With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. We want to mount the circular saw to the larger tabletop piece, so we'll start by marking out the center.
Now that we have an idea where the circular saw will be mounted, we can build the frame for the underside of the table. In lieu of a safety guard, we are simply retracting the blade into the table while not in use. The important thing is that our projects work for the purpose each of us has in mind to fit our needs. I've been thinking about making an insert for my circ saw that fits into my router table top. Occasionally I need a table saw in a place where it's not really convenient to have one, such as outdoors to rip some lumber for a project, or out on a small job site. Having come up against this problem in the past, I've used the old carpenter's trick of mounting a circular saw under a piece of plywood laid on a pair of saw horses, and used that as a makeshift table saw.
Before going on, I'll state the obvious: Yes, I know there are small, cheap table saws that are more portable than a full sized table saw.
I'm doing some planning 'on the fly' here, more or less to use the scrap material I have on hand. After some planning with SketchUp and the time to try my ideas out on the frame, I had a design that meets my criteria.
The front leg set is attached to the underside of the top with a pair of 5" strap hinges.
Seen above, the back legs were cut on an angle and project rearwards to increase the footprint of the frame. My workmate allows me to make better use of my garage workshop that shares space with our automobiles. Almost two years ago I published an Instructable on a quick conversion table for making accurate cuts with a circular saw. I bolted a cleat at least 2 x 2 inches in size under each of the tools I want to support for use on my Workmate. I took a photo to show you, but server maintenance at Instructables has disabled the upload feature. I wonder if 150 years from now, some expert will make his fortune collecting and dating antique workmates. With this setup, your router is offset from the Workmate center and the cleat protrudes at the opposite side of the board. The thing I did differently with all my small machines is to mount them on plywood with 2 X 2 placed on the bottom 2 outside edges. A fantastic and typically very simple idea, which I do not understand how I never thought of. I miss the days when magazines like Popular Mechanics had all sorts of DIY projects for making and repairing just about everything.

Step-by-step illustrated instructions make our Deluxe Panel Saw Kit an easy project for most woodworkers to complete with just one or two cups of coffee. Our Deluxe Panel Saw Kit includes 3 interchangeable base plates that can be swapped into the sliding carriage.
The router base plate holds a fixed-base or plunge base router (router not included.) Combining the versatility of a router with the accuracy of our Deluxe Panel Saw Kit makes cutting rabbits, dadoes, and other decorative features a cinch. The utility knife base plate holds a standard matte knife razor blade (blade not included.) Slice up soft materials without the noise or dust from a saw. PLEASE NOTE: This version of our Deluxe Panel Saw Kit includesmounting brackets for installing the saw in a fixed location against a wall.
The vertical and horizontal rulers included with our Deluxe Panel Saw Kit provide consistent measurements for accurate cuts every time.
Our Deluxe Panel Saw Kit includes two stop blocks that provide huge time savings on jobs that require repeat cuts. Our Deluxe Panel Saw Kit eliminates the safety concerns and frustrating hassles that come with wrestling large sheet goods on top of saw horses and table saws.
Our Deluxe Panel Saw Kit includes an interchangeable base plate for mounting a fixed-base or plunge base router in the sliding carriage (router not included.) Pre-cut mounting holes are machined into the base plate to accommodate most routers. The YAS Saw Attachment can be used on the Torque Work Centre, the SlabMaster and the RouterMaster.
If you have tried to cut 8?4 panels with a hand held saw, you know that the panel can bind and kick back the saw.
Since we'll be mounting the saw to the bottom side of the tabletop, make sure you make all your marks on the rough side (if there is one).
We then clamped the circular saw to the tabletop and drilled through the tabletop (using the holes we drilled in the guard earlier as a guide). You really need to use a miter gauge when crosscutting on a table saw NEVER a fixed fence as we see in the photo. I'm not sure if I was too clear in the instructions, but the circular is removable on our setup as well. I've talked to my father about doing this, and he actually suggested I modify a router table to be able to do both. At these times, I find that I'm either stuck bringing the lumber back and forth to my workshop for cutting, or cutting on site with my hand held circular saw.
This works well, but is a bit iffy in the safety category and still not very convenient, especially the fence - this would be a strip of wood screwed or nailed in place. Of the smallest and cheapest, none are as compact as this, or as economical - after all, I have the circular saw already. The hole is where the blade (and guard) comes through, and I used a jigsaw to cut out this hole. This piece is thinner and has a rabbet cut on the inside to receive the shoe of my circular saw.
The thumb screws are made from #10-24 machine screws with washers welded to their heads, and they screw through to two t-nuts that are countersunk in the top.

The problem with that is it can sacrifice rigidity, so I had to come up with a frame that was strong without being overly complex or bulky. There are folding stretchers that join the front legs to the back legs and these swing on butt hinges. To use it I need only loosen the Workmate's jaws and substitute the router table for the bandsaw.
Now they set flat anywhre and still can be clamped to the Workmate by spreading the jaws to clamp between the two 2 X 2 .
Our Deluxe Panel Saw Kit produces crisp, clean cuts in both vertical and horizontal directions.
For projects that require small or narrow stock, our Deluxe Panel Saw Kit includes a removable sub fence. By using the correct blades, materials such as plywoods, plastics, PVC, aluminium, aluminium composites, MDF, Melamine and veneer plywoods can all be cut with ease.
If you cut large panels on a small table saw, you know that it can be difficult to support the sheet and at the same time push it through safely and accurately.
If the angle of you wood piece had changed for any reason while you were riding against that fixed fence the blade would have catched it and throw it across the room or worst in your face. In the end, I just decided to make a simple table saw that could be built with nothing but a circular saw and a drill. There is a gray metal tab you want to depress simultaneously on both the right and left sides of the Workmate. Typically I attach the base more or less permanently to the tool, as shown in the photos above.
With your saw mounted to the Torque Work Centre the material can be clamped while the saw blade is safely guided through the work with maximum precision. The nails protrude through (I didn't have ones short enough) and I cut them off with the grinder. Keep in mind that this won't be vying for any beauty contest trophies and isn't a piece of fine furniture!
The gray metal tabs have semi-circular ends and are about the size of the end of your fingers.
It is not as tall as a Workmate but has a slightly smaller footprint and has locking wheels for mobility. However, usually it is more expensive than a Workmate, although it sometimes may be found cheaper on the web.

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