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Wood framed  lathe with hand held chisel for cutting shaving the metal like a wood lathe.
Wood framed Musket gun barrel milling machining machine 1700s French Diderot_400 dpi  threequartpage. Drill Bits, Countersinks, Reamers Counter-bores gold color: Multi-purpose coating that increases tool A Weldon zero-flute 82° countersink set (USA). Drill and countersink rivets in one operation to a tolerance of 0 Search for machine tools by specs. These tools are mainly used to center drill and countersink the end of round stock in a lathe machine. You’d be hard pressed to go out and purchase ALL seven of the machining functions offered by the Mark VII!
I would consider myself a subject matter expert when it comes to this fine woodworking system! As a knife-maker who works in a small basement shop, a small tool footprint is not just a nice bonus, but is in fact vital. This will give me flexibility I lacked before, will greatly speed up some parts of my process, and will let me try my hand at wood turning, which is something I was interested in trying. I know it’s priced out of my range, but I met a guy with one that makes musical instruments and he swears by it. For me they work well enough so that I have gotten rid of my bandsaw, table saw and router table. I have had zero downtime but added a second machine as a back up thinking that on a 30 plus years old machine something might fail…. Alignment once done stays that way, it has been almost 3 years since I did my last one and while I check it often it doesn’t require redoing very often (I only did that one because of the major upgrade I did.) I love my shopsmith!
HOT- Great customer support and focus on training, plus access to loads of other Shopsmith users who are great about offering advice and support.
Home Shop Machinist recently had a multi part series about modding the Shopsmith for metalwork and tool sharpening – well worth a gander. HOT, I purchased mine in 1978 new as a 500, today I have upgraded it to a 520 with rip scale (state of the art by any measure). How many standalone tools can make the claim they have been available for 50+ years and still has parts available and can be upgraded to the latest features. It’s hot, I have a small area for a shop and could not fit separate tools in it that would allow me to make what I can on the Shopsmith.
If you buy Shopsmith you will have a quality machine that is built to last through several generations.
I would not have the capability that I have today if I would have had to buy separate tools because of both space and cost. Oh, and most guys that complain about the change-over time have never even touched a Shopsmith.
Like I said early on, this thread really interests me, I even just recently sent for and received the DVD from the shopsmith site.

I have a table saw, a drill press, a horizontal boring machine, a disk sander, a belt sander, a lathe, a router, a shaper, a jointer, a band saw, a jigsaw. The only thing I can add is that my machine was made in 1954 and still gets used almost daily. Fine Woodworking did an article a couple of years ago about how novices could deliberately build a collection of tools (both power and hand) in steps as their skills grow.
About 6 months ago I was foraging at one of my regular scrapyards when one came through the gates as salvage from a defunct boatmaker on the north shore. As a long-time user (Dad brought one home in 1957 and there has been one in my life ever since) I can say the Shopsmith has made it possible for me to build furniture, canoes, sheds, toys and more in shops that have never been larger than a single car garage and most were much smaller. People who have heard of but never actually used the machine tend to believe that there are three problems with the Shopsmith, namely: the tilting saw table, the trouble of changing modes and the price. Unless a user is setting up a production shop with dedicated machines, the Shopsmith definitely holds its own against the stand-alone machines. The following will be offered at Public Auction on location at 939 County Road 1754, Ashland, Ohio 44805. For the same money you can buy good quality stand-alone versions of all the incorporated tools. Yea, that’s crazy – go buy all free standing tools after you build a free standing work shop!
I have enough room for my table with the self-built forge and 2×72 grinder, and about one more big tool.
I got mine, in fact, for a trade for a custom chef’s knife I made, which would have sold for between $150-$200. It is built like a tank and Shopsmith has provided upgrades to the existing machine over all these years. What people forget is that you really need a space about 8 feet by 8 feet around EACH of your power tools to use them effectively. It teaches tool savvy, good work habits, problem solving, and the type of creativity you can only excercise when your central tool is a giant jig that you can configure in a hundred different ways. While they are very versatile i think i lot of people have bought these with the best of intentions but never got around to using them. I teach my students to use a dial indicator to set the fence when greater accuracy is required.
I’ll concede that that the Shopsmith is well made, cleverly designed and well supported by the factory.
Item Number: General 34ST Pilot Drill Set and CONTACT US ~ LOCATION MAP ~ SHOP High Speed Combined Drill and Countersink.
They may save a little shop space, but I don’t have time to be constantly changing over from one tool to another.
Oh, and by the way – good luck FINDING and AFFORDING a Horizontal Boring Machine with samethe Shopsmith’s capablities (bring a real FAT wallet)!I priced out all the free standing machines a local store carried in stock and I well exceeded the purchase price of the brand new MK VII!
I’ve owned my old Mark 510 now for 26 YEARS and it’s run thousands of hours and cranked out small and LARGE projects alike with little to NO significant repairs needed! Everything else is taken up by a washer and dryer, and storage for steel, handle scale material, belts, assorted clamps and angle grinder discs, etc.

You would need a HUGE clear basement or garage area for the workspace needed for individual tools. I have just added a Kreg fence to the Band-saw and a Ring Master to the lathe (remember this could be a 50 year old machine).
Over the 60 years since it appeared in 1948, it’s estimated that the Shopsmith has introduced at least 300,000 men and women to the joys of craftsmanship.
Even though I have a better-than-average selection of stand-alone tools in my personal shop, I have kept my Shopsmith because there are things you can do on it that you just can’t do as well (or at all!) on conventional tools. I could never get all the stand alone tools to do what my Shopsmith can do in my 12 x 14 shop.
It was still running when we finally sold it (no space at the time to keep it!) He made dozens of toys on it for us kids.
Don’t worry, I would found a place for them like in the bedroom, spare room or the shed. Fantastic customer service from a company that is interested in EDUCATING and SATISFYING their customers, not just taking their hard earned money.
If you wish to place your shop in a garage or basement the Shopsmith is definitely superior It can be operated on a standard 15 amp circuit, and moved out of the way if a space must serve multiple purposes. A stand alone saw that can do the same will cost several thousand dollars and weigh over 900 lbs. However you will end up with a lot of machines powered with noisy short life universal type motors. Shopsmith does a great job selling them on the versatility of the tool at their shopping mall demos.
A dependable, accurate, well made, heavy-duty, USA built, multi-function, super versatile power tool with a manufacturer that stands behind it 100 percent. Even at that, you would probably have to order an expensive aftermarket fence to equal the quality of the fence that is standard on the 520.
Which in my experience is toward the novice woodworking crowd as the only tool they’ll ever need. With the 520 I have a very large table top with auxiliary tables it extends up to 8 feet wide. I have never seen a Shopsmith in any professional woodworking shop and that’s the most telling indictment for me. I also have the mortising tool and biscuit jointer and both use the fence or mitre gauge from the table saw. I like the fact that I have only one headstock to keep clean instead of a bunch of stand alone equipment.
Most of the time the setting from one tool carry on the the next, changing between tools takes less time than getting a standalone tool down from the shelf or out of the box. By having sharp chisels, drill bits, saw blades I can do anything with my shopsmith just as good as an expensive standalone unit.

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