In honour of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, I've made a pair of earrings to resemble the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver.
The Ten Blue earrings are made from silver-plated metal tubes, and blue, silver, and black glass seed beads. The Eleven Green earrings are made from bronze-plated metal tubes, and gold, black, silver, and green glass seed beads. Bringing you cute nerdy jewelry interpretations of geek pop culture and original unique accessories for Steampunk enthusiasts.
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Quantum Mechanix is unveiling a series of Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers, designed by the actual Doctor Who propmaker, Nick Roboto, at San Diego Comic-Con. So, If comic con is tomorrow, does that mean this will be released, river song will be released and the new classic is unveiled and released? To get your own comment avatar you will need a gravatar account.You can add a quote or an image to your comment. The green bead is an iridescent green to represent the light the sonic screwdriver gave off. The only prop replica I have is the Sixteen 12 fourth Doctor sonic… these look really good (maybe even better lol)!

Also do they still sell celestial toymaker 10th Doctor Screwdrivers, if so can i get it in Australia!

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