I’ve used quite a few cordless circular saws these past few years, and tried out even more. I should point out that I only considered wood-cutting circular saws for this roundup, and not metal-cutting saws. Milwaukee engineered the M18 Fuel 2730 circular saw with a brushless motor and a very robust housing. However, the saw is also a little bigger, heavier, and it’s right-facing which some users might not like.
The Dewalt DCS391 offers a good balance between power, performance, runtime, and user comfort, and it’s not terribly expensive either.
Milwaukee took all of the things users like about their M18 Fuel circular saws, and put them into an M12 Fuel saw, model 2530.
If you need portable cutting convenience but can do without the greater power and cutting capacity of the M18 Fuel saw, the M12 model is smaller, lighter, and less expensive too. The Festool TSC 55 brushless tracksaw is the second-ever cordless plunge-cutting tracksaw, and the only one currently available. Right now, it looks like Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel brushless circular saws are leading the competition with a pretty sizable head start. I would really like to get the Milwaukee M12, but I can’t justify purchasing a new saw until my current one is out of commission. Other than the capacity, blade-side and weight I dont think there are any differences between the saws…are there? At Festool Connect 2015, Festool announced the TSC55 would be here in the US sometime this year (but no exact date or anything like that). Is there a comparison between the 18 volt models and the (few) 36 volt circular saws available anywhere? I too have that 36V saw, and while I love my 18V tools, when it comes to a circ saw, you just want that extra power for 4x4s, concrete, lots of 2x6s, whatever.
Cordless comes in handy for DIY work, such as breaking down 8′ limber in the home center parking lot to bring home. For the same money you can get a pro-grade cordless saw, or pro-grade corded saw AND a homeowner-grade cordless. So you wouldn’t recommend just going all out and getting an M18 set, but rather a good corded and a lower-grade cordless? It depends on how often you would take advantage of the cordless saw’s cord-free freedom. I gave up waiting for a Dewalt brushless and replaced my older 18v dewalt with the new 20v model. MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation announces a new partnership with Uponor, a leading manufacturer and supplier of plumbing, fire sprinkler and radiant heating and cooling systems. Sharing a common core foundation, Milwaukee Electric Tool and Uponor will build this partnership to continually support the success of plumbing and heating professionals. This entry was posted in Construction Tools, Cordless Tools, HVAC Tools, Milwaukee, Plumbing Tools and tagged Milwaukee tool, pex tools, propex, uponor. Kobalt has kicked their power tool lineup into high gear by revamping their entire 20V lineup and replacing it with the Kobalt 24V MAX brushless cordless power tool platform.
Combining tool electronics with a custom-built cloud based program, Milwaukee Tool ONE-KEY will provide a new level of control and access to information that will revolutionize the way work gets done. Built for the tradesman the new 20 Volt MAX cordless power tools from Porter-Cable are a great buy. Jump start your power tool collection with a combo pack of four Kobalt power tools from Lowe’s. Cordless power tools continue to advance in performance and it finally looks like outdoor power equipment which has long been dominated by gas is finally catching up.
This week I participated in the Bosch Tools Global Leadership Tour at their US headquarters in Mt.

As the popularity of impact drivers grows, so does the demand for products that fit a need and help solve a problem. DeWALT tools have built a reputation for being tough on the jobsite but they’ve also become very popular among the DIY and remodeling crowd. Craftsman continues to expand and improve their power tool line-up by offering durable and affordable tools that anyone can use. TrendsRoom & Board Colors by Valspar – New Paint Collaboration Wagner FLEXiO 890 Sprayer Review Save Your Deck or Concrete Patio with Olympic Rescue It! How-To2016 Kitchen Trends Kitchen Countertop Pricing and Materials Guide An Evening in the Kitchen with Miele June Oven 6 Benefits of Custom Cabinetry What’s the Difference Between a Range, Stove and Cooktop? Milwaukee has announced their new M12 thermal imaging camera, model 2260-21, which further broadens their already vast selection of testing & diagnostics tools.
The M12 thermal imager is capable of simultaneously capturing a thermal map and a visual image, which can be viewed back-and-forth in-camera or side-by-side in a report. On paper, the M12 version looks to have an edge against competing models, but competitors (e.g.
Other inspection tools are also pricey – but can have decent payback times depending on your application.
Agreed – due to the cost of the sensor and supporting electronics, this type of tool usually does require a sizable investment. There are many potential DIY uses, so hopefully tool-lending libraries and hackerspaces will consider adding one to their collections. That’s a tough question to answer, but what I can tell you is which models I think are the best in certain categories.
There are very many good circular saws, and some great ones, and a few fantastic standouts. But the best? That sometimes depends a lot more upon personal preferences than other types of tools. Makita was supposed to come out with a brushless circular saw of their own in early 2015, but I haven’t seen it in any stores yet.
There’s a lesser model, DCS393, but it lacks the fantastic magnesium shoe of the DCS391. Inexpensive saws often have flimsy shoes and awkward knobs, and sometimes deliver lousy performance on top of all that. Less expensive cordless circular saws, especially those at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, also often have small blade sizes. Users have been asking for an M12 circular saw for quite some time, and Milwaukee didn’t disappoint them with their latest brushless tool. The roundup started off looking at corded and cordless saws, but things got a little out of hand so I narrowed it down to focus only on cordless saws. I couldn’t find anyone that had this in stock when I last checked, but it looks like some dealers are still selling it now.
As mentioned, except for the cordless Festool, my recommendations are based on saws I have used and tested. I’m torn between the M18 (which I would have to buy battery, charger, etc) or the Makita XSS02Z , OR a corded.
The last time I was at Home Depot, it took at least 30 minutes to find someone to make a single cut. Many of the new Milwaukee cordless tools have found very specific professional applications such as the PVC cutter, Grease Gun and No-Hub Coupling driver. The new tools will not only accelerate the speed in which users can install ProPEX® connections, they are also compatible with over 20 tools on their respective battery platforms.
Our goal is to find new tools, accessories, and best possible solutions that will help improve the effectiveness of professionals in their daily jobs. The authors are sharing personal opinions based on products and field testing, and are not necessarily the views of the Ohio Power Tool company. The M18 FUEL line is an extreme-performance cordless power tool line that we had a chance to test this summer at the Milwaukee symposium. The Milwaukee Hackzall M12 follows in the grand tradition of Milwaukee tools but at a smaller size.

The urban industrial setting is the ideal backdrop to prepare you for the Craftsman Experience.
It’s still light, strong and maneuverable but with much more power than their 18V offering. Easily available at all major retailers, DeWALT has recently expanded their power tool lineup to include a 12V cordless group. 2 LED floodlights help illuminate dim work areas visually and in the corresponding photographs. I was initially skeptical about the ROI for visual inspection See Snake equipment – but its educated use has paid off in both pinpointing problems and increased market share. I know that the shoe shouldn’t be the first thing I look at in a circular saw, but it often is. Other 12V-class circular saws that are on the market are really small trim saws and don’t match up at all. When I was working we tried out Makita 18V (brushed model) saws and found them lacking for our intended use on roof decks.
Makita wanted to send out their new brushless saw for testing, but I haven’t seen anything yet.
I use the Dewalt having always thought they were a bit weak and weedy but the Dewalt has been a revelation. But for infrequent use, you’re going to have to spend money in a couple of years on replacement batteries. These may never be huge sellers at the big box stores but for the pros who use them daily and see the benefits they are very happy to see this level of innovation.
Throughout its history, Milwaukee® has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the trades with the introduction of products designed to increase productivity. From 12-volt to 18-volt and prosumer to professional, here’s a handy guide for selecting the battery platform that’s right for you. While I haven’t used one personally, I know that they can be great for detecting hotspots and leaks. I found it on Amazon in the opened box section for $1500 and paid an extra $45 for 2 years insurance as back up. A solid shoe tells you that a brand put their best effort into making the best circular saw possible.
Hopefully I’ll be able to test one out in time to be considered for the next post update. If you already bought into a cordless platform, then it’s a tough decision to make because you already have batteries and just need to buy the bare tool. Milwaukee’s new partnership with Uponor and their ProPEX system has again put them in a place where they are the only kids in the sandbox. And a map of the window would show me if there are any leaks or areas that could be better sealed off. I’d say that $85 and up gets you a fantastic corded saw, but less expensive ones can be decent too.
New to the market or just improvements to tried and true favorites, these tools are true must-haves. If I had to come up with a corded saw shortlist right now, Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Bosch would be my top 3 choices.

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