The Milwaukee 13 Tool Ultimate Hand Tool Combo Set: 6-in-1 Combination Pliers features a revolutionary reaming, dual head design for wire stripping and needle nose functionality. Center snips feature one handed locking, flush bolt design, and serrated jaws which cut up to 18-gal. This question is from Ultimate Hand Tool Combo Set (13-Piece) 1 answer Milwaukee have life time warranty? All Milwaukee hand tools are covered under a limited lifetime warranty which will cover faults caused by manufacturing defects over the life of the tool. These are the best strippers on the market klien needs to take a page out of Milwaukee book here. As an Electrician who has used several brands of wire strippers I have settled on my Milwaukee 6-in-1 pliers, they are the ultimate set of wire strippers. FASTBACK II Flip Utility Knife features Press and Flip a one handed blade opening for easy activation and integrated blade storage.
Make needle nose teeth more aggressive to cut into wire covering to aide in stripping plastic in a mid wire multiple connection. Although the thought out pliers delivers great performance, the end tip of the pliers I'm not to content about. The needle nose stripper combo is Awesome and the reamer would be great but the hashes are placed in the wrong direction.

As others have mentioned, Milwaukee's goal of creating multitools to eliminate the need to carry separate tools is admirable and appreciated. General Purpose Utility Blades are designed to maximize cutting performance and durability in most common jobsite materials and fit most standard utility knives. It doesn't reaches and it doesn't cut in tight places as other name brands electrician pliers do when cutting tie raps or other small raps in tight places.
Also the locking mechanism is great but the plastic is just plastic thus breaking easily and gets weak quickly.
Lineman's Pliers are the only tool of its kind on the market with an integrated reaming head to smooth out rough edges of metal pipe. Working on live wires with a pair of plyers that has an exposed metal can lend for quite a surprise. I would like to see the same design in the locking mechanism but made from the same metal as the pliers or as strong as.
Rasping Jab Saw is the only jab saw on the market to integrate rasping holes along the side of the blade to rapidly expand holes or smooth rough edges of sheetrock after a cut has been made.
I love these things except for the single time I took a shock when using them to strip a wire. Diagonal Cutting Pliers are the only tool of its kind on the market with an integrated reaming head to smooth out rough edges of metal pipe.

I look forward to buying the updated version of this product it will for sure get s 5 star review. Sounds like they've addressed the locking clip issue, glad this has been changed to metal instead of plastic. Tongue and Groove Pliers feature induction hardened jaws for a more secure grip, forged steel design for increased life, a reaming head, and durable grips for increased comfort. Center Snips feature forged cutting heads for maximum durability and machined steel blades for precision cuts.
Make a pair with the insulated grips running up the handle further and I will trumpet these from rooftops.
The only issue I have is that the bolt cutter is too thick, if you have to trim cover plate screws, you cannot cut them short enough for devices set in tile, you know what I mean guys.

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