You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This sliding compound miter saw is designed to make smooth, accurate cuts in larger workpieces - up to 12 in. It's definitely not a tool you wanna buy before a compound miter saw, or even a table saw.
A compound miter saw valued at $200 was stolen from a truck parked on Peppermint Road in Levittown police said. The victim reported two Dewalt screw guns and chargers, a sawzall and a 12-inch compound power miter saw were missing from the site, with an estimated value of $900.
DeWalt heavy-duty 12" double-beval sliding compound miter saw , it will make ANY job simple!
If so then, when you invert (assuming the top and bottom faces are parallel) you still have a 75 degree angled cut don't you? Please let me know of any specific products post links to web sites where I can get these at a low price.
A: cut the side of a cereal packet until it fits, fold it so the sides that have been on the wall are touching each other and set your saw from it. 5 when cutting a thick piece of material make your cuts in layers don't cut all the way through, make several passes. I could go on and on, when you start working with the saw you will find your own tricks of the trade. A: When you are cutting Crown Molding with a compound cut instead of upside down and backwards, the saw must be set at weird angles. Q: we just bought our first home, so i have a brand new garage to feel with all the tools i have ever dreamed of.
Q: I have a 10 inch compound miter saw which also doesnt have the feature of pulling up for cutting tall mouldings. A: On most miter saws there is usually a small bar that slides horizontally to hold a miter saw down for storage. I have no idea what a 'single bevel' is (Skil saw has, Hitach doesn't), so I don't know if it would be good or bad to have. If you do not have the button or tab take a large screwdriver and put it in the teeth and then careful remove the nut. I suggest being very careful not to hurt yourself if you have never removed or replaced a saw blade before. Q: cant find the manual and when i goto loosen the bolt holding it in place, the blade spins, and the locking mechanism doesnt seem to stick and hold it in place.
A: Most power saws have a 'breaker' built into them that temporarily cuts off the current when too much power is being drawn for too long.
Q: looking for a saw that has a laser, bevels both ways, and possibly slides but thats very unlikely for that much money. A: i know that your looking to save money, but sometimes, you just need to spend a little extra and get something that will get the job done right. The other way is to 'bed' the molding on the miter saw base and fence, upside down, and set both angles to 45. Q: Hello I have a 10" Bench miter compound saw but I lost the key that I need for it to work what do I do?? In my opinion, all saws are good, laser or not, but consider moreover the blade you purchase. A: Unscrew the arbor nut, take off the washer and the blade, put new blade on (make sure it's facing the correct way, teeth facing you on top) put washer back on, screw arbor nut back on (make sure it's tight).
Q: I am concerned about all of this kick back, since I have a lot of trim, show molding etc to cut. A: Crown molding is cut with the molding upside down from the way it would be installed at the ceiling level. Dewalt is a respected brand for it's purpose, but what I enjoy most about the brand is their service centers, and ease of getting info from the company. Q: I'm thinking of buying a Sliding Compound Miter Saw for carpentry, but just wondered if I fit it with a metal cutting blade (like Carbide) will I damage my mitre with hot metal shavings, will the speed be right? However, you can cut aluminum with a miter saw and I've done it a lot, but you need special blades for that, too. Q: i need to cut angles in round metal tubing precisely and accurately is it safe to use a compound miter saw or should i stick with a chop saw?
A: I would go with de walt, they go for from $300 to $600, but they will last forever if you take care of them. If you've assembled to instructions and have the space; the "Funnel" idea is extremely effective. I suspect I'd be more concerned however in what you describe as spring forward and sideways all over the place. A: probably the carbon brushes inside wore out and the spring behind them came out and caused a short circuit or fell into the fan blades. Where can I find a craftsman compound miter saw model 137 212520 operating manual on the internet? But if you wanted to get him a good one then spend your money an a new DeWalt 12" compund miter saw. Your man will be alot happier with DeWalt than any other brand, if taken care of the saw will outlast him. As far as I am concerened DeWalt is the only brand on the market, Their costumer sevice is second to none and their tools will take an ungodly amount of abuse.
Q: Hi i just got a Hitachi slide compound miter saw model # C12RSH and cant find the serial number on it anyone know where it is?
Q: I am considering buying a miter saw but I'm not sure that I understand what a "compound" miter saw is. August 21, 2015 by Zack No matter if you’re building up your power tool collection for the first time or you’re an experienced contractor, a drill press is an essential tool for your garage or shop. Of course, a drill press is going to take up more space than a handheld drill so you’ll need to account for that as well. When choosing a drill press, you’ll first need to decide between a floor drill press and a bench top drill press. Drill presses are categorized by the maximum-diameter workpiece that can be centered under the bit.
Another common addition to the drill press is a drill press table and fence, also available from Harbor Freight Tools. My favorite Harbor Freight cab workbench mod, though, has got to be this one where the guy joined two 44″ boxes and covered them with old repurposed bowling alley wood, made of maple and pine.
The beautiful stain and clear coat finish lends such a touch of class to the whole workshop experience, it would make me want to go out and tinker every free moment I had (I’d just have to alternate my power tool days with my drinking days). Until 2008, there was only one oscillating multi-function tool guy in town. During that time, that wonderful gizmo cost hundreds of dollars, with replacement blades going for about 20 bucks a pop. The oscillating tool works by propelling an attachment at high speed, with a rotating or side-to-side action, that performs with precise control and minimal vibration. Attachments are secured to the tool via a bolt that can be tightened and loosened with an allen wrench.

With an oscillating multi-function tool in your hand, you’ve got the ability  to perform endless home improvement projects. Farmhouse tables (or farm tables) are those warm, rustic benches that makes you think of humble families gathered around American dinner tables in the 18th and 19th-centuries. There are a number of sites offering DIY plans for building your own farmhouse table, ranging everywhere from extremely ambitious to pretty succinct. Another extremely helpful feature, Ana includes a scrapbook of a number of variations others built using her plan. As I mentioned, you can find a clear and basic plan on creating your own farmhouse table on Ana White’s blog site. Of course, if this choice may be more than you need, Harbor Freight Tools carries other models to choose from, as well as bits, extra batteries and chargers. Another reason why this type of sander makes sense is, it can be used for all types of sanding chores, from the tougher stuff like stripping down paint, to more gentle tasks like smoothing contours.
August 6, 2015 by Biff You might think of Harbor Freight as the place to shop for vocational school but you may not be aware that Harbor Freight is a great place to shop for general back-to-school items as well.
After studying hard, you’ll need a road trip to blow off some steam and refresh your knowledge-wary brain. A good combination lock is mandatory equipment to secure class or gym lockers, bikes, storage chests and more.
To check out more useful back-to-school items, visit your local Harbor Freight Tools store!
Last week I talked about How To Turn Your Garage Into The Ultimate DIY Workshop and as part of the arsenal, I recommended a belt sander. 13.Turn the machine off and unplug it before installing or removing belts or discs, or when making adjustments.
Normally the last thing you’d think of when wanting to cut a circle out of wood, is a table saw. First, decide the radius of your circle (be it a wheel, table, discus of death, what have you) and mark that length from your saw blade on the table. When I was a kid, every year around late November, I’d get excited for the Sears “Wish List” catalog to come out. I used my sliding T bevel, to get the looking down angle, for the corner ( left to right or horizontal angle ) but then there is the angle in the walls of the boat. Im sceptical about using the whinny mounting screws that Ridgid supplies to hold saw in place. Just push the blade down and search the top and back side of the frame for a piece that is in the way.
Anyway, I would very much appreciate any advice on which of these would be the better gift.
If the saw would only be used periodically from doing home or hobby stuff then I would go with one less expensive. Look on the back of the saw for a button or metal tab you can push that will lock the blade in place. This is a safety feature that prevents burning out the motor and it resets either after a couple of minutes or a reset button is pressed. The lesser the quality the less accurate and the more likely you are to have trouble with them. Does compound mean that the blade tilts left to right as well as moving left to right on the base? On one listing it is stated as being a miter saw, and on another listing it is called a compound saw - hence my confusion. Sure, you can put your trust in the more compact hand drill, but for serious projects you’ll need to take it a step further. A floor drill press will provide more power for those heavy-duty tasks while a bench top drill press will take up less space and can be easily stored away when not in use. With your drill press powered up and settled on a flat surface, just select the proper bit for the job and tighten it into place.
Modify your machine with the Drill Press Extension Table with Fence (Item #: 96395) for even more options!
With this clever approach you double your tool storage on the walls, conveniently over the projects you’re working on. Lots of surface space with minimal movement; just turn to address the next phase of the project. The legs were cut at different lengths to accommodate the floor and he put two feet between each box to minimize torque load on the legs with unevenly weighted cabs. Since the company’s patent expired, though, the oscillating tool market exploded, with several brands offering their own versions.
The Porter-Cable model has a tool-free attachment system which doesn’t require any bolts or wrenches which is a big plus for convenience. If you prefer the freedom of no-power-source contigencies, the 12V Cordless Model is an ideal solution. It can cut holes in drywall, slice through grout, grind mortar and cut through door trim, and tons more. It was one of those typical episodes where a couple finds a house to fix, they run into major unexpected issues, they roll their eyes at each other, and at the end some happy homeowners are clinking glasses of cheap white wine with their new neighbors. The plan I liked the most, as far as taking it and making it your own, is on Ana White’s site.
Not only does it reflect how friendly her approach is to personalization, it offers a plethora of ideas to consider when you go for it. With 21 clutch settings, a keyless chuck and a reverse, this workhorse costs less than $25 and will give you more than enough performance for this project. If this is the case, this Central Pneumatic 18-Gauge Brad Air Nailer is a tireless performer that’ll get the job done and be ready for more.
A lot of folks like using a speed square, however for a table this size I recommend a triangular rafter square. Whether it be new lumber, reclaimed wood, repurposed bowling lane wood, or what have you, building this signature piece is very doable.
It’s 18-volt, which is great for all-around duty, it has variable speeds, reverse and it sports 23 clutch settings. Unlike disk and orbital finishing sanders , the random-orbit leaves behind no swirls or curlicues. The quick fix is right at your fingertips with the 130 Pc Tool Set with Case from Harbor Freight.
Harbor Freight offers this tried and true classic featuring a solid steel alloy shackle and chrome-plated finish.
But you don’t need a wizard to solve the power problem—you just need the 4 Outlet Power Strip from Harbor Freight Tools! Check yourself for loose clothing, jewelry, hair or other things dangling loosely from your person, and secure them  so they are NOT caught in the machine.
Sanding on wood or plastic will cause heat buildup due to the friction and may cause the product to burn. Contrary to other the operation of other power tools, do NOT wear gloves while operating the sander, as they can get pulled in by the belt or disc.

Make sure the gap between the sander’s table and the spinning disc or belt is as small as possible.
Make sure the distance between your fingers and the spinning disc or belt is no closer than 3”.
Clear scrap pieces and other objects from the table, backstop and belt before turning on the sander.
Inherently, table saws are made for straight cuts; for circle cuts you might pull out your jigsaw or router. It should be an easy sell for the better half, too, when you tell them how you can now make them that parlor table and tea table and luncheon table and lazy Susan fondue table they’ve been angling for. When it finally arrived, I’d nab it, duck in my room and study each page carefully, like a monk poring over parchment, circling each treasure I really, really wanted (the BB gun and mini bike were picked every year… I finally got the BB gun). What would it take to at least start a nicely-equipped, operational workshop where you could do all the projects you’ve been chomping at the bit for? There may be certain members of your family (who shall remain unnamed) that say, “They’re worth something!
I've read the manual and will get used to operating it before plugging it in, but wondered if anyone has any useful tips regarding use of the saw (and laying easy-clic flooring). But if you want a straight answer, consumer reports rates the Hitachi #: C10FCH2 3rd on the list of miter saws, the Rigid and Dewalt are 1st and 2nd, the Skill doesn't even rate. Cut it so that the point of the miter cut is on the back of the molding, like an inside corner, then use the profile as a guide to cope it back the other way.
Coping allows one board to pass behind the other, so when it contracts, it doesn't leave any gap. The key is to first place a piece of the crown molding on the wall and the ceiling and make a very light mark on the wall where the bottom of the molding rests. Let’s take a look at the pros of drill presses that are ideal for anyone, whether you’re a pro or not. From furniture construction to handling bigger projects like home repair, a drill press is the tool for the job. Also, swing by your local Harbor Freight and get acquainted with the box, one-on-one, and see if it’s right for you. Probably the best deal running today is the high-quality Chicago Electric Variable Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool, which you can pick up for under $40. Not only are her instructions refreshingly legible and professionally illustrated, but she only requires five tools in the arsenal to make it happen (excluding tape measure, marking pencil and safety protection, that is). Not only does it have the same size and features as hers, but it’s less than half the price.
Use a Chicago Electric Random-Orbit Palm Sander (under $30) on this project and I’ll bet you a Buffalo nickel it’ll be your go-to sander from here on in.
When the dust settles, when it comes to stripping paint from furniture, preparing new molding or cleaning up between finish coats, you won’t get more bang for your buck than with a random-orbit sander. They’re conveniently controlled with the light touch of your palm and with just a little urging, you can let the sander do all the work. However, even with the vacuum system there’s bound to be a marginal amount of airborne dust, so it’s still advised to wear safety goggles and a respirator mask. From screwdrivers and pliers to a hammer and tape measure, this tool set contains 130 of the most commonly used tools and accessories.
Both the belt and disc perform best and safest when they’re allowed to remove material at the rate for which they were designed. In either case, the solution is easy; you are trying to cut too fast for the power rating of the motor. Just cut a one foot piece off and hold it on the saw and see how the flats on the back sit. The surfaces are never straight or flat, but you want to make your molding as straight as possible (you don't want it to follow humps and dips in the ceiling.) Nail it to the wall first (a few feet at a time), and then nail it to the ceiling.
Because of the importance of accuracy and the likelihood of drilling hundreds of holes in situations like these, a drill press allows you to set precise depths and angles that match up every single time. A 10” to 12” model will provide the most versatility, like the 10” 12 Speed Bench Drill Press (Item #: 60237). Once you’re ready to drill into your workpiece, set the drill to the speed required for the job and lower the drill using the attached lever.
Also, while drill presses are relatively safe to some other power tools, it’s still a good idea to wear eye and hearing protection during operation.
Powering up to over 20,000 OPM (oscillations per minute), this baby will take on all kinds of formidable home improvement jobs. Since they’re so low-priced, you may want to get both and still save more than if you bought one of the other brands! Anyway, during the phase where the significant other is filling the house with furniture and charming antique commode-plant holder decor, a couple of the lackeys haul in this beautiful, rustic dining table.
Furniture stores like Restoration Hardware sell farmhouse tables at a premium, even thousands of dollars. Tell them you’re going to the market to fetch some milk and dump the stuff on the way. Even if you’re drilling into metal or plastic, a drill press is perfect with the correct bit and drill speed in mind. With the depth and speed set, you’ll be able to achieve identical holes repeatedly in one piece or over several work pieces. Take a quick look at this video to see the Heavy Duty 16 Speed Drill Press (Item #: 43378) in action. Too much torque is powerful enough for the driver to twist in your hand if it suddenly hits a lot of resistance. Start with a lower setting and gradually dial up as needed. I bought one and wish I would have bought the table saw first, would have used it more that the miter saw. The whole point of crown molding is to hide these valleys, so dont accentuate them by pushing it up into them. Get in touch with the business where you purchased it and explain you don't have the original receipt. They may make you a copy by back-tracking or give you a letter acknowledging your purchase. I have had and used many different miter saws, My choice is "Dewalt 12" double bevel" a little more pricey but well worth the extra. Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw With Laser Guide System:Used a standard chop saw for years. Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw With Laser Guide System:After viewing many reviews, I was not sure that I had made a good choice. Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw With Laser Guide System:Quick and easy assembly out of the box and set up and working well in less than 10 minutes. One Wolffrom Amesbury, MaAbout Me Avid Do-It-YourselferSee all my reviews Comments about Chicago Electric Power Tools 12 in.

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