Milwaukee’s M12 power port ($30 via Amazon) can also charge devices via a USB port and 12V car charger socket, but I find the M18 power source to be more appealing.
I have gone through only one M18 XC battery thus far in about 40 hours and several smartphone recharge cycles.
Going into the storm I knew that I would have maybe a week of normal smartphone usage, longer if I avoided power-hungry apps and 4G internet connectivity, giving me some peace of mind.
Milwaukee’s M18 battery packs have a built-in power gauge, allowing me to monitor charge levels.
The M18 power source is priced at $30, and is compatible with all of Milwaukee’s M18 batteries. M12 batteries just won’t last as long as M18 batteries from a pure power point of view.

Assuming there was a way to recharge these batteries using a 5W charger, it would take 11 hours of continuous peak charging for a single 3.0Ah battery pack. It might be worth investing in a small voltage solar charger that works with 2AA rechargeable batteries or similar. I guess I’ll be leaving the M18 power source and batteries at home for my upcoming 20+ hour bus ride.
We’re still without power, with the regional power company saying that power should be restored by November 5th, five days from now. Later on tonight I will task a second battery with recharging my iPad and will charge my wife’s cellphone and blackberry overnight. I haven’t needed to swap out batteries yet, but I will soon since the first XC battery is down to 1-bar.

If milwaukee comes out with an air compressor m18 tool I might just sell my dewalt 20v tools and make the switch to milwaukee. The USB standard puts out 5V, so both M18 and M12 (to a lesser extent) must have to step down in voltage and lose some efficiency, right? In extended grid-down situations, assuming cell phone towers or mobile towers are still operational, that would be a good continued source of power for cell phones and communication devices.
I really love the Dewalt tools when I use them, but the the money I could save by not having 2 18 volt systems would be huge.

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