Scheduled for release in Europe in August 2014 this new cordless driver has the kind of interchangeable chucks or heads currently found on certain Festool, Fein, and Metabo models. Bosch just released revitalized most of their compact cordless line with new drills and drivers. Without a doubt, Milwaukee’s engineers are hard at work on new tool additions and upgrades to their vast and reputable M12 lineup. We reviewed Milwaukee’s M12 right angle drill a few months ago, and thought very highly of it.
There aren’t too many cordless square driver ratchets around, perhaps Milwaukee hopes to be the one to make it mainstream. What the tool does is expand the end of a piece of pex in order to utilize a particular fitting which is produced by a company called Uponor. The Uponor Wirsbo Expander system is perhaps the most widely used PEX system by professionals in the US.
If you're curious what the process is like, here's a video of someone using a manual expansion tool.

I would expect for its upgrade or replacement to be more compact, most notably with a shorter nose length, and with at least double the power (currently 100 in-lbs).
With the largest selection of compact cordless tools amongst their competitors, Milwaukee is definitely expected to release an oscillating tool of their own. A quick internet search turned up a manual expansion tool, a corded expansion tool, an air expansion tool, and a large clunky looking 18-volt expansion tool, all produced by Uponor. He can come at the work head-on with the standard chuck, at various angles with the right angle head, and access tight corners with the offset head.
It's safe to say that none of these tools are as compact and nice looking as the Milwaukee. A fourth possibility would be to work without a chuck or head and put bits directly into the end of the shaft. Let’s not forget that Dremel is getting into the fray with a new battery system for their cordless rotary tool lineup and a new cordless Multi-Max oscillating tool.
The only downsides to this system are the high up-front cost of the tool, the high price of fittings, and the fact that Wirsbo only wants professionals using the tools.

Wirsbo has addressed the price of fittings by coming out with engineered plastic fittings that are more cost effective.
Based on these numbers the tool appears to be roughly equivalent (but with interchangeable chucks) to the model 2406 M12 screwdriver currently sold in the U.S. Using the tool can be a little tricky at first, and Wirsbo prefers that only professional installers use their products. Milwaukee has given no indication that it plans to sell the 4-in-1 Drill Driver outside of Europe, but it seems likely they will—given that the U.S. At the current exchange rate that would be $270—though there’s no guarantee the 4-in-1 driver will sell for that amount if Milwaukee decides to release it to the U.S.

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