by the youth training and education drill superpower the Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation of Ormond Beach, Florida. Both cadets and JROTC instructors who take the class will leave with a heightened sense of knowledge and better skills to improve the overall unit environment, not only in drill. While this is no boot camp, the NDC is hosted in a military JROTC-style environment and therefore, cadets will be expected to maintain discipline, effort and a positive attitude throughout. ALL cadets will serve in leadership roles in a variety of scenarios to hone their knowledge and ready themselves to take this information home to better their entire drill team. Make attending the Nationals Drill Camp a part of the training, camaraderie, and lifetime memories you will take from your high school military drill career! Much like the cadets, the instructors who attend range from new hires to veterans who just want to have a better grasp on what they are teaching. GENERAL VIRGINIA TECH PARKING INFORMATIONParking at Virginia Tech in the Summer for the NDC is a far more relaxed situation than MOST major college facilities. Parking does affect anyone who plans on bringing a car to campus during the entire camp (instructors, camp cadre, etc.).
As this is the first year we are using Virginia Tech for the NDC, details are still being formulated regarding EXACTLY WHERE event registration will take place in the Corps of Cadets area.
Please feel free to read the various privacy, recording and other policies maintained at all Sports Network International operation.

Throughout every class, leadership skills and command presence is stressed, along with dozens of other tangible and intangible lessons that will help you become a better driller, a better teacher, and a better leader. The 501-c-3 non-profit Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation (SNIYF) remains committed to bringing together America's youth in a safe and effective way under expert leadership examples from trained professional representing all services. We tell ALL of the cadets that this is their mission from day number one - you are here to improve the UNIT!
Over 1,000 cadets and instructors now have been part of the magic at the Nationals Drill Camp and they will tell you it is high point in their JROTC careers. Parents, you can give your child a leg-up by having them attend this week of instruction and learn from some of the greatest JROTC minds on the planet.
Fortunately, parking for both our staff and cadets attending the NDC as a one week visitor is granted during the Summer free of charge. As this is ironed out in the coming weeks, the exact location of registration and other related items will be both forwarded to attending cadets & instructors, as well as listed on this page. Practical activities to build leadership, safety knowledge and follow through and other related traits, as well as team building exercises within each platoon make the week a joy on and off the drill pad for every attendee. The camp brings together scores of fantastic cadets and knowledge seeking JROTC instructors to be trained by some of the finest minds in all of JROTC.
Some cadets are ready for this challenge on the first day, and some newer drillers will need a few days of training at the NDC before taking the mantel of leadership of a platoon. While we have a solid number of seasoned drillers, there is NO FINER ENVIRONMENT where someone who is just starting out can learn the correct fundamentals from the beginning, as well as the seasoned driller, and all drillers in between!
Most every cadet and instructor who has attended the NDC will tell you it has helped them change their program in ways large and small!

Make the decision to do something positive you will remember for the rest of your life - register to attend the Nationals Drill Camp today!
While JROTC cadets are the bulk of the attendees, Middle School Cadet Corps, Young Marines, Civil Air Patrol, Naval Sea Cadets, as well as Army Cadet Corps cadets from 6th grade through 12th grade are welcome and encouraged to attend to make yourself and as important, your entire unit better drillers!
Texas A&M University provides first-rate facilities, chow, and welcome the camp with open arms and a friendly HOWDY can be heard on every sidewalk.
This may be the most meaningful and memorable week you have ever devoted to anything in your life! This pass cannot be obtained in advance however the campus would like you to email your information to them the day prior so they can prepare the pass in advance.
Team building activities, skill drills and other related exercises give every cadet an intense love for the daily routines and the amazing progress they create in all drillers of all levels.
While the camp is not SPONSORED by either TAMU or the Corps of Cadets, they welcome our NDC cadets and provide many items and facilities that make hosting the camp fun, safe and quite rewarding!
Instructors taking this camp with or without cadets will receive unparalleled knowledge and 30 hours of instructional credit towards their re-certification back home. The weather will be HOT, but the dorms, classrooms, chow hall and other indoor training facilities are always cool. If you will have a larger vehicle than a standard automobile, they can both direct you where to park on campus with your visitor pass as well.
Safety is ALWAYS paramount and cadets are well taken care of throughout their days at the NDC.

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