Vocal stamina is the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort while singing and speaking. Warming up your vocal chords before singing and performing will boost your vocal endurance.
Use relaxation techniques to rid yourself of stress such as deep, slow breathing and stretching.
A dance style that includes a combination of rhythmic, creative body movements which interpret and emphasize a musical selection. Any style of performance that includes a different kind of routine or a variety of routines that would be considered a novelty. Any style of performance that emphasizes sharp, concise movements, formation changes, patterns, and military presentation.
A dance style that incorporates smooth, fluid, technical body movements which emphasize and interpret a musical selection. Any style of performance that includes a variety of kicks choreographed into 75% of the routine. Any style of performance that incorporates the use of a visual aid as the object of focus for at least 75% of the routine.

Officer Line competition is optional and does not qualify as a performing group for the Grand Sweepstakes Award. Team Precision: (10 Points) Uniformity of team, team execution of fundamentals, timing, and rhythm. Projection: (10 Points) Facial expressions, spirit, showmanship, confidence, and presence.
Choreography and Variety: (15 Points) Creativity, appropriateness of music, flow of routine, ground work, kicks and jumps, appeal. Overall Performance: (15 Points) Overall execution, crowd appeal, lack of errors, memory. Just like an athlete stretching before a marathon is important to their stamina, using vocal warm ups for 10-30 minutes before singing or performing will make your vocal chords loose, warm, limber and ready for action! Learn how to sing from the diaphragm, keep your larynx relaxed when singing, and learn how to hit high notes with ease to prevent vocal strain. Keep a glass of water or tea available so that your mouth and throat do not dry out or become raspy (unless you want your voice raspy).  Tea with honey, coffee with creamer (my personal favorite), and warm water are all great options. Stay away from cold or carbonated drinks that contain sweeteners, this will tend to create mucus or phlegm in your throat making it difficult to sing or speak.

Pro athletes many times will rest the day following a big match or game to allow their muscles to heal. Clearing your head of any negative thoughts will help relive anxiety so you can think about ways to make improvements to your performance. After the start of judging, the front sideline is inviolate at all times except during set-up and tear down. This will give your voice and body the chance to recover from all the stress and strain that come with performing. Boundary line violations (including first aid case) do not constitute permanently leaving the floor. However, all squads must exit and have the floor cleared in the allotted time allowed by the performance schedule.

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