I am sure you’re like me and when you first heard about a 12V Rotary Hammer Drill, you probably chuckled.
Well a couple of weeks ago we had a chance to test one out and have it in our own environment. I am very impressed at all the stats, but what really impresses me is the compact size and the balance of this tool.
I had a chance to take this to a friend’s job and see what he thought, this was a local strip mall remodel. Overall, Milwaukee has one of the best 12V lines around and just about any tradesman can benefit from the M12 line.
Don’t forget we are giving a new Milwaukee M12 Rotary Hammer Drill away in our Ultimate Tool Bag 2. I’m a farmer and use all kinds of tools and you guy do reviews on just about everything i use.
I have the dewalt 20v premium hammer drill, does this perform better at drilling holes in concrete foundations? Tools in Action 3 days ago Tools in Action 4 days ago Mantis 7490 4 Stroke Honda Tiller and Cultivator PlusTools In Action - Power Tools and GearSummer is here which means we can start taking care of our lawns.
Okay, now is the time I am going to try and explain to you how well built this tool is and why you should seriously take a look at an M12 Hammer Drill.

I already had the regular (non-Fuel) version of this drill bot when the Fuel version came out I bought it anyway. But not every one needs a SDS rotary hammer , hammer drill are realy usefull if your just need to do a few holes in concrete ect.
Awesome review guys, I love the new lineup on the M12 platform so much so, I bought the M12 Fuel 2403-22.
As you can see in the video below, we had a chance to drill a bunch of holes into a concrete slab and see for ourselves how well this tool handled.
Like the Dewalt 20v compact xr, this almost seems perfect for 80%- 90% of applications IMO, it looks and sounds like a top quality workhorse, especially for a 12v. With the compact size of the new Dewalt Brushless drill I saw the a video comparing the 2 size wise its crazy how small the Dewalt is. WOW it have power that is crasy with that big bit just WOW it have more power then my frends 18v Black & Decker and yu r nut a bhad righther !!!! Having just finished my pellet stove instal I will say that I did not use my Brushless Hitachi Hammer 18v for anything.
Maybe next year they will update some of the tools right now the 12v battery is only 1.3ah for the Dewalt line of 12v tools. It had the xc battery pack and when I first seen it I thought I was looking at a small 18v drill.

I’m thinking of getting 12v brushless non hammer for compact drilling and just use the 18v when I need the hammer.
Drove a bunch of nuts and screws, yada, yada, yada…so I imagine the 2404-22 must be phenomenal. After all of that I still have three bars on the battery gauge (I did use the 4ah) I will say the size of the tools is pretty massive for a 12v but hey, a half inch chuck is awesome.
Thats crazy for a 12v, Milwaukee is really stepping it in nothing but heavy duty, this looks like a great kit for installers, maintenance, electricians, Plumbing, or else anywhere where you need brute power, in a compact package, keep up the great work guys!!
You forgot to tell them all how this awesome drill was able to drill through concrete with a massive hammer bit in your video review. And actually thinking back now the spec states it drills 60 X 6mm at 50mm holes in 1 charge.
12v for part timer’s, snagging or as a jumped up rich boys household black and decker replacement. While on a job site there are still a lot of bigger holes drilled for pipes and more, there is also a heck of a lot of smaller fasteners and anchors being installed.

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