I have a 13 drawer mac tools tool box that is red in color with the Chrome Mac Tools Racing logo on the bottom right side drawer.
Tool box cannot be shipped due to size, we will have to arrange to meet within a reasonable distance or it will have to be picked up! The slash that they run at the local track is all stock, so i would be looking for a stock slash some batteries and a good charger as far as a slash goes. May 15, 2014 Stuart 8 Comments Proto Duratek screwdrivers are mighty fine hard-handled drivers designed for demanding users.

April 18, 2014 Stuart 10 Comments T-handle speed wrenches help quicken the time it takes to install or remove long fasteners and are definitely worth a try. January 10, 2014 Stuart 29 Comments Mac Tools has come out several new 12V Max and 20V Max cordless Li-ion power tools that are powered by Dewalt tech. That's a pretty good deal, I use Mac and Snap-On I have a discount on snap on I think I can get 50-60% off anything snap on because of the boces program that I am in. I think the box looks pretty cool How many boxes of tools do u have if u do not mind me asking?

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