Established in 1963 Selway Machine Tool Co sells a complete line of machine tools and accessories on the West Coast. West Coast Machining can also provide services for heat treating, sonic inspections, cutting, trepanning and welding. West Coast Machine Tools Inc 4221 23rd Ave W Ste 216 Seattle WA 98199-1262 Tel: 253-872-7541. Not surprisingly, the newest tools are found in the electronics and aerospace plants on the West Coast.
Pacific Coast Machine Tool Expo - Meeting The Ever-Changing Needs of Machining & Manufacturing.
According to the USMTC, January 2010 machine tool sales were up 14% and 38% compared to January 2009 in units and dollars, respectively. Comments are reviewed by moderators before they appear to ensure they meet Modern Machine Shop’s submission guidelines.
Briefly, very rarely available on the used market is this 1 owner August 2006 built Hardinge Bridgeport Range Topping XP31000 VMC with Fanuc 18i full colour control system.
The machine is supplied with a swarf conveyer, thru spindle coolant and a 30 ATC and also has a massive 610mm in the Y Axis!! Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the sites User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The machine is supplied with a swarf conveyer, renishaw tool probing TS27R), thruogh spindle coolant and a 30 ATC and also has a massive 610mm in the Y Axis!!

This ex MOD Swedish built fully universal Sajo UF-54 DM Ram Style milling machine with universal head attachment and addition heavy duty horizontal spindle is photographed as received today. Briefly, this 2002 built, 1st installed Aug 2002, Siemens 810D with Shopmill controlled Hardinge VMC600II Vertical Machining Centre (Same machine as later the Hardinge Bridgeport GX600) has spents its life in a further education college.. It's getting popular among men in some western countries after celebrities started sporting it. This is the first time that unit sales were up month over month since September 2008, and this is the second month in a row that real dollar sales have seen an increase month over month.
This ex finance company owned machine is currently being used by one of our customers in South Wales whilst he waits for his new machine to be delivered in 7 weeks time ( Mid August).
Delivery, installation & training are all availble with this machine by separte negotiation with the seller. Not used (but powered up weekly) for the past 2 years, as the college course was cancelled. While I’m still skeptical about the long-term prospects for the economy, there is no doubt that machine tools have hit bottom and are starting to move in a positive direction. In January my unit forecast (created in October 2009) was just 2% lower than actual unit sales. I have supplemented the USMTC data with historical data from the MQ35W report created by the federal government.
The dollar curve bottomed lower than the unit curve, indicating a significant oversupply of machine tools and a lack of pricing power for suppliers.

The first is an average spending per plant for the next 12 months that we compute from our Metalworking Business Index (MBI). The third chart shows that future spending plans have virtually doubled in the last 12 months.
Real spending on machine tools according to USMTC lags the spending expectations from the MBI.
There are three industrial production indexes that I correlate to machine tool sales using 12-month rate of change curves – consumer durable goods, durable goods excluding motor vehicle and parts (what I call business durable goods), and combined durable goods. The third is a weighted average (40% consumer durable goods and 60% business durable goods) of the first two. The combined industrial production curve is the best leading indicator for machine tool sales. The last three charts show that industrial production bottomed between August and November 2009, depending on which curve you use. I expect machine tool sales to contract more slowly for most of 2010 with machine tool sales in 2010 ending up slightly higher (about 2%) than in 2009.

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