I seen these last night on the forum they look great but look very similar to the Dewalt ones but the lil extras take it to another level hopefully they will drop a lil after they come out then I will jump on one.
This does look alot like the dewalt but you have that milwaukee innovation, I just hope they drop the price a little then ill be all over it! Can anyone verify if the full width drawer (presumably for sockets) has double bearing slides? Tools in Action 3 days ago Tools in Action 3 days ago Mantis 7490 4 Stroke Honda Tiller and Cultivator PlusTools In Action - Power Tools and GearSummer is here which means we can start taking care of our lawns. Over at the Garage Journal forum, someone asked about the difference between Milwaukee Tool’s original M12 heated jacket, and the new one.
The main differences are that the new version has a fleece lining and an independently controlled pocket heating zone.
When shopping online, listings for the new version should explicitly mention pocket heat zones or 5 sewn in heat zones. USA model numbers for the newer style jackets are 2340 (red jacket), 2341 (red jacket kit), 2344 (black jacket), 2345 (black jacket kit). Edit: the high-visibility version seems to have the fleece liner but no heated pockets, while the camo version is available in the new style (SKU 2343).
I almost bought an original red jacket kit in march for $129 (yes a kit with battery and charger) but didn’t because the cold was almost over and I knew I would grumble all year long about not having the features of the newer jackets.
It’s sitting along with the M12 multi tool and inspection camera in my closet where (according to my wife) it must stay until Christmas. This is a special buy, so there’s no telling how long these kits will be available for.
These kits are available online and ship for free, and you can also order them for free in-store pickup. Besides no one has stayed with the same platform except maybe Ryobi which is not much to write home about in the first place..
Some from CPO outlets, Toolup, Acme Tools, and Toolbarn looked like they might save you a few dollars.
Going to a local hispanic flea market, there are two vendors with great piles of brand new battery-free deWalt tools for sale out of box.
Two tools, two batteries, a case (probably for the drill only) and a charger for $135 with tax? I was in need of another Milwaukee charger and extra battery, while at HD I picked this up, It was cheaper than buying the charger and the battery by themselves in the store. There is a power tool clearance going on at Home Depot, with some tools selling for more than half-off. Some of these items have already been cleared out of stores, and we expect that stock will rapidly dwindle as word of the clearance gets out. These clearance prices are only found in-store, not online, and there is the possibility that some Home Depot stores are not participating in the clearance. Word on the street is that all (most?) stores will be adjusting their prices on these products by the 16th. My recommendation would be to buy what you want at full price, if they’re still in stock, and wait to see if the prices drops. Something big is happening, but we won’t know what until these tools are gone and new ones take their place.
Then there’s also the possibility that Home Depot merely wanted to clear older stock from the shelves very rapidly.

I took a look at Dewalt cordless circular saw kits at two Lowes locations and a Home Depot lately. Another possibility that was suggested elsewhere, is that Dewalt is soon moving to offer more affordable kits. Over the winter holiday season, both Lowes and Home Depot stocked $100 Dewalt cordless drill kits that practically flew off of the shelves.
Long story short, my theory is that Home Depot intended to clear out these tools to make space for newly configured combo kits.
I don’t have that many cordless tools, and when I do have several out concurrently, there are at most 2-3 chargers plugged in. You save a LOT by going with a cordless combo kit than if you were to buy the tools separately, but once you have a core combo kit with a charger and two batteries, you can always order a barebones standalone tool.
However, with a combo kit you’re usually locked into buying tools that you otherwise might not buy.
Speaking of Hilti, I’ve noticed at several Home Depots, a $250 Hilti combo pack that includes a reciprocating saw and a huge drill. I didn’t check the part numbers, unfortunately, but it struck me as a good value, because Hilti tools are typically $300 each. They do have some near the tool rental, but they also have them stocked where the rest of the power tools are. These improvements in battery and motor tech mean faster cuts and longer run time, with the compact and lightweight body leading to greater control and less fatigue. The metal saw kit (2682-22) includes the tool, cutting blade, two M18 XC high capacity Red Lithium batteries, a 1-hour charger and a contractor bag. We bought its Makita LXT counterpart and found it to be an OK tool for up to medium-thick plate – but prefer a corded or cordless (we again have the Makita LXT variety) portable bandsaw for cutting things like old pipe, channel iron, strut and the like.
Milwaukee has been busy over the last week with three new tools to their all ready large lineup.
Towards the front of the tool, there is a window which allows the user to see their staple status. Milwaukee just keeps cranking them out, everybody else is so far behind that they r never going to catch up. If the staple gun is designed well and works better than the current dewalt offering, I just may need to make a switch. I love that they are coming out with more hand tools, how about some speed squares and a combination square? I know I shouldn’t say anything after getting a M18 Fuel Holehawg but this tool box is freaking sweet! The original version has 3 core heat zones while the newer one has 3 core heat zones plus two pocket heat zones.
But for those who are specifically looking for the newer style, hopefully these tips help you out. My hands get very cold and need the heated pockets and I would miss out on the usb charger function which my smartphone needs.
Hi-viz also has additional front pockets and a back flap that can be embroidered with a company logo.
Its output is probably stepped down so that the input voltage to the jacket is the same as with the M12 power connection.
The kit (2601-21) is priced at $99 and comes with the drill, a single 1.5Ah compact battery pack, a multi-voltage charger, and carrying case.

My guess is that they were released for Labor Day, and will be made available again in late-November just in time for the holiday shopping season. Those batteries are not the same heavy duty high capacity XRP ones that are bundled in the regular tool kits.
The $99 drill driver kit specials WITH 2 BATTERIES (that’s important) and charger fly out of the door. Granted, online prices are far cheaper, but for someone walking into the store, a battery at 80 dollars and a charger for 60 versus both plus a drill and case, no brainer. It’s a decent drill, two-speed, four-pole frameless motor, LED illumination, nice molded case. The story I got from the tool guy at HD was that DeWalt was unwilling to sell exclusively so HD was going to cut back on thier in-store items. It could just be that Dewalt is looking to move the NiCad line to the back burner and focus more on Li-Ion tools and combo sets. At one Lowes, there was a single saw on the shelf with a production date sticker that said 2007, and at the other there were two saws with 2008 date stickers. No doubt these special kits had standard capacity batteries, but with charging times as quick as they are these days, that’s all that many cordless users need.
But that certainly won’t stop me from refreshing the page every five minutes to see if it pops back in stock! One of these days I’ll pick up a full cordless set when the need arises, but until then, piecemeal it is! I don’t really have need for a cordless hammer drill or recip saw, nor do I need additional cordless work lights. The new saw features a 4-pole frameless 3600 RPM motor allowing it to deliver up to 35% more cutting power. The same differences apply to the red jackets, and as far as I’m aware the specialty colors (high-visibility and camo) are only available in the original style.
But in the grand scheme of things we also have to realize that eventually all existing cordless lines (any manufacturer) will eventually be discontinued and replaced.
If starting out with dewalt cordless, the smarter choice would be to spend a bit extra and buy a 20v max kit.
The charger is the new combo 12 and 18 volt dual charger, the battery is a slim Redlithium, not the latest 2AH version, but still good. At the one Home Depot I recently visited, there were two saws with 2009 stickers and Dewalt’s current black and yellow styling, as opposed to all-yellow as with the older saws. The new style can also be powered by the M18 battery pack and power port that helped you through Sandy. That loss of trust in Big Red’s support of their own products has put me off from them ever since.
Also not to mention your experience would have been the same had you been with another brand such as dewalt or ryobi for example as their 14v lines got phased out.
As for Milwaukee’s current m18, I feel there is nothing to worry about in terms of the m18 line being phased out any time soon as they are doing quite strong pumping out new products left and right for the m18 system.

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