New & Exclusive - Setup Up Perfect Fitting Lock Miter Joints In Minutes - Without The Headaches! We've all been there; we grab our cup of coffee and head out to the shop with great enthusiasm and vigor, excited by the prospect of making gorgeous Locking Miter joinery. Don't despair, our Lock Miter Master jig is a simple, yet precisely machined, setup-aid for use with lock miter router bits (in table mounted routers only). Read the shining review our Lock Miter Master Jigs received from Fine Woodworking Magazine! The Lock Miter Master Jig is a Schaffter designed product, manufactured in the USA by Infinity Cutting Tools, Inc. I have put in countless hours making setup blocks for lock miter bits, and they are only good for whatever thickness wood you are cutting at that time. After reading the description of this set, I knew full well before purchasing, that they may not work for my bits at all. After experiencing extreme difficulty in properly setting up my lock miter bits, I just gave up and watched my lock miter bits gather dust for years.
Using my CS-2 Center Scribe from Bridge City Tool Works, I simply drew thin center lines on adjacent edges of my stock. MY ONLY WISH is that Infinity Tools would quickly make available a Lock Miter Master Jig Set for 22.5 degrees which would be great for my 8 sided boxes.

We are very picky about the saw blades we sell and only sell from Saw blade manufacturers that make the absolute best saw blades. We chose these 4 different saw blades to try to encompass and cater to the needs of all woodworkers. Popular Tools is a newly added line of saw blades to our website and are great blades with a large selection. Unlike other setup jigs or blocks, it's easy to use and open up new locking miter joint possibilities. They have been in the industry for over 10 years and for those 10 years they have focused on the industrial side of the market. Please consult the manufacturers catalog by clicking a link below for complete saw blade application guides. The small jig on the other hand does not work with my small bit, but may work fine on mid size bits. No more having to spend a lot of time setting up my table saw for precise miter cuts and then dealing with hidden splines.
Take a look at the user reviews - many boast that it's the best saw blade that they have ever used.
We have tested these in small and large cabinet shops and they are far and away preferred over any other mass market blade.

Only a small adjustment in bit height and it'll be perfect, or should you adjust the fence depth?
Popular Tools has developed a reputation for extremely high quality at extremely reasonable prices. So, needless to say, the small jig also works on my large bit, and in some cases may be easier to use than the large jig.
I may take the small jig to the sander and remove the small area at the bottom causing interference.
For starters, the lock miter profile is one of the few that requires precision in both the X and Y axis. The trick is to find the centerline of your material and match it up with the centerline of the profile, doesn't sound too difficult, I mean we are woodworkers after all, right?

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