Jessica has a keen interest in social media and content marketing, and writes extensively about it. If you’re a social media marketer – you would be familiar with the feeling of working endlessly and still feeling like you have a ton of work left to do. Content plays an important role in social media marketing – without good content, there’s nothing to market.
DrumUp is a stylish web and Android app that is great for both content and social media marketing. Pocket is a bookmarking tool that allows you to save links to blog posts, articles, videos and more in a single place. is a powerful tool that gets the best content for you from all over the web including social media, RSS feeds, YouTube and many other sources. Feedly brings content from all your sources into a single place so you can read them at your convenience. Social media marketers can benefit greatly from using these tools, provided they do so efficiently.
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One of the biggest and confusing aspects of Word is trying to fix headers or footers, after the fact. You could pour hours, days or weeks into your marketing campaign, but no good content means no leads. The tool helps you find quality content related to your niche through keywords that you provide.
The tool currently has over 17 million users and can be very useful when you want to save content for later.
You can then enter keywords under that topic, based on which the app suggests content for you. It is a content curation tool that is great for employee advocacy as your employees can turn what they read into full-length content pieces with the help of Meddle’s unique editor.
Unlike other content tools, Flipboard only curates content from the biggest and most relevant sources.
As the name suggests, you can add feeds from content sources and Feedly will grab the best content from these sources on a daily basis.

Not sure if you are aware but we also have a complete content marketing solution called Content Director that has powerful social media scheduling capabilities along with content discovery, content publishing and a comprehensive dashboard for analytics. Note that if you have multiple Sections, you need to make sure this setting is not repeated in subsequent Sections or that the link to previous setting is turned off. It is worth the effort to try and understand them, because if you set them up properly in the first place, they work well. It is the first step to connecting with your audience and most marketers don’t have the time to create the content themselves. For example, if you’re a marketer for an educational company, your keywords could be reading, studying, exams etc. For social media marketers, this could be a lifesaver as they multitask throughout the day and tend to miss out on important content.
Additionally, you can highlight and add comments to specific paragraphs and save notes for later reference. Our social media scheduling tool allows you to see all of your content in one editorial calendar, into which you can plug all of your social channels to start distributing and promoting your content across all of your channels in just a few clicks.
After that, however, it’s time to start looking at ways to work smarter, rather than harder. The tool will then provide you with a list of recommended content that you can post to multiple accounts with a single click. On Pocket, once a link is saved, it syncs across all your devices so that you can access saved content on all platforms. You can even prioritize the sources so you get content from the most important sources first.
The tool also lets you edit the content so you can share it on your blog and social media accounts. You can save content onto your own board and also look at other boards from your friends, peers, industry experts etc. You can set up several categories like racing, music, marketing, social media, photography and more.
Instapaper also shows trending topics from around the world so that you can create and post content revolving around these topics. Remember to pick tools that suit your needs – don’t blindly go for the one with the most features.

With so many products out there, getting better all the time, posts like this help me to stay up-to-date. Tools and extensions have been growing rapidly over recent years and there’s a good reason for it. Social media marketers can benefit from as they have a very active community that curates great content on a regular basis. Once a moderator is done editing, they can post the content on social media accounts with ease.
Social media marketers can use this to become more relatable to their audience and increase the chances of getting their content shared. On certain apps like Twitter, the tool lets you save information directly from the app itself. They also offer a bookmarklet so that you can save content from anywhere on the web to your topic boards.
This helps social media managers take control of their team and make sure that everyone’s on the same page.
It’s most unique feature is the ability to share multiple pieces of content (articles, images, videos) in the form of a digital magazine. This allows social media marketers to save information instantly even when they’re on the move.
It provides other features like analytics, text analysis and social sharing which can help social media marketers analyze what they write and post.
Feedly’s sources are also reputable, so you can be rest assured of receiving good material. Analysis is an important process as it helps you see if your strategy is working and make necessary changes if it isn’t.

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