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The saw has a replaceable 14 TPI (teeth per inch) blade, and it doubles as a conventional hand saw. For example, click on Color to sort by the color names or click on Price to sort by price (where available). Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
Buying a mitre saw is a big decision in DIY terms, not only because of the price tag, but also whether you can justify that it will indeed be used enough to pay back that investment. Part of choosing the right mitre saw for you, comes with knowing the terminology that differentiates between the different types of mitre saw. Standard mitre saws will go up and down, and allow you to rotate the saw body, above the cutting platform, to make mitred cuts. Compound mitre saws let you tilt the saw one way so that, for example, you can lay the piece of skirting flat and tilt the saw to allow you to make the cut. In this way, you can make a longer mitred cut, in comparison to a standard mitre saw, as you can now cut skirting with a depth to slightly less than the diameter (rather than radius) of the blade. A sliding function means that you can increase the length of a cut further as you can literally slide the saw backwards and forwards, and not just up and own.
Basically, this allows you to cut much wider lengths of timber than would be the case with a standard mitre saw or compound mitre saw. Double bevel mitre saws are a step on from compound saws as they tilt both ways, which basically provides greater ease of use. For example, when cutting internal and external mitres for skirting boards, with a straightforward compound mitre saw, you’ll find yourself regularly picking up skirting lengths, flipping them over, and generally doing a lot more maneuvering in order to make the necessary cut. If you do any sort of woodwork like fitting architrave and skirtings, laying wooden floors, laying decking, and knocking up the odd stud wall, then you’ll find a mitre saw an invaluable piece of DIY kit.
Call me overly safety conscious, but cheap mitre saws that look and feel like something given away on the back of corn flakes packets do scare me.

The large Makita mitre saws (?500+) won’t be beaten on performance, but are only a requirement at the top end of DIY use. Hi Julian, just been reading your mitre saw reviews.I was given your diy book from santa a couple of years ago and it has been invaluable to me when doing my amatuer diy-ing!.
Although I like dabbling in diy I am a Toolmaker to trade so I am guilty of being maybe ‘too’ precise with my fits etc! It is a well reviewed machine and I think that Evolution will be gaining a bit more of the market in the years to come. The aim of this site is to provide the best advice, guides, techniques and tips on all aspects of DIY and Home Improvement.
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It also includes a hold-down clamp, screw holes for mounting, and a scale of working length.
It is also much easier to lay mouldings such as skirting board flat on the cutting platform, rather than cutting straight down through its height.
The sliding function therefore comes into its own with items such as wide floorboards, and ceiling joists. Cut size capability, as well as cut limits are described in the details with any saw, so make sure you pay attention to these specifications before making a purchase. These tools are simple to operate, but you must remember to stay safe  – and check the safety features the saw has.
It was just as happy the next day chopping up lengths of 6in by 2in treated timber for a roof!
You can now get updated versions of my saw, namely the DW777, with great prices to be found on Amazon, and it’s also worth checking out Screwfix. It’s just an absolutely superb little compound mitre saw, that will deal with most DIY cutting requirements. Amazon normally have a number of suppliersfor the Makita, but again, places like Screwfix, and Wickes are also worth a look for a bit of a price check!

Having read my review, I think you will see where my preferences are, but in terms of choosing one of the less well-known names in the power tool world, I think you’ve made a wise decision. However, your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk, for which I shall not be liable.
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Quite frankly, if there’s any tool that can make your work look better than it otherwise may have been, it must be the mitre saw.
Double bevel options are the ultimate in mitre saws, but good ones do come at an ultimate price!
Price can certainly be an issue though as if anything makes your eyes bleed, it can be the price you have to pay for a top of the range mitre saw.
The only limitation will probably be that it won’t stand up to heavy every day use, but this is clearly not going to be the case in your situation. The following guide points out the differences between different models, as well as my recommendations for buying a mitre saw. However, it’s now possible to get well priced options that are both good brand names and excellent quality.

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