Got Makita power tool at home and the cordless drill battery wouldn’t take a charge, no matter how hard I tried to “wake them up”.  Checked the prices of a replacement Makita power tool battery online,  they run around AU $70 each and more than I wanted to spend on a $37 cordless drill kit, so decided it was time to rebuild Makita cordless power tool battery. First trick was to decide how to cut into the solvent welded case.  I decided to take a chisel tip on a light soldering iron and cut an outline just on the top of the base, that way after I glued it back together the latch on the Makita drill would still hold the cordless drill battery pack together. Australia Cordless Drill Battery Supplier: AussieBatt offers a complete and comprehensive product line of high quality extended life MAKITA power tool batteries.
Makita has a nice lip on their batteries, so when you slide them into the tool, it will stay in place. Tools in Action 4 days ago Tools in Action 4 days ago Mantis 7490 4 Stroke Honda Tiller and Cultivator PlusTools In Action - Power Tools and GearSummer is here which means we can start taking care of our lawns. A new 4-port charger is also coming out soon, which will allow for simultaneous charging of (2) 18V LXT batteries at a time. The 18V X2 bare tool is priced at about $369-380, and the 36V 1-battery kit is priced at $549-560. Clarification: Models HCU02ZX2 and HCU02C1 are identical except for how they can be powered out of the box.
The idea to use multiple battery packs to fuel heavier duty cordless power tools is not a new concept, but it’s something we have not yet seen with professional-grade tools.
36V tools deliver far greater power and runtime than 18V models, but a lot of users shy away from them due to the added time, effort, and expense required to maintain multiple battery platforms.
I thought x2 kits were 36v tools that included an adapter to use 2 x 18v batteries but it seems like these kits dont offer adaptors but instead are special 36v tools modified so that they can only accept 2 x 18v batteries. If you look at the 18V X2 chain saw and rotary hammer, the battery dock has a white release lever.
Looking at the parts sheets, there are 3 differences between the bare tool 18V X2 version and 36V kit. Electric chain saws are a necessity when pruning in noise sensitive areas- schools in session, government offices and courthouses, cemeteries, etc.

It seems like Makita is the only professional power tool company that offers lawn and garden tools for sale in the US Bosch offers some in other markets with their green line of power tools.
A cordless electric 36v chainsaw is an extremely versatile tool when restoring old houses,summer homes,buildings etc.
View DetailsLiondapter is a tool modifier, adapting the older 18 volt makita "pod style" nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride cordless tools to the new lithium ion slide battery. Turned out that it was a good decision.  The pack came apart pretty cleanly and even left some of the battery locators in place. One way I’ve found to do this in a pack of series batteries is to first charge them up and start looking for weak sisters singly, then to do the same starting at one end and check the build up in series.
Our Makita power tool batteries are designed to be fully compatible with the original cordless drills. The charger comes with a good cooling fan to allow for quicker recharge when the batteries are low. We have seen some manufacturers use a small lip which doesn’t offer much surface to meet the battery and the tool. When you submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and offline.
The ability to use two 18V battery packs in lieu of a single 36V battery will definitely appeal to such users. I had to climb up the roof of the house and use my 36volt sawsall to cut some pretty damn big tree branches off to get the house moving again. By now, I’ve replaced four of the cells with better cells from my spare parts stash, but things aren’t getting much better!  I’m finally starting to realize that the Makita 9120 Power Tool Battery cell packs are really pretty well balanced and if it isn’t a premature failure, then they’re pretty well all gone at once!  It probably wasn’t helped by the previous owner riding them hard and putting them away dead.
The Makita battery has a lip that is almost the whole width of the battery, so if the tool drops or you hit the tools on something, chances are the battery will stay in place.
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It makes more sense to me to make one separate adapter for use on any 36v tools that accepts 2 x 18v batteries and offer it at a premium.
I wonder if it’s because people would rate them as home owner quality tools if they ended up releasing lawn tools. This guide on the face of the charger makes it easy for the user to keep the batteries charged and in good shape. We also use available technology and encryption, when legally required or when appropriate for your protection, to provide a more secure environment and to reduce the chance of unauthorized access. This makes more sense in a business sense in making one adapter rather than making different versions of the same tools decreasing production costs and benefits a buyer because now owning the adapter they can now purchase any 36v tool instead of having to wait for the special x2 version.
The only one that does is Ryobi It really has to hurt Lowes tool sales without having that huge line of tools like Home Depot has with Ryobi. Personal Information is stored in a secure environment protected by a combination of physical and technical measures. I would say to use the Kobalt line of power tools as a base to start with but lately it seems like its not even being marketed at the moment. I would say Porter Cable would be the best bet and Stanley Black and Decker have tools they could modify for the PC battery packs. Man Lowes really messed up when they didn’t step up to the plate and try win over at least Makita in their stores.

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