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Optional equipment for the W2000 includes a wide range of Metabo abrasives, adapter kits to mount Type 1 and Type 27 non-hubbed wheels, a dustless convertible shroud for concrete surfacing, a Type1 cut-off wheel guard and a carrying case. Metabo has developed a new 5-inch angle grinder, model W1080 RT, that is said to be lightweight, and especially comfortable to use.

The grinder comes with a side handle, Type 27 wheel guard, an inner flange, outer nut, and spanner wrench. The new grinder is backed by Metabo’s XXL warranty, which extends the 1-year power tool warranty to 3-years.
Safety features include advanced motor protection with a no-volt release switch that protects against unintentional starts when inserting a battery, a burst-proof guard that can be adjusted in seconds without tools, and an electronic shut off that helps to prevent kick-back.
Added features include thermal overload protection and an electronic soft start that helps extend motor life significantly. The W18LTX kit is sold with two Ultra-M 4.0 Ah batteries, a 30-minute charger and carrying case.

Its robust Marathon motor extends the tool’s service life up to five times over other grinders in its class. Also, please note that this site contains links to other websites (some affiliated with Baker's Gas & Welding and some that are not affiliated) that point to related information, recommended products and services, and special offers provided by other businesses and organizations (which may include an affiliate link where a commission is earned by Baker's Gas & Welding).

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